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Orangetree, California

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Orangetree, California


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Chavi H.

17 September 2019

This was a great fun event for me family of adults & children between the ages of 2-17.  They all enjoyed it so much even though this was the second time I've had them at my home.  The young man running it was fantastic, & very helpful. More...


Dede H.

9 September 2019

Got the balls for a company party! It was very last minute on my part but they still showed up and made it happen!!!! Quick response time too!! Very professional and easy to work with!!! More...


K G.

19 July 2019

Wonderful products, first rate attendants.  Reservation process exemplifies professionalism!


Ciara Sweetman

28 May 2019

These guys were the best. We called up for ideas and they had so many options and different budgets that I felt like they really cared. We ended up doing the laser tag and the bungee. My son said it was his best birthday ever :-) More...


Liam McHugh

21 May 2019

We have used Emerald Events for various community events. They are very professional and cannot recommend them enough. Everyone at the event had a great time and were very impressed with the staff and their attitude.


RollNFunZone RedondoBeach

14 May 2019

Great Company and Attractions. they have the coolest stuff and their staff is amazing. great for Carnivals and parties.


Sharon M.

28 January 2019

We contracted Emerald Events the second year in a row to host an awards party at our elementary school in Newport Beach. They are very professional and punctual from the initial proposal stage through event implementation.  I highly recommend this company!! More...


Susan C.

3 January 2019

We use Emerald Events for their Laser Tag every year....In fact multiple times per year.  They are very professional and the events are so much fun!  Kids of all ages as well as adults enjoyed the event.  I highly recommend Emerald Events for group events of all kinds. More...


Adam G.

25 September 2018

I recently hosted an end of the summer BBQ party for my team and we decided to use Emerald Events for their Radical Run Obstacle Course. My entire team had an AMAZING time and it really put a smile on a lot of peoples faces. The crew that showed up was very professional, showed up early and answered all our questions & concerns. We will definitely be using them again for any future events. The quality of service from the company and it's staff is beyond outstanding. I would definitely recommend this attraction, and this company for any of your private and/or company events. More...


Jack C.

21 September 2018

We used the tube rollers for a campus ministry event "Walk on Water" and it was a lot of fun. The students and employees had fun and team races. Graham and staff were helpful in making sure our campus lake was suitable. More...


Somer S.

5 October 2017

Great Event for my football team!!!  Have 70+ high school kids that needed a fun, competitive break from regular practice.  The Bubble Rollers was a great fit!!  Showed up on time, organized the players, managed the games.  Staff was fun and professional.  Coordination and planning was easy and quick.  Looking forward to more great events with The Bubble Rollers team!! More...


MAFX Studios

16 August 2017

Wow! Could not believe they offer so many items for kids parties! I had a tough time choosing but we went with the jumpers, bungee jumping, and laser tag equipment. They were extremely professional and we has a blast at my nieces party. I will definitely use their services again. More...


Graham Hayden

10 August 2017

Best Party options around. They have so many cool choices and fun stuff. The party was a huge success. Thanks Emerald Events.


Maria Torres

9 August 2017

Oh my god! We had so much fun! The attractions were amazing! Must book them again for my sisters birthday too!


Noah S.

14 January 2017

An amazing idea for parties. Everyone, including the adults had a great time inside bubbles, and in my opinion it was much safer than the kids trampling over each other inside a bounce house. I'll be sure to hire them again next year. More...


Matthew B.

14 January 2017

I recently had The Bubble Rollers at my house for a party. The quality of service the company and it's staff has to offer is beyond impeccable. The staff are very caring and always there to help make sure my party ran as smoothly as possible. I recently inquired about their Irvine Spectrum location and i brought my friends over to have a laugh. The staff at the spectrum location could not have been nicer, they wanted your ride to be as smooth as possible and for my kids to have the best and safest ride possible while inquiring about a ride. If you are looking for a fun attraction for a party i defiantly recommend giving The Bubble Rollers a try!!! More...


Karen H.

21 March 2015

This was a great unique birthday party for my 10 year old daughter. She and her friends had a great time in our pool with the Bubble Rollers! Even one of the moms got in to try it out. Everyone had so much fun. The staff was very helpful with the kids. Thanks! More...


Melanie B.

