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Relationship Therapist in private practice in Angel/Islington, London. I help couples on the brink of separation to either reignite their attraction and their passion or separate without bitterness by consciously uncoupling. The quality of our relationships have a profound impact on our lives.


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21 August 2019

I follow Evelyn on social media and find her posts insightful, thought provoking and relevant, not only for couples relationships but also for managing relationships in social circles and in the workplace. Evelyn clearly knows her stuff.

Thank you for your lovely review and your interest. Much appreciated.


I just love seeing people experience change and uncover long lost emotions. It is such a joy for me to see their whole face lightening up and their posture altering when they become unstuck. It is often after years, that they take a fresh approach to how they can be more affectionate and replace arguing or silence with having a calm conversation. For me, it is such a privilege to enable a new narrative, a new way of thinking and acting in my clients and best of all, I am there to witness how couples and individuals can build a better future for themselves.

Gaining an insight into people's mind and understanding their behaviour, their truths and what motivates them has always been my passion. I grew up in my native Austria, in a family that was shaken by war trauma. As much as it was difficult to realise how different my family was in comparison to others and how sensitive our dealings with each other had to be because of very unpleasant experiences, it created the skill in me, to sense reasons behind people's complicated actions, needs and wants. It really developed a deep empathy inside me and a mission not to be afraid to look at difficulties they may have and bring about some positive change. I live for that.

Over the years I have refined the art of creating powerful situations for people to experience a reconnection to their loved ones, understand their needs, to get unstuck, to finally be able to express affection, say things, they would have never dared to say, become playful with their partner again, take a fresh approach to their lives, be a better person, transform their erotic life or simply have fun. My own life used to be defined by a series of negative relationships. In truly understanding the pitfalls of mind-blowingly bad relationships I set myself on a quest to find a much more fulfilling connection. And I did. I learnt the craft of a couples therapist and managed to apply what I had learnt for myself. It has transformed my life and that of others.