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Emily Smith Acupuncture

Corte Madera, California

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Emily Smith Acupuncture

Corte Madera, California


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David I.

25 June 2019

Emily is a consummate professional but yet gentle and kind.  You won't find a more knowledgeable or experienced acupuncturist. Many of Emily's peers in the area are knowledgeable also but none have her touch. Emily's hands have that special healing quality and she makes you feel taken care of. From the moment you meet her to the last moment when you leave, you feel like you are being heard and cared for by someone who knows what she is doing. When you are in need of medical assistance, Emily should definitely be the first place you go. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for an alternative healing professional. More...


Gini Wilson

7 December 2018

Emily is kind and gentle and professional. The treatment helped me so much with a bad back! The office is beautiful and relaxing too.


Heidi C.

5 November 2017

Emily's a great practitioner-- she helped me a lot with my PMS and sluggish liver chi. Very gentle and explains what she's doing, which makes her an excellent choice if you're a little squeamish about the needles. Her office is easy to get to, parking's no problem, and I love being her patient! More...


Cee B.

13 May 2017

I began with 100% skepticism on acupuncture.  Now I'm a complete convert, because after several years of pain, persistent headaches, unnecessary side effects from prescribed medications and additional injuries from trying to compensate for the poorly-working muscles, I'm now living a more normal, functioning life with little or no pain at all.  Emily is a godsend. Perhaps it's her long time practice (she lived and practiced acupuncture for almost 30 years in Japan), or her keen listening skills, or her gentle, empathetic approach to treatment that helped speed the healing process, because her treatments really worked.  My headache greatly diminished after the first treatment, and after a few more treatments, my head's clear as can be.  My plantar fasciitis also improved immensely, and after a few treatments I can now walk barefoot without wincing. My arm is also working well now.  Even my physical therapist was shocked to see how fast I've progressed considering the poor state I was in when they first diagnosed me. Thank you so very much, Emily, for helping me get my body working again. If there's one thing I learned from her, we all deserve a shot at a happy, longer and mobile life in a much shorter and medication-free way. More...


Nan F.

6 May 2017

Emily is a compassionate listener and excellent practitioner who completely put me at ease before my first session. Her technique and thin Japanese needles are painless and, as a result, totally anxiety-free. I sought out Emily's help for heart palpitations and frequent urination. After five sessions, both issues were resolved. I will definitely seek out Emily's assistance again. More...


Chad C.

4 May 2017

Having never had an acupuncture session before, I was a total rookie. I have always been curious, however. Emily certainly made me feel at ease before the treatment and set expectations well. I did like that she didn't tell me how anything would feel, however, which left me to discover that through the process of the treatment. It helped me focus intently on what I was feeling and become more in touch with how my body felt. I can't wait to have more session with Emily and I definitely recommend you see her! More...


Bob G.

21 June 2016

I've been going to Emily now for about 5 months, or about 10 times.  I often fall into the "zone" of super relaxation but not quite sleep; a meditative state.  My recent digestive issues were the main reason for me to seek out Emily, but over the months I now primarily go for the relaxation and the winding down from my go-go-go Marin lifestyle.  As a Japanese Acupuncturist, Emily uses needles much thinner than Chinese acupuncture.  Perhaps this is why I go so deep in her sessions.Or, maybe it's the calm and wise nature of the practitioner. More...


stacey b.

28 February 2016

Each time I see Emily, I  have gotten immediate results!!  My hip gets very tight and the pain is nagging, but as soon as Emily finishes her needle work it feels great. The insertion is painless and the treatment is very relaxing, I usually drift off to sleep. Emily is very skilled. More...


Maria G.

18 February 2016

Emily is just the sweetest kindest person. She helps put my anxieties at ease as she helps my body feel better. She listens and cares for her patients. She helps in any way she can to improve your life. I would definately refer to her. Dont hesitate to schedule an appointment with her. Thank you Emily for everything!!!! More...

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