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Elite Personal Chefs is a leader in culinary innovation and excellence. Our team integrates the art of fine dining with industry connections to provide creative culinary solutions. EPC approaches every project with elegance, passion, and precision developed from years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, international culinary competitions, and leading educational institutions.


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Beth S.

10 September 2019

I highly recommend Elite Personal Chefs, Chef Alyssa specifically.  I used their service a 60th birthday party.  We wanted something memorable for our small group of 11, and they didn't disappoint.  I went with Chef Alyssa's recommendations for the menu of braised short ribs with gnocchi.  Our group had such fun when we tried our hands at the cooking techniques for perfect gnocchi.  Even though ours didn't look as nice as Chef Alyssa's they were just as tasty.  She and Trevor arrived at the house on time and I was amazed at how they acquainted themselves with the kitchen, requiring no guidance - which allowed me to actually enjoy the party. Thanks for making our home dinning experience the equivalent of a 3 star Michelin rating! More...


Tiffany W.

26 July 2019

Omg!!! If I could give Chef Ricardo Paniagua 10 stars I would. I planned my boyfriends surprise birthday dinner months ago. Chef Rick was amazing from start to finish. I don't think I have tasted better food in my life and that's saying a lot. From helping me surprise him to helping me finish setting up and transform my home into a restaurant, he was on point. My boyfriend said it was the best birthday ever!!! I am already looking for him to do my house warming party next month. He is the best, very professional and personable. So do yourself a favor and hire Chef Rick NOW!! You'll thank me later. More...


Mike Splain

2 July 2019

I have worked with several of the chefs at tradeshows. Not only was the food and presentation top notch, but they were all extremely knowledgeable about my brand. I was extremely impressed on how engaging they were with potential customers. Top notch. More...


Patti Mullin

30 June 2019

Chef Austin and Chef Alyssa did a wonderful job with my corporate event - cocktail reception and shareholder dinner. They planned and executed everything from top to bottom. They are professionals in every sense of the word. And the food was amazing!! More...


Eric W.

16 June 2019

Had a phenomenal engagement dinner last night courtesy of Chef Alyssa! Would absolutely recommend Alyssa and Elite Personal Chefs for any event.Alyssa was extremely helpful throughout the entire process from menu creation all the way through service. Incredibly professional, fun, and most of all delicious food!Made our night even more memorable More...


Julie H.

4 June 2019

ALYSSA WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!  Alyssa, aka my new bestie, couldn't have been more professional, kind, helpful and just an overall rockstar for my boyfriend's surprise birthday party.  I called her on Memorial Day and she called me back same day to start our planning.  In 4 short days, she helped pull a customized menu, tablescapes and floral all together.  She was cool as the other side of the pillow and a GEM to work with overall!  The evening went off flawlessly with everyone raving over her food (especially that cheesy goodness she calls Mac & Cheese) and she even somehow managed to make my Canadian boyfriend's favorite dessert of nanaimo bars even better with sea salt!  And don't even get me started on the strip steak with Chicago giardiniera au jus. Truly outstanding!  She is at the top of my list for all future events and being an overall good human.  Alyssa - thanks doesn't cut it, you made that event happen!  So appreciate you letting me relax and watch you work your magic! :) More...


Sonia B.

24 May 2019

We recently had Alyssa come to our house to make dinner for my husband's birthday and she is amazing!!! She prepared a four course French meal that was fantastic - all of our guests were talking about it for weeks! She also presented every dish with a wine pairing and left our kitchen spotless! We can't wait to have her back! More...


Rosemary W.

8 April 2019

I met Austin at the CPMA Produce Show in Montreal.  He presented  several interesting ideas what to do with cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, and long sweet peppers.  He assured me that nothing contained mustard, because I am allergic to it.  After tasting various items and grabbing the recipe cards, the chef suggested we come back later and he would give us the leftovers.  They were not expecting many people for some reason.A few hours later, my friend and i returned to the booth.  True to his word, Austin gave me a big container of leftover tomato soup, with the advice "serve hot or cold".  I also got another container with  stuffing for the peppers, and a third of tabbouleh salad.  I also received a massive amount of produce, some of everything being showcased; and a huge bag of mini tomatoes, more than 3 lbs.  I was so stunned and so grateful for the bounty.  I have not had a full-time job in 4 years so every little bit helps.  My friend received just as much as I did.  THANK YOU AUSTIN!My favorite was the tomato soup, which I warmed up at home.  The only thing I didn't like were the shards of tomato skins at the bottom of the soup.  since I had the recipe, and all those tomatoes, I tried recreating the soup and while it didn't match exactly (e.g. I don't have a blender to purée the soup) it was just as good as the original.  I would definitely look for him again if/when he comes back to Montreal. More...


