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Mayfair, Pennsylvania

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Mayfair, Pennsylvania


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George Schollst

27 July 2019

The A/C unit stopped working, and I had to find a company that serviced the my area. As usual, I posted a request on Angie's List to get some quotes and EMC was the first to respond. They were very prompt and arrived earlier than I had expected. He was very courteous and got started immediately to diagnose the problem. The best part was that he explained what he was doing each step and was very thorough, documenting with photos at each stage. After the diagnosis, I was given three options as to how to move forward. The compressor and HVAC being almost 20 years old, it was comforting to understand what my options were. In the short term, I needed the unit to function throughout the summer. In the long run, install a brand new system. I would say they are not cheap, but this is one area I would spend a little more money on as safety is always a consideration and you want the job done right the first time as all things considered these systems should easily last 10 to 15 years. More...


Henderson Hinton

5 July 2019

Five star for sure, when I use to live in Philly they were my go to company. I moved last year and I have not found any company as good as EMC. They always had the cheapest prices. More...


Lisa Stelly

29 June 2019

My sister moved to the Philadelphia area last year and we found this company online when her AC unit went out on a 90 degree day and we like to died from the heat. These people came out same day and got the thing up and working. My sister and I split the cost even though I would consider the cost to be "affordable" for HVAC repair. I felt it only right to help my sis pay for this. I told her to save this companies number for any future problems because they did a good job and arrived fast. More...


Betty Winslow

21 May 2019

My parents told me to call Emergency Maintenance Company when I tried to turn on my AC and it was blowing lukewarm air. My mother said they have been using them since I was a teenager and she has been very happy with the work the they have done for her. So, if it's good enough for my mother, it's dang sure, good enough for me. They fixed my AC unit, turns out it just needed charging or something, lol. But now it's blowing cold like it is suppose to. More...


Parsons W.

20 May 2019

This place has been our go to for years. My brother and I own several apartment units in Philadelphia, Michigan, and Florida. EMC is the best of all the HVAC companies that we work with on our properties. Flew in today to update the AC units in one of our 20 unit buildings and EMC was already there waiting for us when we arrived. We have had nothing but good experiences and we hope to keep working with them for years to come. More...


Athena Chapman

5 May 2019

Much more affordable than anybody else that I called


i Piqol

5 May 2019

installed my new furnace, tankless water heater and air conditioner almost 6 years ago. They were great then and nothing has changed. Beyond courteous! Went out of their way to acommodate my schedule! Very prompt on two separate occasions. I'll be calling again should the need arise. More...


Alam Maya

5 May 2019

arrives timely. He gives you honest options for your situation. And did I say he had reasonable pricing...Thanks


Robin Powell

26 April 2019

I am a 1st time home buyer and the home inspector suggested that I get furnace maintenance before I fire up the HVAC system. I found this company here and they came out and did a great job. The tech even showed me where my filter was located so I can know for future reference. More...


Jimmy Wagner

27 March 2019

Got a email and signed up for the Spring Clean up and maintenance on my furnace and the furnace is working so much better now. Before we had to have the heat on like 85 to be comfortable now we have it on 76 and we are comfortable. Really impressed. More...


Louis M.

20 March 2019

Came back home to Philly to visit my sister and her new baby (my first Nephew) and something was smelling like plastic was burning. It was invading the house. We finally figured out it was coming from the heat vents.We shut the furnace off immediately and called for help. Another company that we called came out and said it was just the filter that needed to be changed.    My sister paid him $87 to change the filter and within the hour of him leaving the house was smelling like burnt plastic again. We didnt even bother to call them back to redo the work. This was too serious to play around with.    This time we found EMC online and they came right out, no wait time.The tech said it was the furnace motor burning. It was damaged from years of lack of proper maintenance.   He replaced the motor that day and no more burnt odor or fire scare.The last thing we need with a new baby in the house is a fire, thank Goodness, they were able to fix the probably unlike the first company that we called. More...


Sarah Wilson

11 March 2019

EMC replaced a heat pump in our home this week and so far so good. I everything went smoothly and we love how it's working.


Eric Thomason

9 March 2019

Very fast and very affordable, I definitely call them again. very professional people. The technician who came was very nice and attentive. I recommend them 100%.


Jeff Brains

28 February 2019

Great HVAC service, I called a lot of companies and this company had the lowest price by far and they did a really good job on the new furnace installation.


Emma Megan

25 February 2019

They came to repair the heating problem at my apartment. They were very helpful and patient to assess the problem. Mike is great he provided me with important details and tools needed in order to make the most cost-effective decision for the boiler in my 25 unit apartment building. I will recommend services to everyone. More...