1 September 2014

We did the bubble rollers at  The Pike in Long Beach. Omg, super fun!  Exhausting but super fun. My son was laughing up a storm and he did it twice. The staff we really sweet and attentive even on a ridiculously hot day. Well worth the money. I'm going to consider them for a birthday party if not too expensive. More...



6 July 2014

Had birthday party for my 5-yr old & they were a hit! Staff was super professional & friendly, especially dealing with little kids in the bubble. Even parents got in, it was a hoot! I would def recommend for a pool party! More...


Jason M.

12 May 2014

These things are great, just used them for and event in Palm Springs over the weekend- kids loved them and had a great time.  Company was fantastic to work with- More...


Monique F.

13 April 2014

We hired Brian from Bubble Rollers / Ventura office for our daughters party yesterday. WOW! 100% awesome time, and they were very professional and great with the kids. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something cool and interesting for a party or event. The girls had a blast. Brian was amazing, very kind and courteous with the kids (and the adults that joined in)from the beginning to the end. A+++++ i give them. Thanks guys!... Monique & Ken / Tarzana, CA. More...


Roger M.

20 November 2013

We hired the Bubble Rollers for my sons 10th birthday. There were kids of all ages and all of them had a really fabulous time. The staff were courteous and friendly and great at helping the smaller kids. I would definitely recommend this event for a all parties including adults. We all had a blast. More...


Malachi S.

28 August 2013

Wow,what a great party. We hired The Bubble Rollers for our daughters 8th birthday and she has declared it the BEST (think excited 8 year old high pitched voice!) party ever ! The staff were great and really good to the kids who all had a really great time.  I have to say having been to every Chuckie Cheese and Pump It Up place in the OC you can imagine this idea was a really great novelty for everyone. We will definitely be hiring them again !!!! More...


Christine A.

30 August 2012

I always saw these things at the fair and assumed they were only for kids since I noticed they were the only ones getting into them.  One day as the crew was cleaning up for the night, I had the courage to ask what the weight limit was.  Hearing it was 150 lbs, I told myself I should try it next time.A perfect opportunity came along.  I was walking with some friends past their set up in front of the defunct V2O in Long Beach and knew this was my chance.  I got in and they filled up the bubble with air with what looks like a vacuum hose and sealed it shut.  The guy walked me into the pool and I soon realized that it was harder to get around in the bubble than it looks.I thought I was going to be able to my bump my bubble into Lili's but it didn't work like that.  I tried rolling my body around in the bubble in hopes to move me elsewhere in the pool but I was unsuccessful.  I was stationary, just like a hamster in a wheel.  You can also test your balance in this thing.  I was able to stand up for just a few seconds at a time before falling over.  It sure can be a workout; quite exhausting.  A few times, I was forced to just lay there to catch my breath before getting up again.  Cool deal.  For just $8, not a bad experience.  The guys who work here are cool.  One of them even gave us some coupons for Kavikas upstairs. More...


Tina M.

28 August 2012

We had an awesome party for my 9 year old daughter at their Long Beach location. The staff was excellent... so friendly and accommodating. The kids had an absolute BLAST!  Hands-down, one of the best parties we have ever hosted!  I can't recommend this highly enough for a kids' party.  And the customer service was outstanding from the first call to initiate planning to the last bit of clean up.  They rocked! More...


Lili H.

27 August 2012

Super fun!I laughed like crazy while trying to walk inside the bubble and over the water. I guess the nuns were right and only ONE can walk easily over the water because I kept falling every time I tried yelp.com/biz_photos/N0Mm…They have their pool and bubbles near the Aquarium of the Pacific. For $8 you get to try to walk, I couldn't event stand straight LOL!  but some people are far more talented than me, i.e. Chris T. she was able to stand up! But it's a blast, besides it must burn tons of calories because I was exhausted at the end. yelp.com/biz_photos/N0Mm…Friendly staff, super fun activity. My only suggestion? try to do it when is not a really hot day, inside the bubble the temperature is way hotter than outside. Highly recommended for everybody :D More...


A T.

2 September 2011

Had a GREAT time with the OC Bubble Rollers at the OC Fair! My kids loved it and can't wait to try this again. All of the staff were very friendly, and professional.  What an awesome concept, looking forward to using your services at an upcoming birthday party! More...

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