Edward Potocek

25 February 2019

Amazing meal prepared in the comforts of my kitchen for a party of 6. Elegant but relaxed. Services was perfect and Chef Rick is great.


Cheryl Kemp

25 February 2019

You can expect to have the best meal of your life with Elite Personal Chefs!


Terri Klauke

25 February 2019

This review is for Chef Rick Paniagua. Rick provided a wonderful experience for seven of us in our home. The five course meals were amazing. He started us out with a Rainbow beet cous cous salad, followed by Winter Squash soup, with sun dried tomato garlic crisp smoked red pepper drizzle. Next was Basil Pesto Gnocchi pasta, with heirloom cherry tomato, shaved manchego, and herb de provence chicken. We were already full, but had to keep eating because his main entree was Malbec braised Short-Rib, Truffle sweet potato, toasted spinach, and lemon goat cheese drizzle! Who could say no! Had to keep room for dessert which was a decadent chocolate tart. Rick entertained us the entire evening with his stories about working with the 2016 World Series Champs Chicago Cubs, and all his personal chef exploits for celebrities around the globe. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone for a special occasion in their home! He's professional, reliable and has spoiled me from cooking at any future dinner parties! More...


Theresa K.

12 February 2019

This review is for Chef Rick Paniagua. Rick provided a wonderful experience for seven of us in our home.  The five course meals were amazing. He started us out with a Rainbow beet cous cous salad, followed by Winter Squash soup, with sun dried tomato garlic crisp smoked red pepper drizzle.  Next was Basil Pesto Gnocchi pasta, with heirloom cherry tomato, shaved manchego, and herb de provence chicken. We were already full, but had to keep eating because his main entree was Malbec braised Short-Rib, Truffle sweet potato, toasted spinach, and lemon goat cheese drizzle!  Who could say no!  Had to keep room for dessert which was a decadent chocolate tart.  Rick entertained us the entire evening with his stories about working with the 2016 World Series Champs Chicago Cubs, and all his personal chef exploits for celebrities around the globe. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone for a special occasion in their home! He's professional, reliable and has spoiled me from cooking at any future dinner parties! More...


Katie M.

30 July 2018

We have worked with Chef Austin twice now.  Each time was nothing short of amazing.  We hosted a formal sit down 60th birthday party for my Mom as well as a "supper club" neighborhood backyard dinner party.  Chef Austin took a lot of time planning the menu and making sure the event was just what we wanted.  Throughout the event he really takes the time to interact with everyone. Looking forward to many more parties with Chef Austin! More...


John F.

18 June 2018

We recently had Austin and his team cater our wedding. Austin was super flexible with the format and was a great host while cooking. His food blew us away and was better than we could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking for a catered event. Thanks Austin! More...


Ross F.

15 April 2018

I just want to thank Chef Austin Yancey and his team at Elite Personal Chefs for such an amazing evening. We surprised my mom for her 70th birthday. From customizing the menu to a true culinary experience in my on home, E. P. C. was professional, flexible, engaging, personable and fun. Our 10 person birthday dinner event was a huge success. We can't thank you enough!!!  I would highly recommend them to anyone. More...


Sara H.

14 February 2018

I won a gift certificate to E.P.C. at my company holiday party last year! We decided to have Chef Austin over on 2/13 for an early Valentine's Day dinner. From the minute they walked in till they left, their energy and enthusiasm was excellent! We shared this interactive class with them with my brother and sis-in-law and the four of us could not stop talking about them after they left! I've taken cooking classes at other places and these guys were on a whole another level. The knowledge shared alone will blow your mind! The food was fantastic! We got to design our own menu and Chef Austin gave us the freedom to choose whatever we'd like! We ate the food as it was cooked, fresh and hot! Everything about the experience was perfection! Lastly, to top it all off they left our kitchen spotless! Can't wait to do it all over again! More...


Victoria B.

29 January 2018

I had the pleasure of having Chef Austin and his sous chef, Anthony over at my house last week to cook dinner.  As a someone who loves food and wants to develop my culinary skills (for nothing more than to host freaking amazing dinner parties), I was excited to learn from someone as experienced and elite as Chef Austin. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Not only does he cook mean dishes, he's a phenomenal educator.  He got me to understand how cooking works just from the basics and then built up from there!  His style is playful and fun.  Chef Austins is the ONLY PERSON WHO HAS ACTUALLY CONVINCED ME TO TAKE RISKS IN THE KITCHEN! ....Use crazy spices, throw in pickle juice, poor in a splash of the red wine you're sipping....Best part (besides the food, of course) was sipping wine with him and Anthony chatting all things food, restaurants and life!  I'm so looking forward to my next culinary adventure with him! Session #1 in the books, 2 more to go! More...


