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Krissy Murphy Benson

9 June 2019

I have been blessed to know Dr. Siddique for more than half my life. I really do not think I am capable of putting in to words how much I respect her. I have never seen anyone with such passion and drive. Her beauty lies in the desire help ALL people and I have seen her go above and beyond what is expected of anyone to support her clients She will fight until the end for what she believes in and for those that need her. She has been with me through my best of times and worst of times and has always backed me up with every ounce of her being. She truly wants to make the world a better place...and I am certain it is better for having her in it. More...


Omar Siddique

8 June 2019

Dr Siddique is hard-working and driven to solve complex cases that don't fit neatly into traditional mental-health buckets. Her depth and breadth of knowledge will be a boon to any seeking out her services. More...


John Slagle

20 May 2019

Dr. Siddique has advanced training in neuropsychology, and her science and compassionate background both inform her work on a daily basis. She has a curious mind, and is always striving to find new solutions for her clients. She’s exceptional in her work ethic and diligence. More...


Lisa Muhammad

27 April 2019

Dr Siddique is a lioness! She is a valiant warrior as she works to teach and empower women. I am proud to be her friend and I would definitely recommend her!


Jonathan Lam

25 April 2019

I have had the pleasure of being Dr. Siddique’s friend and colleague for the past 25 years. She is one of the most caring and compassionate professionals in our field. In addition to her vast knowledge and skills, she is an incredible humanitarian who is a champion of diversity and cultural acceptance. She approaches her work with an open heart and boundless positive energy. I am indeed blessed to have such a colleague and friend. More...


Christy Evans

24 April 2019

I have had the opportunity to work professionally with Dr. Siddique for the past several years and all of my interactions with her have been very positive and professional experiences. Her services are a great resource for the community and provide excellent mental health care. More...


Nadia Hoballah

18 April 2019

Dr. Siddique is always there during my most difficult times. Even when I randomly need the advice or that motivation, she is always available and she communicates effectively. I highly recommend her. She is a professional woman dedicated to the study of the soul. I feel lucky to know her. More...


Michelle Pelletier

13 April 2019

Dr. Siddique is doing what the universe intended for her to do. I wish we could all say that with as much confidence. Her beautiful soul radiates through all of our interactions and immediately makes me feel settled and whole. I am a better person in so many ways through my work with her and I wish that others find her so they may find comfort and growth through her care. More...


Erin Valentine

8 April 2019

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Siddique as a colleague and mentor and to call her a friend. She is an amazingly skilled clinician, kind and understanding person, and has a warm spirit you just want to be around. I would recommend seeking her professional counsel to anyone. More...


Stephen Gibbs

8 April 2019

I have had the privilege of calling Dr. Siddique a friend for 35 years. Besides her elegance, her 2 defining qualities are passion and compassion. In college, she pursued many paths and excelled at all of them. Since I have known her, she has always been there for others- in college, she volunteered at the suicide hotline, when my father was dying, she was there for me, as long as I have known her, she has always dedicated herself to empowering others. Count yourself as lucky (blessed) if she is part of your life. More...


Odette Leon

31 March 2019

Dr Siddique has been an incredible blessing, value and resource for our family. Her advice and consult has and continues to be extremely helpful in aiding our family in how to traverse a sometimes tumultuous time with our teenager. I would highly recommend her to any family that struggles with the dynamics of how to journey through life with teen depression and anxiety. Her consult has proven to be invaluable. More...


David Michaelson

26 March 2019

I often refer to Dr. Siddique as wearing a cape... because that's what Superheroes do. Dr. Siddique has spent a considerable amount of time with my six year old boy, mainly because I am very concerned about his emotional and intellectual development due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) when he was one year old. Dr. Siddique shared information and directed me to places where I can do my homework and be more knowledgeable about possible developmental delays as my boy grows older. She also showed both my boy and me ways to develop the neural pathways he would need to help overcome any obstacles he might face later on. Any trait, any characteristic, any pattern, any blip on the radar, and she has an answer for it. I parent alone, and I was more nervous about it before my boy and I met Dr. Siddique. Afterwards, I felt like I was armed with information that can help me face anything that comes my way. Embolden Psychology isn't just the name of Dr. Siddique's practice...it is her action, that's what she does. She emboldens you, and makes you feel strong...because that's what Superheroes do, too. I'll never be able to thank her enough, for what she has done for me, and my boy. More...


Jackie Summers

21 March 2019

Dr. Siddique handles the senior evaluation for my Mom, who just turned 91. Mom lives alone and takes care of herself, however Dr. Siddique's annual evaluation and suggestions have been critical to making sure Mom can retain her independence, and is cognizant to make decisions about her future. She is patient, thorough, compassionate, and insightful in her diagnosis. More...


Tino Anthony

20 March 2019

Embolden is a tremendous resource for young people who are struggling to express themselves. Highly recommended for families who are trying to bridge communication issues with a troubled teen.


Tiffany Emerge Boyle

18 March 2019

Dr. Siddique is extremely intelligent and uses amazing methods to help her clients. She cares deeply and has a passion for everyone to be joyful in their own way. She understands the differences in our personalities and works accordingly. More...


Joseph K Grieboski

18 March 2019

Dr. Siddique is an incredible and innovative psychologist, not to mention a true humanitarian and caregiver. Check out her site and schedule an appointment.


Lisa Grace

22 February 2019

Highly recommend Embolden Psychology and their exceptional range of services... always empathetic, innovative, loving and inclusive support for all demographics and ages! X

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