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Carolynne Bremmer

29 April 2019

Encore fitness trainers are the best!! They truly put in 100% effort and time to teach each client to love themselves and to reach their fitness goals and become the best they can be!! Courtney has flipped my eating habits 360 degrees (which is no small feat) but Encore is changing lives for the better!! The fitness trainers love each of their clients individually. You can just tell how much love they have! And then having someone be such a strong support to your goals. They’re amazing! A day without me going to Encore fitness is a sad day for me. I love going to this gym and train. I feel SO welcomed and comfortable and loved. Encore is where it’s at!! More...


Teresa Wrhel

25 July 2018

New way of life learning nutrition,workouts, dedication live healthy loving life ! GREAT trainers happy crazy environment CLEAN COMFY FUN


Gretchan Teigen

25 July 2018

Courtney and Kevin are both amazing trainers they know what to do to motivate you and get you to reach your fitness goals.


Kevin Bunch

25 July 2018

A great personal training gym for a personal experience.


samantha nuuvali

29 May 2018

Great rates on personal training


Jen Henry

29 May 2018

Courtney and Billy are amazing driven personal trainers and i would recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve and reach their goals. I had 1 training session with Kevin and he is a hard worker and is a great training with a bright future in front of him. The team will listen to your wants and needs and help you set goals and reach goals. They will created workout plans and nutrition plans and modify as you progress each week. If you are looking for great 1 on 1 personal training I recommend Encore Fitness. More...


Gary Starkey

29 May 2018

OUTSTANDING TRAINING!!!I have been training at Encore for three years and it has changed my life.As a retired police officer, I have been battling injuries for years, not to mention the daily aches and pains that come with being 67 years old. Courtney and Kevin have put together the right training program to keep me safe during my workouts. They combine cardio, balance, nutrition and strength training to make a well-rounded program that keeps me on track with my fitness goals. This gym has given me the ability to continue a life style of snowboarding, mountain biking and competing in the USA masters division in boxing. With their help, This year I won the USA International World boxing title for the Master's division.Added Plus: My flight attendant wife loves the shape I'm in too! More...


Jennifer Gess

29 May 2018

I started at Encore Fitness with Courtney over two years ago. Courtney's enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion has helped me find balance in life through healthy eating and a variety of exercise. She has changed my life! I cannot speak more highly of a personal trainer and person. Thank you, Courtney and Encore Fitness! More...

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