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Andres Martinez

23 July 2019

Muy buenos tacos


Pedro Alvarez

23 July 2019

Really good tacos se birria de chico y de res


Danielle Haight

9 July 2019

Inside fresco. Everything is good and they cater.


Nghia Lam

30 June 2019

Good Taqueria!


Ramon Farias

16 May 2019

Es la mejor birria celas Recomiendo


Mike D

16 May 2019

Great food and fast friendly service


Eduardo Serrano

6 May 2019

La mejor birria de California, las tortillas hechas a mano está buenísimas!!!


Ramon Michel

6 May 2019

Good food


Juan P. Rivera

6 May 2019

Buen lugar para comer Menudo y Birria


Theresa Vo

6 May 2019

Their chili verde burrito is pretty yummy...


Ricardo Guerra

6 May 2019

Buen servicio


Felipe Franco Solis

6 March 2019

Buen servicio


Beatriz Olazaba

6 July 2018

Awesome attention to detail and customer care. We were very impressed with the quality of floral designs at our event, as well as the overall appearance of our venue. I especially appreciated the highly customizable package for my event. After shopping other vendors, these prices are great!My guests also raved about the delicious ceviche and tortilla chips appetizer, the next day! We will definitely use Elma's services in the future! More...


Gabriela Martínez

6 June 2018

Good food !


Kikker Media

6 June 2018

I have know them for quite some time now. Always wanted to make the time to sit down and make this review for them. They have always treated me and my friends really good. I pretty much like all their staff, they are all polite and courteous when taking your order. In the last 2 or 3 years I have had the opportunity to visit them just about every day of the week and even sometimes on the weekend when they have different specialty dishes. I can now say with complete confidence that you will not be disappointed. Great selection of dishes and amazing taste o anything and I mean anything from their manu. I am really not over stating I hope you fuys out there don’t mind but I hace tried most of their dishes and simply haven’t had less than a great experience. With all this in mind, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for the closest to the mexican traditional taste. More...


Roxanna Betancourt

6 June 2018

Burritos and Chile’s rellenos are my favorite!! They have have mentioned they will now be on Doordash!!! YASSS



6 June 2017

Went by Elma’s today and the guacamole was the best I’ve had. It was rich and creamy with cilantro and tomatoes with a subtle citrus flavor. Also picked up my usual items including the fish ceviche and the pico de gallo. Everything was just perfect. More...


Michael Galindo

6 June 2016

One of the best Authentic Mexican Restaurant's that I have ate at in a while! This place offers great value with awesome customer service. From the Cashier to the Chef you can taste the passion that is involved when eating any of there tasty food. I tried there Enchiladas and I have to say portion wise they did not skimp. All around great place to grab a bite to eat because of their portion, price and friendliness. I will defiantly be back! More...