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Kate M.

1 March 2018

Just wanted to give an update on my progress since my last post. One of my biggest fears was driving on the freeway..I would get the worst anxiety attacks and would need to exit. Not anymore! Not only has Andrea helped me release that negative thought pattern, but she's done work where I don't even worry excessively about everyday things anymore like I once did.  I have healed so much through this process and have learned self love and meditation. I urge anyone who has any chronic conditions, whether it's physical pain, anxiety or trauma to see Andrea! More...


Kim S.

19 February 2018

I am truly grateful to have found Andrea! I was referred to her to help release physical and emotional stress. She is so kind and has such a peaceful presence about her.  I felt right at ease during our first appointment and saw instant results. I was truly amazed! My husband calls her my "Happy Lady" :) Andrea is equipping me with tools on how to manage pain, and different emotional struggles. I am able to handle certain situations much better, and my headaches have decreased dramatically.  I am learning how to be more in tune with my body and how to help heal myself emotionally and physically. Andrea is such a blessing and I highly recommend her to all!! More...


Elaine W.

12 March 2014

Andrea has helped me open some energy channels and unblocked pain centers.  I had a two month old pinch in my neck and nothing I did relieved it.  Her BEST treatments eliminated the issue.  I've learned to choose my foods carefully, noting that eating certain foods at the wrong times of day will either allow me a restful evening or not.  Thank you Andrea for your gentle guidance. More...


Alexandra L.

21 August 2013

Andrea can balance your emotional state with BEST therapy, which consists of realigning your body and clearing your energy channels through light touching. She has a gentle and caring personality. She can also support you with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Beyond addressing emotional blockages and releasing stagnant energy, her work will help reduce your physical aches and stress levels, and improve your quality of sleep. I highly recommend seeing her to optimize your health. More...