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Melissa H.

10 July 2019

Leah is amazing! She has such a great eye, and she's particularly good at capturing the female form. I did a pole photoshoot with her, and she gave me such a great mix of pics to choose from. Some were super sexy, some more artistic, but they were all beautiful. I had such a hard time choosing which ones to purchase! Most of all, the shoot was super fun and I felt really comfortable working with her. More...


Tiffa N.

10 July 2019

Leah Marie is a truly gifted photographer. When I arrived at her well-appointed studio, I was nervous because I hadn't been photographed in forever. She immediately put me at ease, and helped me pick out outfits and conceptualize different looks. I was amazed by her creative mind and the sensitive, well-thought-out use of light.Once I got in front of the camera, Leah gave great directions and was super encouraging (I'm not the best at posing!). In the limited time we had, she was able to take four different in-studio looks, as well as run to an outdoor spot to take a few more snaps.A week or so later, she sat down with me and helped me pick out photos. I was blown away by the speed and quality with which she retouched the photos I chose. I ended up with a wonderful selection of photos--from boudoir to headshot to editorial.Leah's thoughtfulness, kindness, professionalism and creativity have completely blown me away. My only complaint is that I wish I met her earlier! More...


Kristin L.

20 June 2019

Leah Marie is an amazing and talented human! I did a boudoir shoot with her as a nuptial gift for my now husband, and it turned more amazing that I could have ever imagined!! The shoot itself was so much fun! I was kind of nervous at first, but Leah made me feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin so that by the end I was just having a blast :) Then for the editing, she sits down with you and together you pic out the photos to go into your album. I wouldn't have known it prior, but this is sooo helpful because it both keeps you from being super critical of your own flaws, and brings a professional point of view from a true artist to the process. Finally, the album we created together is of the highest quality- more like an heirloom than just a photo album. With all the time, energy, and love she put into the process for me, I think she is very reasonably priced!! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, would recommend to all my friends and would use her again in a heartbeat!! More...


Ellen L.

9 November 2018

I'm so blown away by the photos.  Leah really hit the mark for authenticity in boudoir fantasy. It's still me, just in the best light and angles. Thank you so much!I appreciated her initial intake form, prompting me to really think about what I wanted artistically--which was a long list! I was able to pair it down more realistically, but the sky really is the limit with this creative photog.Don't hesitate, just do it! She will make you feel beautiful :) More...


Tina N.

8 July 2018

First time working with Leah and oh my goodness I'd do it again in a heartbeat. She is calming, supportive, encouraging, positive. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the shoot and made great suggestions for poses, arm and hand positioning, what to do with my hair, etc. (which is great because I had no idea what I was doing). The finished product was stunning and I honestly couldn't even believe it was me in those photos. What a pleasure! More...


David M.

24 March 2018

I'll be honest, when my wife told me she wanted to do a maternity photo shoot, I rolled my eyes. (This led to an argument, wherein I tried unsuccessfully to explain that the eye-roll is a congenital condition. But that's another story...) When we arrived at the studio, Leah greeted us warmly and we felt at ease as we changed down to our undies. Once the shutter started clicking, we were having so much fun! Leah captured us in some of our most loving, sensual, and even goofy moments. Her enthusiasm, laughter, and other ebullient reactions encouraging us to engage each other deeper and to just let the magic of the moment flow. When we saw the prints we were blown away, and I finally got it! This precious time in our relationship was now immortalized. The play of shadow and light in one series uniquely shows the essence of my wife's beauty in her sacred role as the carrier of our daughter. There are many things to consider when choosing a photographer such as technical skill with lighting and the camera, an eye for framing an image...etc. Leah certainly possesses those traits. What sets her apart from the other photographers I have worked with is how she genuinely shows up in the world. She brought out the best in us as people and as a couple and then captured us relishing in that experience. Setting the focal length, and skills with photoshop are important but not as important as coaxing out the natural beauty of humanity. Thank you for doing that for us. More...


Lauren W.

8 December 2017

Leah recently did a pregnancy photoshoot for my husband and I. I highly recommend her! She was very professional, making us feel at home and comfortable throughout the 3 hour shoot. She has a great artistic eye and is very encouraging. We felt cared for. She sent us an email on how to prep which was a great introduction if you've never been photographed before. Leah is the third professional photographer that I've worked with on shoots so I have a sense of why and how they go well. She gives pointers throughout, provides ideas, and lets her subjects move and flow in natural ways to capture your best portraits. She has a great studio and does a wonderful job with photo editing, though I have say, most of the photographs she took didn't really need editing! We went through all the photographs to choose our favorites before editing, and they were all fantastic. Thanks Leah, we loved you! More...


Alisha M.

