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Akashic Record Readings and Spiritual Readings to Empower Your Soul - Helping you to connect to your inner wisdom.

Hi, my name is Louise and I work with people's Akashic Records and Spirit Guides, as well as with the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, and my own intuition, "Clairs" (i.



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I love working with my client's to create transformation in their lives, and inspiring them to understand and create the necessary changes to help them move forward. I love when my client's receive profound messages through me that are "A-ha" moments in their lives. I absolutely love working with the Spiritual Realms and love the tools of my trade including oracle cards and crystals.

Since my own awakening in 2010, Spirit has guided me to what I currently do, and is still guiding me on to add new information and modalities, including recently qualifing as a "Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner" to add to my tool belt. Through clearing and helping myself through life changes, I knew as soon as I heard about Soul Realignment that it was something I wanted to use to help others understand and improve their lives. I qualified as a Soul Realignment Practitioner in 2012 and started by Reading for family, friends, my spiritual development group and acquaintances and have continued studying and adding to my experience, gaining advanced status in 2015. I launched my spiritual business in 2015 and have been working full time since 2017, albeit around family commitments, as I also have the magical role of being a "Mum"!

Everyone has free will and choice. Most of my business is repeat clients and recommendations which speaks for itself. I do believe that those who are ready to move forward in their lives, and who will most benefit from my work, will be guided to me, and I welcome them with open arms.

My work ethics are:
I endeavour to give an honest and accurate Reading for your highest good;
I trust that you will receive the messages that your Soul wants you to hear;
I always honour your Soul as the powerful creator of your own reality;
I will keep your details and Reading private and confidential;
I am loving, supportive and non-judgmental.