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Aditi S

26 April 2019

Loved working out here.


Helen Zhao

26 April 2019

Strength interval was great! Efficient & effective workout, clear instructors who don’t waste your time and demonstrate movements well. Abundance of equipment and space to move around More...


Sonam Iorga

27 March 2019

Took an OCR workshop class here and had lots of fun. They have ropes, bars, rings, pretty much all you need to succeed in an obstacle course race.


Erin Connors

26 January 2019

I love the varying program options and the ability to see yourself progress week over week each month


Nicholas Zangari

28 October 2018

Workout is great. The instructors are great and the class is way more entertaining than the gym. Would highly recommend.


Alexander Wilson

28 September 2018

One of the best workout experiences I've ever had in NYC. Fun & partner-based environment that challenges you to push beyond your limits.


Reshma Patel

28 September 2018

Tough be great workout. It goes quickly and there is wonderful team spirit to get you to the end. There is a different type of class each day so different muscle groups get used and you don't get tired or bored. I especially enjoy Emily's classes. She modifies for different fitness levels and makes adjustments if you have any injuries. More...


Edwin Chau

29 August 2018

Great workout! The instructors provide a lot of instruction and attention. The studio is spacious with room for many different stations. What I love about Epic Hybrid is that everytime i visit, the workout is different. They have multiple classes with different areas of focus (such as steady burn, the blast, etc...). You'll be pushed hard, so there's no place for slackers! Fun and hard class, that I would highly recommend. More...


Cemile Maria

29 August 2018

Great studio, super-great instructors. Classes tend to be small and intense. It's an actual boutique fitness experience and all around pleasant and positive atmosphere. Perfect spot for getting a midday workout. More...


Andrew Witt

30 July 2018

Come here the last 3 Summers to get back in shape in a fun/different kind of way and I'm always satisfied. Instructors are always great (Emily and Jesse have been my favorites) and facilities are pretty clean. Great locations too


Keeks Donaldson

27 June 2018

Epic is a unique gym. It can be very competitive & intimidating at first, yet after a few workouts everyone feels like family. The competitive nature doesn't stop, but it helps you become a better athlete & person. Jesse is an amazing coach and extremely motivational, I love taking his class. More...


Maura Barrett

12 June 2018

We had an awesome & motivating instructor who checked our form and explained each move ahead of doing them. the music was awesome too. Only downside = tiny locker room situation could be tricky for pre work session. More...


Brian Perez

28 May 2018

Amazing class with great instructors. The stations are always different, challenging, and fun. I don’t get to climb ropes or do depth drops in other classes. All the stations are scalable so it is a good gym for all different fitness levels. You leave each class with a great sense of accomplishment. More...


Natalia R.

25 May 2018

A fantastic experience training at EPIC NY. I’ve just trained for one week with them but it’s as if I were here for a long time, good community and good people who always have good words for you and they always work out as a team.

The coaches are great, they’re all the time with the class, pushing you and helping with all you need.

Congratulations for being so incredible. I hope we can meet soon again!


Danielle Bourguet

22 May 2018

EPIC is an incredible workout, with fantastic trainers and a welcoming community. I have been to many classes in NYC and I like going to workouts that push me harder than I can push myself at the normal gym. EPIC has new workouts and advanced moves that I enjoy learning and the trainers are rooting for you and encouraging you to do better. There are always modifications and on multiple occasions the trainers have helped me or others with form. The people that go to the gym are also super fit, which I find inspiring. From a logistical standpoint, they don't have a water fountain, so bring water and the workout is barefoot. I had never done the barefoot thing before, but after my first class I was used to it. More...


Madelene Eng

13 May 2018

The instructors are mostly full of energy, look the part and can do the part. Very friendly and motivating. The workouts are effective as i'd be able to feel it the next day. They are also very different which makes it more interesting. More...


Laura Wilson

9 May 2018

Instructors are encouraging and knowledgable, Classes are a great mix of functional strength and cardio HIIT.


Jeff Glowacky

2 May 2018

My first EPIC class was exactly that, epic! The instructor was amazing and very helpful getting me started. The group was great with welcoming me into the fold. It is a great program which I plan to continue. The young lady at the front desk of the Bryant Park location was extremely nice and answered all my questions, even helped me get all signed up! Thank you EPIC! More...


Rachel Golodetz

1 February 2018

I've tried many studios in the city, but this is one of the best I've found. Fun, varied workouts. I always feel it the next day!


Leonardo Campos

11 January 2018

The Dynamic Core class at Epic was great! Excellent workout! I highly recommend it, and I'll be there myself again very soon!


Adam Schaefer

10 January 2018

Very enjoyable class. I liked the format and the teacher, Sarah, was a nice combo of fun and intense. I will be back.


Gelaney Matthew

27 November 2017

This place is crazy. I promise you after your done you walk out tired and sore. Class is amazing.


Ben Muller

23 October 2017

This class brings you right back to those days of your athletic youth, with FIIT exercises that mold a badass athlete (a bunch of the participants are training for Spartan races). It's not too much heavy lifting, so while you might feel gassed after a session, you don't feel sickly weak. The trainers know their stuff and, better yet, know how to motivate you from start to finish. They can give you all the attention you need, since the class size was under 10 people when I went. You'll definitely feel proud of yourself after making it through an epic class. More...


Jessica Sheahon

29 August 2017

Love EPIC! The quality of coaching and one on one time given to each student is far above par. Tried out this gym off of a Groupon and have been there ever since.


Akrati Agarwal

23 July 2017

I love EPIC! EPIC workouts are great because they are 45 minutes of intense workout that make me feel like I put in the work and also got it done in a condensed manner, so as to not take too much time from my day as well. EPIC is among my top 3 studios/workouts to go to on ClassPass. More...


Erin Connors

6 July 2017

Epic is my favorite spot in NYC! I have been looking for a great Fitness class that really pushes you and was able to find EPIC through class pass! I have taken classes with Cassidy and Sarah who are both great. The exercises rotate each month which gives you the chance to improve upon each exercise and challenge yourself. What I LOVE about epic is that you can't coast through the class and you will be called out if you start an exercise late. The class sizes are great because it really feels like you get one on one attention and even after one class the coaches remember your name. More...


Caitlin Lee

28 June 2017

This gym is so much fun. I have attended classes at both the Bryant Park and Upper East side locations. Both were clean and the workers/instructors were friendly. The classes itself are a great workout. A quick 45 minutes but jam packed with high energy, unique exercises that really challenge you. They take the time to really explain each move to you and offer you differently difficulty levels depending on what you can do. The vibe is good and you don't feel pressured to do more than you can handle! I would highly recommend this gym. More...

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