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EverSpark Interactive is a Atlanta based SEO / Digital Marketing Agency. We are considered by many to be some of the best SEO's in Atlanta, if a website isn't ranking or getting qualified traffic, our seasoned veterans stay on top of all the latest Google updates to give our clients cutting edge advantages over their competition.


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Auger & Auger

30 July 2018

Chris Watson and his team have been handling all aspects of my firm internet presence and marketing since 2011. I dealt with 2-3 major internet marketing companies before that who were horrible. Everspark Interactive walks the talk - unlike other companies I hired, Chris and his internet experts actually do what they promise! Cutting edge idea and excellent service and consistent results. More...


Clinton Dugan

26 May 2017

Amazing company, even better service. If you're looking for a great digital marketing team, EverSpark is for you. They take time to understand the problem and also figure out how to solve it.


Joyus Apollo

26 May 2017

Chris Watson was kind enough to email me back and give me some very helpful pointers and I am deeply grateful for the time and energy it took for him to do that . . .You just do not get that often these days, usually it is an auto-responded that kind of talks about what you asked for BUT still is generic, cold, and sterile.Unfortunately a 'sign of the time' that I hope changes soon - we are losing the art of one-on-one communication, compassion and random acts of kindness.Thanks again Chris - I wish you the best in all that you do and would recommend you to anyone who would need your services.Joyus More...


Justin Spizman

18 October 2016

EverSpark Interactive is a fantastic Internet Marketing/Branding Company. They are client driven, extremely knowledgable, and work hard to create an organic and well-conceptualized platform for their clients to generate new business while protecting the brand. We have worked with EverSpark for two years and continue to do so with great trust and confidence. I would recommend their team to anyone in need of a powerful Internet campaign. More...


Salena Perry

8 December 2015

Everspark Interactive is an amazing company that truly cares about the clients that they service. My experience with them was great. Chris put in a considerable amount of time and effort analyzing our site and educating us on the SEO process. I'd recommend them to any business that wants to get SEO done the right way. More...


Ross Brandt

27 May 2015

Hiring Everspark to do the comprehensive audit of my clients website was money very well spent. They are thorough, knowledgeable and approachable. The reports are insightful and deep. They found stuff I didn't know existed and were very clear in their explanations of what needed to be fixed and how it needed to be fixed. They provide excellent service. More...


Eric Huhn

27 May 2015

I recently had EverSpark perform a website audit to help diagnose some of the problems I've been having with our website. Not only did they do an extensive report on all of the ways our website could be improved to achieve great results, they then walked me through step by step on how I can fix each issue. And if you don't have the time to fix them yourself, they are undoubtedly the right team for the job to make the corrections for you. Thanks for all your help and hard work! More...


Susan Hanasab

27 May 2014

An associate recommended Everspark Interactive to us. Our experience has been that they are very knowledgeable and very to the point as to what needed to get done but only based on accurate evaluation. The SEO Audit was invaluable, since it addressed specifically what needed to be addressed. Their knowledge of Google Guidelines was impressive. More...


Gary Christmas

27 May 2014

Our law firm started using Everspark over 2 years ago. Chris Watson and his team there have gone above and beyond to give us the best search engine results we have ever had with any company. They perform their work with a strong sense of ethics, honesty and integrity that has impressed our firm since day one. I would highly recommend Everspark to anyone looking to improve their search engine optimization for their business. More...


ABM Industries

27 May 2014

The people at Everspark Interactive have proven over and over again that they are not only experts in the field of optimizing web sites for search engines, and doing deep research to bring powerful insights on new opportunities for their clients, but also in delivering First Class customer service, responding to questions and issues in record time, focusing our attention on areas where we can improve, and providing excellent overall client support. Our client-facing web site represents a dynamic, 107,000-employee company with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion, and getting 150,000 unique visitors per month. Everspark Interactive is our confidently-chosen partner for helping us reach our clients and prospects more effectively, and taking our web site to the next level of visibility, which is a vital part of our company’s overall strategy to become a global leader in our industry. With every new project and request, Everspark Interactive consistently exceeds expectations, and enhances our discussions with fresh approaches, ideas and strategies. They are truly a partner, and a vital member of our website team. More...


David Perecman

27 May 2014

These guys are simply light years beyond their competition. Let me be honest. I would never write this if I did not have an exclusive with them in my area of law, in my neck of the woods. But I do. So I can say what I think without fear. My team and I are internet savvy. We have to be because our field of personal injury is highly competitive on the internet. Over the years, we worked with some of the biggest and allegedly the best. The Everspark team has put them all to shame. Comprehensive, innovative, responsive and cutting edge. That's Everspark. We could not be happier with our website and the clients and cases it brings. Thank you... gentlemen. More...


Hokulani O

27 May 2014

Excellent. Fast. Professional. In this field there are many who claim to be experts. Jason and Everspark are the real deal. Not just knowledgeable but very helpful. They answered all of our questions and made it EASY for us to improve our website. I have been designing, building and maintaining websites for 9 years. Everspark is the best SEO consulting there is. More...

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One that converts. Design is very important but if the website doesn't turn visitors into customers, it's like putting your best salesperson on the bench. Conversion starts with proper code development, we often see great sites that aren't getting much traffic because the developers got the first step wrong, which is to build SEO centric code. Once that's done it becomes a question of crafting the story that needs to be told then embarking on getting the right visitors to the site. We often quote Simon Sinek - "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it" - so my answer is a Great Website is one that is built on a strong SEO foundation with content that is considered truly valuable to the point that others want to share it and all of that translates into more phone calls, chats and form fills.

1. Why do you do what you do?
2. What is your objective?
3. What are your timelines?
4. What's important to you in a client / agency relationship?
5. Do you have experience with SEO? If so, how much do you know?
6. Do you have experience working with a Digital Marketing Agency? If so, what could they have done better?
7. What is the lifetime value of a client?
8. Who does your internal team consist of? (ie: content writers / subject matter experts / social media etc)

At the risk of sounding arrogant, it's being the very best at what you do. When you have the ability to drive business sales via the internet it effects every aspect of your life. When I go out to dinner , I think "I could make this restaurant number one in Atlanta". I've lost count of the number of times friends and associates call me to 'give them advice' and it's wonderful to be in a position where we have such a positive effect on others.

Freedom. I come from a humble background watching my parents struggle, so from a young age I always knew that my road was going to be different.

One thing that is often said about us is how honest we are. We share a ton of knowledge with our clients, show them how things work behind the curtain and do everything we can to demystify the topic of SEO. If we can't make a positive impact then we won't take on the job. Our perspective is always the same, we're here to get a result, it doesn't matter if it's a small campaign or a big one, someone made a decision to take a chance on us and we don't take that lightly.



We offer SEO services for Local Businesses as well as large brands. Our best practice SEO is very specific in how we execute a road map. Phase 1: Discovery and Research This part of a campaign is essential as we research our clients industry, keywords and conduct a 55 point full Technical SEO audit that produces and SEO Fix report. Phase 2: Implementation / Development Based on what we find we go to work building the structure (SEO Site Plan), creating the content plan and fixing everything that is wrong with our clients site(s) Phase 3: Campaign Execution Based on our clients objectives (more often than not it's 'top ranking) - we go to work building the power of the website through content creation, link building and content syndication.