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Hi, I’m Eva, a dog behaviour training specialist. Dog behaviour training combines canine psychology and behaviour, the study of which allows us to understand and recognise a dog’s needs as an individual. By applying this knowledge, along with the help of simple dog training methods using positive reinforcement, I can help you maintain the natural balance and harmony your dog was born with.


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15 July 2019

I had one visit from Eva and she showed me i was walking my dog Ghost the wrong way. I have now tried taking him out using Eva's method and he is a changed dog. She was totally open with all the information and very helpful, I can't recommend Eva more to anyone that needs help with their dog. Jake

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I have always loved to work with people and always loved dogs.
My aim is to improve communication between human and dog; increasing their quality time together.
For the dog owner, seeing their dog much more relaxed and balanced, even from the first consultation, gives them hope and a new vision of their future together. I feel privileged to be able to help in creating this little miracle, making me feel happy and fulfilled.

Since I was a child I just loved dogs. Later on my family and friends noticed that dogs behave differently in my presence and that I have a calming effect on them. When I bought my first dog he opened in me a new world; a new passion. He has passed away now, but his legacy continues. I love to share my knowledge with dog owners, helping them create the relationship with their dog they always dreamed of.

With my knowledge and understanding of dog psychology and positive reinforcement techniques, I bring a new perspective; a new way. When owners are willing put these newly learned techniques into practice, it will restore harmony between these two wonderful species.


With my aid, I can prevent your dog from excessive pulling on your leash. This could be due to your technique when walking your dog, or your dog could be trying to communicate an issue which I can help identify.