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Enhanced DNA: Develop, Nurture, Achieve, LLC provides outcomes for individuals and organizations who want to enhance their communication, leadership and authorship skills through our speaking, training and coaching services.

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Raymond L Brown

5 August 2018

This is a fledgling start up, but Denola Burton has the years of experience and the talent to put your organization over and above all the rest. Give it a try.


Kimberly Stewart

5 August 2018

So awesome. Just looked at workshop details. I do hope that I can make it. Denola you certainly have the character for this assignment. I remember years ago when you shared a personal development book that your brother wrote. You were not only excited about your brother being the author but the content as well. This course that you are teaching/sharing offers the steps to a lifestyle change and I know that anyone who attends will be better off as a result of being there, than before they arrived.

Wishing you nothing but the best!! What a gift to edify others with.

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