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Writing and social media have both been a major part of my work for more than 5 years. I've worked with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and even the much-missed Vine. Through this time I've stayed up-to-date with the latest trends and changes to get the most out of each platform.



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I love the cross-over between the creative and the technical. I love developing new ideas and using technology to realise them.

After working at Mapway for nearly 4 years I thought it was time to start a new challenge. Freelancing would allow more flexibility that meant I could spend time on my own creative endeavours such as writing and building my YouTube channel.

I've worked in social media for 5 years now and I am always happy to help perfect and improve the social strategy of any business. My ability to edit images and video means you won't have to outsource those tasks to another person.
I also have a lot of experience in other areas of digital marketing, with a focus on content marketing. So if you need help with SEO tips, blog content, website content and more, I'm here to help.