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Leah Gibbins

27 July 2018

Emily's photos have a beautiful continuity of tone and color. You know right away that it is her work. I'm a fan!


Rick Mc Donough

27 July 2018

Emily has all the talent of a veteran painter, photographer or videographer,, she can do it all,, simply that


Christopher Kowerdovich

27 July 2018

Emily's has a great eye to be able to find the right lighting and view to capture the best pictures.


Amanda Cress

27 July 2018

Emily has the exceptional gift to capture a brief moment of magic. She was amazing to work with, I am excited to see where her aspirations bring her, and the messages she will send out into the world.


Phil Cifone

27 July 2018

It is as if you have captured the most tender moments in their simplest forms. Simple touches of the hand, or a warm light casting through the shadows. So much detail with so much attention to all the subtle nuances that make a good photograph. I've been inspired by you for many years, and will continue to be. More...

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