27 July 2017

I recently did a photoshoot with Leah Marie and I highly recommend her. It was my first ever photoshoot, and I was very nervous and had no idea what to expect. When I met her, she was very warm and open to my ideas, which made me very happy because it showed me that she cared about me getting what I wanted out of the shoot. The shoot itself was very fun and we worked the entire length of the time I scheduled, up to the minute. At the end of the shoot I felt confident, sexy and happy. When I saw my pictures, I couldn't believe it was me! Leah Marie really photographed me in a way I never saw myself. I had a very hard time choosing the photos I wanted for the final edit because there were so many good ones, and I ended up buying extras. Good thing she keeps the photos in case you want more, because you will probably want them. The final edits were crisp and clean without too much processing but still totally polished. When I look at them I remember the confidence I had after the photoshoot, and I feel that all over again. If you're nervous, don't be-- Leah Marie will put you at ease and capture beautiful photos of you! More...


Shaina E.

10 March 2017

Elle Aime is my go-to photography for every occasion. Leah is so incredibly talented and a dream to work with! Not only has she take stunning boudoir (and made me feel comfortable while doing it) photos of me - she's also done my headshots, as well as my band photos, AND shot many live performances. Each a unique skill and talent and she's got it all! I would highly recommend Leah to any and everybody looking for fantastic photos of any kind! More...


Gwenny K.

11 December 2016

Leah is an amazing photographer! She recently came to my dance studio to shoot myself, instructors, and a handful of students. Not only was she professional she was extremely familiar with our subject and poses. She was so easy to work with and made everyone feel so comfortable. Her follow up and editing came out just as I had hoped. We will definitely be using her services again and again! More...


Gitta S.

22 August 2016

This woman is "it". If you are looking for a photographer, you don't need to look any further. OMG... Leah Marie captures the feeling, the essence, the moment in it's entity! "Pleased" is not enough of a description of the outcome she provides. Thrilling, amazing, stunning... there isn't really the right word! You must experience Leah. I have had 4 opportunities so far to work with her and I trust that Leah stays a photographer for lifetime, so I can use her incredible artful, lighting and combined photography skills many, many more times ! More...


Anastasia S.

20 June 2016

I love Leah!! I have worked with her several times over the past two years, and I have been very pleased with every experience. She's very professional, returns photos in a timely manner, and does fantastic work.She is highly talented at capturing the essence of aerialists because she also has aerial acrobatic experience. Snapping a photo that pleases the aerialist's desire for display of technique can be challenging. Nothing beats having a photographer that understands what angles look good from the aerialist's perspective as well as the photographer's perspective!I will most certainly continue shooting with Leah until the end of time. More...


Sisi G.

8 December 2014

She has an eye! Leah Marie is an artist...not just photography! This woman does it all. Back in March, I contact Leah Marie with an interest in doing a boudoir shoot. She quickly responded and asked lots of great questions beforehand. Her email questionnaire was very thorough and gets you thinking about what you want captured during your photo shoot. When I arrived, Leah Marie greeted me warmly and even had snacks out. No one wants to work with a hungry model! Leah Marie gave great directions as to how to pose and the best angles that work well with your face, body, and clothing. Within a week of the shoot, Leah called and said the photos were ready. WoW....great turnaround. She had so many photos to choose from, that I spent more time stressing about that than anything else. I cannot wait to go back to Leah Marie. Highly recommended and I promise she will not disappoint. More...


Cara P.

11 November 2014

Getting photos taken at Share House was a totally amazing experience from beginning to end. I wanted to take some traditional-style pinup photographs, but am hopelessly awkward in front of a camera. Leah was so warm and patient with me! She started working with me weeks in advance to make sure that we both had a good understanding of what I wanted. On the day of the shoot Leah made me feel right at home, which was not easy to do considering that I was in my underwear being asked to hold a position that felt more like an advanced game of Twister than a sexy "come-hither" pose (Fair Warning, posing for pinup photographs is a full-on workout!). I didn't feel rushed, Leah took her time to make sure she got good images instead of shuffling me in and out in an allotted time. Not to mention, the photos came out absolutely beautifully!! Leah has a great eye, and took pictures of me that still looked like me, just a better version of myself. It also feels worth it to mention to that she is super reasonably priced, I've seen studios with equal or lesser quality images that charge twice as much. I'm so happy with my photos and I can't wait to go back! More...


Anika M.

4 November 2014

I have the loveliest pregnancy photos! Leah shot photos of me, and some photos of my husband and me. They are just beautiful, very unique and natural. She has a very artistic eye, and such a kind way, making the experience enjoyably pleasant. She was receptive to my ideas for the shots and suggested lots of fun poses. The quality of her shots are excellent! I look forward to working with her again now that my little one is here. More...

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