Mark D.

15 January 2018

I won an event at a charity auction and was so glad I did.  Our chef was so talented and made a most amazing meal, but also was a genuine joy to hang out with.  Again very soon we are going to have another event with as many friends as we can fit over.  From the appetizers to the main course, everything was delightful. More...


Neal D.

21 October 2017

Chef Austin is my hero. Met him while he was in town for a produce trade show. He offered me buckets and buckets of free fresh produce. Just in time for a Sunday BBQ. He's the nicest chef you'll ever meet. More...


Niki F.

18 September 2017

These guys are awesome! We just worked a wedding together and I could not have been more impressed. They were able to execute amazing food, had the most professional staff, and were very detail oriented. If anyone is looking for someone to go above and beyond your expectations Elite Personal Chefs is the way to go! I would recommend them to anyone and can't wait to work with them again! More...


J G.

30 August 2017

What an amazing experience!!! Chef Austin and his awesome team delivered more than expected, were fast to answer any of my questions during the party planning, and the food was just perfect. It was great to have them cooking and helping with the service, so I could enjoy my party. I would recommend EPC to anyone that wants to be a guest on its own party. And be ready to have an amazing gastronomic experience. Would be using EPC again for our next event! Thanks chef Austin, Chef Brendan, Lee and Reece. Hope to see you again soon! More...


Korie K.

8 June 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you!   We have a bachelorette bash with EPC and it was a home run!! We had given them a difficult task to design a menu that was "Mexican/Asian" and they deliver a fusion that was incredible. Thank you Chef Austin for your creative insight! We loved how personable you and Lee were and hope to do more events with you in the future :) More...


Jennifer W.

8 May 2017

We hired Elite Personal Chefs to cater our Kentucky Derby Day fundraiser for our charity. They were exceptional. They created a wonderful menu, stayed in touch during the planning process and provided excellent service and food on the date of the event. I would strongly recommend them and I would hire them again for any future events. More...


Desirae A.

24 October 2016

I had the opportunity to experience a private dinner with Chef Austin. Not only is he personable and entertaining but his food was AMAZING. Definitely worth the experience.


Michael K.

23 October 2016

Chef Austin is a gifted chef that brings both his professional experience and warm personality to any event. I recently had the pleasure to attend an event he was cooking at and I am still dreaming about his Asian inspired short ribs, garlic mussels and compound herb butter. Just in time for the holidays, he is very detailed in his presentation and the flavors he incorporates into each dish is on epic proportions. I've worked with a lot of chefs in the past and sometimes their egos get in the way, but you won't find that with Chef Austin. He is friendly, ready to cook, educates you on each dish and creates a truly memorable experience. More...


Shaan M.

22 October 2016

Chef Austin was a lot of fun. He's the life of the party. Food was amazing. Simple, fresh, and cooked to perfection. I've never beer to an event with a professional chef, but it's so worth it. Highly recommended!


Sivilay H.

22 October 2016

Yum, yum and yum!  I'm still salivating over the braised short ribs and roasted tomatoes made by Chef Austin last night at an incredible dinner party hosted by my friends, Sean and Mary.  There were so many dishes made I lost count and everything tasted great.  I just wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have eaten more!Not only is Austin a talented chef but he is also a really cool guy!  We had fun chatting with him and joking around which made the party even more memorable. More...


Carl H.

22 October 2016

Had the opportunity to attend a dinner hosted by a friend in Southern California.  Chef Austin was in charge of the food and it was amazing.  Particularly the blistered tomatoes which exploded in my mouth.  I also enjoyed the roasted corn, halibut, and roasted potatoes.  Lots of garlic in the dishes which is to my liking.  Highly recommended!! More...


Sarah L.

13 September 2016

I planned a private cooking class for my other half's birthday. He wanted to learn how to make octopus (a favorite) and a few fish techniques. I was able to plan and adjust the menu in advance. And I was able to relax and fully participate in the class because the guys took care of the prep and cleanup. These are well trained chefs who taught us several techniques. It was a great evening. More...



