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Chad P.

23 February 2019

I don't know what that loser on the previous review was talking about...Obviously some kind of bipolar disgruntled ex employee.  But I just finished my first experience with ET Limousine.  And let me tell you....IT WAS AMAZING!!!From the time I first contacted them,until I walked in my home after my ....Top notch,great service,cheap rates,and professionalisms at its best ride! Oh,and they gave me a free upgrade on my selection of limo because they wasn't sure if mine would be back on schedule..#bestlimoever More...


Brennan Santos

23 April 2018

IT limo is a joke I drove for them for 8 years if you people only knew the experiences that you were actually having limos full of roaches glasses and everything that were very not clean carpeting that had urine spilled on it all kinds of disgusting stuff that goes on to those limos they only vacking the outside you don't see what's underneath the carpeting liquor spills bodily fluids you name it bring a blacklight if you ever wanna rent a limo from these people and you will be disgusted at what you see They still owe me $1300 which they say I'm not gonna get back but I will get my satisfaction one way or the other


Alesia Wright-McAdoo

10 April 2018

I had the opportunity to have my first "Party Bus" experience with ET Limo in March 2018, taking a trip from Orlando, FL to Miami, FL. I, along with my husband flew in from Detroit, MI for this special Birthday trip. I was truly excited about the opportunity. Before we could board the bus, I along with 3 other participants actually had to clean the bus seats and use a freshener. CLEANING was not what I had expected as a feature of riding the bus. The driver was very apologetic and was an excellent driver but indicated that the people who had the party bus last night had not cleaned the bus. Additionally, as we began to get into the 3+ hour ride, we were attempting to get the music playing. Only to find out the stereo system was BROKE! Music is a very vital aspect of the Party Bus Experience. My 1st Party Bus experience was a BUST!!! Lastly, it was my expectation that the music would have been repaired for the return trip home from Miami to Orlando (we had been in Miami for 2 1/2 days). NOT. Still NO MUSIC! Okay, we will get past cleaning, we will make due with adjusting to very limited sound system that others on the bus provided but certainly, certainly, our Hostess N. H.-R. would be compensated for the poor service; since the company did not provide the goods/services as expected when booking. Again, NO!! I find that despicable! Your company will NEVER be recommended again. How dare you even believe it would be used again (the mere compensation that was offered) after you didn't deliver on the goods/services that were detailed in the contract and you were given CASH money to even move the bus. It is my hopes that the owner/proprietor will re-evaluate their response. More...


Randy Esponda

2 September 2017

Terrible service and owners. Definitely do not recommend.


Chasity Bellinger

13 December 2016

I had a good experience working with Tanya, we had some events come up that altered our night and Tanya made arrangements to ensure us a limo. There were a few hiccups the night of the event but the owner Sam went out of his way to make sure my party was taken care of. Overall we had a good experience with the company. More...


Carmen B.

31 March 2016

ET Limo is fantastic! Their cars are always clean and classy and the drivers are very courteous and accommodating! I've used them numerous times in the last few years and they've always exceeded expectations! From a Girls Night Out at a concert to an adult birthday party, the service is always superb! We've even used them for a group of 10 year old screaming girls and the driver never complained. Sam is great to work with and matches the perfect car for your special occasion! More...

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