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Deerfield, New Hampshire, Rockingham

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Deerfield, New Hampshire, Rockingham



We offer planning, management, and catering for all your event needs! Hiring through Events With Ease means that you can enjoy your special day and leave all the details to the professionals. Use us for as little or as much as you need during your planning process!


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Megan Grandmaison

24 September 2019

I can’t even explain how amazing it was to have Courtney at our wedding. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. She was so organized, so personable, and always just knew what to do no matter what was happening in the moment. She had an answer to everything we asked and was there for all we needed. Most of all she put so much thought into all of the details. Thank you so much for everything ✨ I highly recommend Events with Ease! More...


Shawntel Ross

16 September 2019

When I first started wedding planning, I thought I didn’t need a wedding coordinator. Well let me tell you, our day would have fallen apart without Courtney.

From the start, she helped me so much. She wrote out my timeline based on all my wants, she answered all my ridiculous questions, and was there for me in every way possible.
On the night of the rehearsal dinner she was there, getting 20+ people coordinated (since we had huge wedding parties). Making sure we all knew our places, when to walk, where to stand, etc.

Then there was the day of the wedding. She helped us set up SO MUCH and organized our entire get ready tent (since we had a field wedding). When the wedding started she realized the DJ didn’t play the right song I wanted to walk down the aisle to. Then we were supposed to walk in to our first dance and he didn’t play it right away so we were standing there awkwardly. Courtney went right over and saved the day. She showed him where the song was and helped him get back on track, even though I emailed him a timeline of the times and songs he needed to play. She noticed he was unorganized and didn’t prepare for the night, so she went through the entire thing with him and legitimately saved our entire evening.

Through all of this, she had a smile on her face and didn’t seem stressed at all. This helped me SO MUCH since I was dying inside, I knew she had everything under control.

Overall, Courtney was completely amazing and I feel like I owe her my life. She is so sweet, positive, and very knowledgeable.

If you are planning a wedding, you NEED her!!



5 June 2019

As a bride I highly recommend Events with Ease! They go above and beyond to not only make the bride's vision happen, make sure all preparations are taken care of leading up to your big day, but you also can be worry free and confident that things are going smoothly while you enjoy getting ready to walk down the aisle. They allowed me to have a stress free wedding day! More...


Mary Gauthier

4 June 2019

I would absolutely recommend Events with Ease to anyone looking to plan an event and help eliminate the stress that's typically involved! Whether it's a bridal shower, a birthday party, a retirement, a SURPRISE party, a baby shower and any other type of celebratory event the customer service and catering available is more then you can hope for! With their help in planning my wedding it took a lot of weight off my shoulders, opened my eyes to new ideas and helped make my big day stress free is more fun then I could have hoped for!! More...


Stacey Reeve

3 June 2019

The intuitive mind that Courtney has is helpful in planning any event. She was an enormous amount of help when I was planning the details of my wedding. I was able to give her small details that she could run with and create lists of ideas for me to look at. Her attention to detail and organizational skills were extremely helpful and, although I had my own checklist, she was able to remind me of things that needed to be completed that I never thought of! Courtney is definitely a tremendous resource to have when planning any event! More...


Alicia Scheib Hill

1 June 2019

What a fun night! Teaching was fun, painting was easy and came out great. They were great to plan our private event with! We will be back again! Thanks for a great night!


Briana Christine

25 March 2019

A great team to work with for your next event! So happy to be apart of their preferred vendor list!


Our full service restaurant and bar has a wide array of menu options. From lunch sandwiches to signature entrees, we guarantee you will find something for everyone in your party! Our most popular dinner item and fan favorite is our Chicken Piccata designed and made by our head Chef and Owner, Joshua!

When we create a catering menu for clients, each menu is designed specifically for your event. We work with your budget, number of guests, food preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies, etc! We guarantee that every guest will be catered to with the information you provide to us. Communication is convenient, constant, and quick to ensure that the final menu is EXACTLY what you and your guests want!

My favorite part of planning, managing, and catering events is the final few moments. When all the details have come together and the party is winding down, you can look around and what you see is the closest thing I can describe as tangible happiness. Smiling, hugging, laughter, and love. It could be a husband and wife, coworkers, or family members-everyone is genuinely relaxed and you know you've been a part of this moment that will be with them forever.

For years I have had my hand in planning parties and events for corporations, children, family members, and friends. After planning and implementing my own wedding with such ease I realized that this was something I was meant to do full time. Reflecting on my previous years of employment, it hit me that I was always the go-to girl for planning any occasion we had coming up- it was my favorite part about my job and what I looked forward to most. I spent time outside of work thinking, planning, and organizing. It has always come natural to me and I love being able to put a smile on the faces of the people around me!

When you choose Events with Ease, you are choosing an experience and a creative partner. I am invested and with you every step of the way. There are no assistants, automated emails, multiple people of contact-you get ME, Courtney! You have my personal phone number and email. You can call text, cry, laugh, vent, and unload anything and everything onto me! I am here to help you from beginning to end OR just when you need me. I am very passionate about what I do and YOUR happiness is my number one priority!