Plymouth Masonry

25 February 2019

Recently purchased a new 4 unit building and all four units needed new furnace filters and furnace maintenance. One of them needed major work. A buddy of mines had used Emergency Maintenance Company a few years ago and he recommended them to me. They arrived on time, gave me straightforward answers to all of my questions, they also gave me a price quote that was within my budget for the work that I needed done. They had all four furnaces up and running within a few hours. I like businesses that know how to get the job done and don't mess around all day burning the clock or that try to charge an arm and a leg. This company will be my new go-to company as I plan to buy more real estate in the near future. More...


Nick D

6 February 2019

Emergency Maintenance has always been responsive whenever I called their office. Unfortunately I had to call a lot over different HVAC issues with my complex system. When there was a difficult problem they stayed with it until it was resolved to my satisfaction. They always respond in a timely manner. I have faith and trust in their technicians. I have retained them to do maintenance on my boiler, AC and furnace More...


Vern Mosely

26 January 2019

Home warranty company sent them out because my heat would not come on. They were in and out of my home in less than 30 minutes. The heating system has been working great since they serviced it. I am so happy that I signed up for the home warranty because it has been a lifesaver. EMC did a good job. More...


Wilma Rose-harris

26 January 2019

We have been using this company for two decades never had any thing else but good luck with their service and they have always given us the best price. We have even recommend them to friends and family who now use them to. Can not imagine calling anyone else. Best in Philly. More...


Kristin Hoch

31 July 2018

Hired them about a month ago to install a secondary unit in my upstairs master bedroom that could never get cool. Best decision I ever made. Nothing better then having your sleeping temperature exactly as desired. Unit doesn’t make a sound. Service was prompt, technicians were extremely polite and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Emergency Maintenance Company More...


Ashton Hadley

2 May 2018

I called EMC after my tenant complained about the CO detector constantly going off. It was pretty early in the morning and Not only were they open but he answered right away.


Lacey Larissa

2 May 2018

They were awesome! We discussed the problem over the phone and came to a few conclusions. They job ended up being bigger than anticipated, but he completed it with professionalism. Its always difficult as a customer to have a job start during the day and have it end when its dark. Even though the job took much longer than expected, the price was fair. More...


Megan J. Hopper

2 May 2018

He initially tried to troubleshoot/ diagnose my issues with me over the phone, trying to save me money. His service is great, his prices are fair and he was willing to field all of my questions about my furnace and A/C. I don't know his "hours" as he was willing to come over very early in the morning or into the evening in order to accommodate my work hours, which is a plus for those of us who do not want or cannot take off of work easily. More...


Prince H.

9 April 2018

Came out same day to fix our furnace. It was coming on for about a minute and going right back off. I am not the guy who knows this type of stuff nor do I want to know. I am more into fixing me than ac repair or furnace repair but what I do know is these guys were really good. They set an appointment time for 4 pm on the same day that I called and they kept that time. They called when they were in route and they told me  that they were able to fix the problem that day. I did not have to wait (and freeze while I waited) for parts to be ordered or to come in. They had what ever it was they needed on that big van they were in and the best part is that I did not get a speck of dirt on me cause I went know where near that big mean furnace. Thank goodness for these guys cause they go it do and fast. More...


Sadia Rahman

27 March 2018

Love the price and the service. They are affordable and they came out at 10 pm on Saturday night, yep!


Kobita Akter

27 March 2018

Best of the best, have been using them since 2010 and will continue to use them cause they do great work.


Tiffanee Girard

17 February 2018

prompt, professional, proficient and honest. Thank goodness! I don't like reviewing online. But Emergency Maintenance Companydeserves this one.


Anna Olshevskaya

14 February 2018

I would definitely recommend this company to everyone who is looking for quality service. In a middle of the night I realized that my heater broke and called them in the morning. I got service the same day and the problem was resolved for reasonable price. What I like the most is that no one tried to sell me something or push me to get some additional services. The name of the tech who came out to my house was Konstantin, very honest and knowledgeable person. So, long story short, if you are looking for quick service to get done just what you need use Emergency Maintenance. More...


Kendall H.

17 January 2018

He cleaned out our A/C blower-coils and fan!   And he showed us how to clean the outside unit as well.we had originally scheduled him to clean out our duct work, but that wasn't what was needed.He worked fast, clean and timely!   He even called when he was enroute to our house.couldn't be more satisfied with the service provided. More...


Mike M.

4 January 2018

Great company,  the repairman was extremely patient with me as I was late for our scheduled appointment, I was running late and the tech waited about 15 minutes for me to arrive. He serviced my unit and it's a very old unit about 20-25 years old and he has it running like it's brand new, good work, good price, good tech. More...


Jackson C.

