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Endless Potential Counseling & Coaching, Llc

Kennesaw, GA, Cobb

Endless Potential Counseling & Coaching, Llc logo

Endless Potential Counseling & Coaching, Llc

Kennesaw, GA, Cobb



Endless Potential Counseling is a faith based counseling practice focused on the belief that there is hope in healing the hurts that effect our lives and keep us from reaching our endless potential! We provide:

Men's Issues Counseling
Anger Management


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Patrick Jarvis

23 July 2018

Amazing!!! My family and I thank Bruce Cerbone for his commitment to helping others! I highly recommend Endless Potential Counseling!!!


Cassandra Naomi

26 May 2018

Bruce's approach to counseling is wonderful and rewarding! Thank you! Highly recommend him! :)


Jeremy White

26 May 2017

Best counselor ever!!! Thanks to him my newly wed spouse and I would not be as happy as we are working on the things that make a difference in our lives, and putting the things that don't behind us. Love you Brusce


Tony Dye

26 May 2017

Bruce and I met, almost by random chance, as we had offices in the same building. Within moments of meeting, he exhibited those great qualities of caring and friendship -- I felt like I had a real connection. And here, a year or so later, that's still true. Bruce has over and over given of himself in sharing, coaching, and encouraging. For what started as a random encounter, I've gained a valuable relationship! More...


Greg Kern

26 May 2017

Bruce is a rare combination of Godliness and 'real world' perspective, sense of humor, compassion and wisdom. Bruce is great at what he does because he knows he is where God wanted him to be doing what he is supposed to be doing. Bruce will intertwine compassion along with straight-forward directness when needed. God has equipped him to do exactly what he is doing; counsel others to get past their hurdles. More...


Bruce Cerbone

26 May 2016

"Bruce was instrumental in giving us the skills to manage our Blended Family. He gave us the ability to just refocus our priorities and most of our conflict subsided. He helped us save this second marriage"
- James and Jennifer M.

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Watching people transform from hurting to healing and releasing the "chains" that bind them to the trauma, addiction, failure, guilt and shame that keeps them from reaching their endless potential. I love seeing men become the men that God wants them to be in every way. I love helping people be the very best they can be.

I felt God pull me from the walls of church ministry to counsel and serve those that may never walk into a church.

Clients should choose me because I am good at what I do. That being said, counseling is about relationship. And if the client and therapist don't connect, it is a waste of time and money and could hurt the client even more. I advise prospective clients that if they are not comfortable with me, that they should make the effort to find a therapist that they will be comfortable with.