10 September 2016

As responsible humans know, the most important component of a wedding reception is good food (followed in close second by an open bar & rock solid music). In our search for an awesome menu, Austin’s team came highly recommended to us by friends who are also chefs. From the first meeting onward, Austin was super communicative, straight forward, and brimming with assurance. His team drafted a beautiful menu combining their expertise and creativity while also prioritizing our tastes and preferences. The menu yielded something for everyone- beginning with passed hors d’oeuvres, moving through live action cooking stations, a Mediterranean mezza table, a dessert station, and a round of late night snacks. The man wielding a hand-torch to mini creme brûlées was arguably one of the most popular fixtures of the evening. Austin’s team took care of all the dinnerware/glassware rentals and clean-up and it goes without saying that all of this was executed clean and neatly in a mid-sized art gallery packed with hungry guests. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome. It tickles us pink to continue to hear from our guests how great the food at our reception was and which part they liked best.

Thanks so much!


Pamela S.

12 July 2016

The Chefs at Elite are amazing and have been doing events for us for several years. Austin Yancey is one of the hardest workers in the industry with fresh ideas and delicious dishes. His innovation in the industry has allowed him to add new ideas and ventures and expand his rapidly growing company(ies).  From a small dinner party to a wedding, his staff is trained to make the evening special and lots of fun. I recommend this company for your special occasions! More...


Lauren K.

16 May 2016

Chef Austin and his chef de cuisine, Jaime, blew us away with their 5 course dinner that they prepared for my family and I in my home! It was the BEST meal we all have ever eaten. This was such a special experience and will definitely be using Chef Austin and his team of chefs again! They even cleaned my kitchen and ran the dishwasher! Top notch, 5 star service. Highly recommend!! Thank you so much!! More...


Blinky S.

14 November 2015

When my husband and I started planning our wedding celebration, we wanted the food and drink to be the focus of the event. We found Elite Personal Chefs after reaching out to another caterer who specialized in creating unique experiences. She was on sabbatical but highly recommended Chefs Austin & Eric as the ones to turn to.In short, we were blown away by Elite Personal Chefs. From the first meeting, where we talked in depth about the type of menu we wanted to create, onward these guys were professional, fun, passionate and committed to creating a very special feast for us and our guests. I'm from Texas and my husband is from Hungary, and we asked them if they could imagine a menu that brought tastes together from both of our countries! ;) At our tasting, we were treated to a personal chef dining experience where we sampled some of the most amazing food I've ever had. Chef Eric created an insanely delicious version of Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup with subtle hints of heat and secret flavor a that nearly had me in tears. The courses kept coming, each as delicious as the last. The smoked chicken cassoulet and frittata were soo good.On the day of the wedding, everything went down without a hitch. Lee, who heads up front of the house, brought together an amazing staff if friendly servers and coordinated perfect execution of the service. The custom cocktails were fantastic. Our guests gave Chef Eric & Lee a thorough round of applause for their efforts. And more than one person told us that it was the best food they've ever had at a wedding.Hire these guys and hire them again. They're awesome and you won't be disappointed. More...



13 April 2014

Elite Personal Chefs came to my home to do an Easter event this year. It was the most exciting, fun experience we have ever had at our home. The food was outstanding. Each chef was so professional and accommodating. From the first introduction phone call that I had with Austin Yancey to the minute he and his team left our home, my husband and I felt so taken care of. They wanted to make sure that we had everything we wanted and they accomplished that and some. I highly recommend Elite Personal Chefs. More...

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EPC isn’t just a brand, and a chef coat to your home, it is an experience! I love introducing new clients to our rockstar family, we only give the best because you EXPECT the best! I’m proud to be a member of Elite Personal Chefs.

Elite Personal Chefs believes in a consumer first mentality. Seeing the growing trend in individuals wanting to recreate the restaurant experience in their home has allowed a group of talented individuals the perfect opportunity to meet the demand.

Elite Personal Chefs is about building relationships, and the first step to a budding relationship is to make sure that the first impression is our best impression. We look forward to working with you!

Our team ensures that the client comes first and foremost. With Elite Personal Chefs, you are receiving a dedicated group of individuals who can cater to your every hospitality need. From Corporate brunches, consultations, to private dinners and cooking classes, EPC will have you covered for every event.


We bring the art of fine dining into your home or business. We collaborate with clients to create customized menus with superior, seasonal ingredients and refined service.

Under the direction of Executive Chef Austin Yancey, we provides corporate services including trade show management, menu and recipe development, and promotional presentations. We also collaborate with emerging companies to develop and expand culinary ventures.

Meal delivery provides stress-free, chef-made cuisine delivered right to your door. We are happy to accommodate all allergy and dietary concerns in collaboration with a registered dietician. Meals may be delivered at your convenience any day of the week in the Chicagoland area.

Elite Personal Chefs offers FSSMC and Food Handler training for the City of Chicago (within the city limits) and State of Illinois. Our Chef Instructors create a fun and interactive environment for learning using the nationally recognized ServSafe® program, which was developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks you do every day.