25 October 2017

My girlfriend and I are here visiting, we rented a house for the summer and our AC unit just stopped working all of a sudden. Unfortunately, in our 3 month lease contract it stated any and all repairs to the property during the duration of the lease would be done by the tenants aka me ( should have read the fine print). I found this company online and I called them up the service tech was friendly and knowledgeable.  He arrived on time, he inspected the unit and determined that it needed a good cleaning and a new filter there was no air moving in the unit because of the dirt and clogged filter which is what made it shut down. He took the time to explain to me what the "numbers" meant when describing the efficiency of the unit, and he gave me some very good maintenance tips to keep the unit running as efficiently as possible.  Even though were here on a short stay I like that he showed me how to read the numbers that will come in handy when we go back to LA. More...


Alan W.

2 August 2017

The back of my ac unit was completely damaged. I tried to fix  it myself but the next day it was broken again. My friend Ashlee, recommended Emergency maintenance co. To me. They solved the problem that was causing my air conditioning unit to freeze up, they gave me a great price and service. More...


Donald D.

8 July 2017

My parents moved back to Philadelphia from Houston last year and when they purchased their new home they also purchased home warranty insurance and this company was assigned to them by their home warranty company. Last night, the Air conditioning unit stopped working at about 2 in the morning. My father has really bad asthma and he can not be in the heat and humidity long or he will have an asthma attack, so I called this company in the middle of the night and explained that we needed someone out to the home ASAP. The girl who answered the phone said she would dispatch a team immediately. I was sure that they would not arrive before daybreak but I was wrong, thank God! A two man crew came within 60 minutes. As it turns out the compactor in the AC unit had stopped working which seemed to be an easy fix because it took them less than 20 minutes to replace it and have the unit back up and running again. They did a good job but most importantly they came before my father got over heat and couldn't breathe More...


Mike R.

9 June 2017

We had EMC out to our house on May 23rd and were very pleased. Their scheduler called us quickly after we requested service and had a serviceman to us within a day. The serviceman, Daniel, showed up on time, was very professional and did a great job. He left the work area clean and we have nothing but good things to say about EMC. More...


Jaye B.

10 November 2016

I have sears home warranty, and they offer a free annual heating and cooling preventative maintenance check. I called sears, they gave me a confirmation number to call EMCO with. EMCO promptly made an appointment for me on a Saturday. While they did offer the 3 hours window, he showed up right on time at 9 am.  The serviceman was non judgemental, as I had no clue about maintenance of my oil heater. He immediate gave me a long lesson, and showed me everything I needed to know and all the time frames of when things needed to be checked. I had a yellow leak, that turned out to be the chimney not having sealant among other items. He told me the price, which was fair considering I had only had the furnace looked at once since I moved in 5 yrs ago.I made appt a few weeks later for another Saturday to have the work completed. Window as 9 to 11. They called at 945 letting me know they had to reschedule due to illness.  I was unhappy but ok with that. I scheduled for the following Tuesday from 3 to 5.  The setter called me at 345 Tuesday to reschedule again...Not happy.  I voiced my dismay as I took off again from work to meet this window. She said she'd check and call back.Well, I thought the worst, but they surprised me. They showed up at 5 without the call back, and he had a few guys with him. Each were finishing their different jobs from all cross the city, chose to work late to help me with my house. They came, they saw, they completed the work and my heat was on and I felt secure and safe. And even before the last guy left, who was the initial gentleman from the maintenance check, he went over EVERYTHING with me on the maintenance They also were very clean, there was no dirt or oil anywhere, and they still vacuumed the heater room prior to leaving.  This is a reputable company, I am am soooo happy with the service! More...


Christa M.

12 February 2016

I went through Amazon to have my dryer vent cleaned. They were punctual, called in advance to let me know they were coming and were very professional. They pointed out areas for improvement and were very thorough. I would recommend using them. He even helped me with an issue I was having with my gas fireplace. More...


L G.

15 July 2015

We used Emergency Maintenance Company in the August of 2014. It was truly an emergency as it was above 100 degrees outside when our cooling system stopped working. We had the hell of a night. Luckily Emergency Maintenance technician arrived promptly in the morning. They fixed our system and made a few very helpful recommendations with regards to maintenance and prevention. Overall we had an excellent experience with them. They were able to come out fast, the receptionist called in advance of the technician's arrival to make sure we were at home, the technician was clearly very knowledgeable, and the price was as expected and comparable to what other companies charge. We called around before we decided to go with them. I'd say in terms of the speed, and the quality of customer service Emergency Maintenance Company is definitely above it's competitors. More...


Lynsey W.

31 May 2013

Speedy and efficient service!I called on a Thursday and was immediately provided an appointment for less than 24 hours later. The call center explained the initial costs and diagnoses services provided so there were no surprises!  When the technician came out, he jumped right in, diagnosed and fixed my problem!  That was it- no additional costs or gimmicks.Will absolutely use this company again, but not anticipating any more problems with my a/c because of the great service! More...

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