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We are Ever. The friendly graphic design business based in Southampton, UK.
At Ever we believe in talkative designs that fully reflect the vision of our customers.

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Firstly we uncover your needs and expectations. We get to know the spirit of your business. And together we create a brief

Now we get creative! Guided by your vision and the brief, we produce a range of designs.

We present you our concepts. Directed by your preferred design, we refine it to the finest detail.

We do the finishing touches until you are fully satisfied. Then it’s time to celebrate, your design is complete.

Seeing satisfaction with the designs we have made! What could be better!?

My wonderful son and husband as well as the love for a good quality customer service and ability to manage things first hand.

We care. Care about creating designs that truly reflect the vision of our customers. Care about the quality of the designs. Care about the level of service and treatment that our customers receive.

Ever. Visualising your passion.


Your logo is the face of your business. It gives impact and is the most visual part of your brand, greeting your customers at each point of interaction. That’s why it is so important that it is done well and on point! At Ever we love creating memorable logos and brand identity that are true reflection of your business.

Brand identity is what you portray as an organisation. It’s what makes you memorable and recognisable with your customers. It builds a connection with your target audience. At Ever we create visual elements of brand identity. They help you communicate your key messages, moods, emotions and experiences through colours, images, fonts and shapes. - Logo -Brand Pattern -Colours & Typography -Brand Guidelines ***Also includes design of: -Social Media Branding -Stationary -Business cards -Email Signature

User Interface (UI) design is an integral part of any website or app development. Focusing on the user’s interactive experience, our goal is to make it as aesthetically appealing and user-friendly as possible. We design exactly what you will see on the screen. Creating the layout, the overall look and feel. At Ever we have a wealth of experience working with web and app developers. Creating visually effective websites and apps, which maximise user interaction with the end product. - Wireframes - Website design visuals - App design visuals - Adaptive design across mobile, tablet & laptop

The role of Graphic Design in advertising and marketing is to create engaging visual content. It must help companies effectively promote their ideas and call their target audiences to action. At Ever, we aim to produce marketing and advertising materials relevant to your customers, affecting their buying decisions and effectively driving sales. -Catalogue | Booklet -Flyer | Leaflet | Brochure -Poster | Banner -Postcard | Invitation -Menu | Price List -Magazine | Newspaper ads -Social Media Ads | Banners | Graphics -Infographics