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Molly Duncan Fauth

7 August 2019

So amazing!!! We just finished the Game Night escape room...SUPER fun and clever. Awesome time for 4 adults and 4 kids (age 11-14) and two people new to us. Highly recommend this... One of Hood River's treasures. Thanks SO much!!!! I can't wait for the next one More...


Marcus Van Laar

28 July 2019

Just finished our first go at Escape the Hood. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Would 10/10 recommend this to anybody as a fun group activity. Looking forward to the next room change! More...


Nikole Van Laar

28 July 2019

Fantastic experience from start to finish. Escape the hood was challenging and exciting, a must-do! We will definitely go back again for future rooms!


Noelle B.

21 July 2019

This is a fabulous experience! 10 of us came here on a family trip. We ranged in age from 11 to 74, and everyone had an awesome time. The staff was fabulous, the puzzles were challenging in a really fun way, and we all felt really good at the end once we had solved it. We would definitely go back the next time we're in town. More...


Mich Rhonda

24 June 2019

It was a total blast! Had so much fun


Char M.

15 June 2019

We are Team Babymingo - a family of five and we absolutely loved our adventure at Escape the Hood! For 4 of us, this was our first escape room. Didn't know what to expect and had no idea how much fun we would have. Man, that hour went by quickly! But we solved it! Hooray! Yes, it was difficult and with a minute and a half to go, we were sure we wouldn't make it. 26 seconds to spare. Cutting it close! We'll certainly be back when you have a new room and now we're looking for escape adventures wherever we travel. Fun family outing!! More...


Megan White

8 June 2019

Definitely a solid place to go for a fun team building challenge here in the gorge. Bring your friends, bring your family, and bring your A-game. So much fun guaranteed for all ages! More...


Rick Leibowitz

27 March 2019

Such a great concept. Just tried out their new room - it was a blast. We did this as a family outing, but great lessons in problem solving, communication and teamwork for work groups. Highly recommend this place.


Chance Cheuvront

16 March 2019

It was a fun experience! The gentleman that was hosting it did a very great job at emerging us into the scenario. The only thing that went wrong was that we figured out the code to a lock, but that lock wouldn’t open, and he was entirely sure that was the code, so we were unable to finish the course. But he did apologize profusely, and gave us a refund. But all in all, it was an amazing experience. And definitely look forward to going again when they put up the next theme! More...


Jan Homer

4 March 2019

Very fun, awesome family and friends outing!


Davis N.

22 October 2018

I've done escape rooms all around the world (I lost count after 30) and was pleasantly surprised when my friends and I were in Hood River and had a few hours in the evening before our rafting trip. We decided to look for an escape room and I thought, "This can't be any good...it is in the middle of nowhere" but I was surprised. Dave and his son really made use of the space and for a low-tech escape room the "wow" moments were still memorable. Highly recommend because of the room design, the experience, and most importantly the team that runs it.Thank you Dave! More...


Tammy Shepard

3 October 2018

A great night ! Super fun.


Jeff Lemley

24 July 2018

Great group activity! Quite challenging. Escaped the Warehouse. Would like to try the World Traveller next.


Robert A.

26 May 2018

We did the warehouse room. It was very detailed and had really fun puzzles. We've done a few escape rooms and this was definitely on the most interesting ones.


Maza Brady

14 April 2018

Had a great time! 6 people group, good size. The new room was awesome, liked the costumes too!


Brad McManigal

17 March 2018

Had a great time, trying to figure out the puzzles! It takes teamwork. If you like puzzles, riddles and mystery book a time ASAP.


Kia Calderon-Dillon

16 March 2018

Did the new "World Traveler" room. We did it with more than 4 minutes left. We did the "Warehouse" room several months ago. Both were so much fun!


Rick Leibowitz

12 March 2018

Challenging group activity. The creativity of this place is amazing. We had an awesome time!


Robert Metz

16 January 2018

If you live in the Hood and haven’t tried this yet, get on it! The escape room is a puzzle wrapped inside of a riddle which is wrapped inside of an enigma. Brilliant, challenging, and loads of fun. Our team solved it with barely 5 minutes to spare. I dare you to attempt the escape. More...


Rachel MB

7 January 2018

Such a fun and positive experience! Booked the same day with these friendly, professional fellas. Enjoyed every minute - even though we couldn’t quite solve the final puzzle! Can’t wait to try the new room!


Sue Chen Davies

24 November 2017

Great fun for the family. Highly recommended!!


Janet Sharpe Olden

21 November 2017

You better bring your brightest friends along for help in solving this one!!!


Lauriel Shute Hutson

12 November 2017

Insanely creative and so much fun! We thought we would have no problem solving the puzzles and "escaping" BOY were we wrong! We can't wait until the new room is done. More...


Todd-Chris Sherrell

12 November 2017

We had so much fun! Thank you Dave & Dana for bringing this to Hood River! You guys rocked it. Great birthday excursion for our family!


Amanda Holste

7 November 2017

This was a total blast! Highly recommend trying it out. Have participated in several other escape rooms and this one is right up there with challenge and fun!


Steve Grace

7 November 2017

My staff had a great time trying to escape! Great team building experience.