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Welcome; I’m Elisa, a life and business strategist based in Rodney Street in the beautiful Georgian Quarter of Liverpool, England. As much as I love my corporate work, my real passion is for helping people to fulfil their full potential and to reach peak performance through coaching.



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Helping people to have healthy joyful successful lives, especially after traumatic experiences, is what gets me up in the morning. Knowing that I'm making a difference and being a part of others' incredible life journey. I live to help you make a difference, make lasting positive change, live life on your own terms and leave an incredible legacy behind you.

I came from an abusive childhood on a council estate; the resulting negative mindset and self-limiting beliefs stayed with me through my early adult years, causing me to endure unhealthy, abusive relationships and a lack of fulfilment in my life. In the absence of any other support and determined to heal myself I studied psychology and a range of therapeutic techniques, applying and refining them until I forged the fulfilling and joyful life I have today. Life is only as difficult as you make it; and I now have the tools to reframe any situation and change my perspective so I can deal with hard times with ease. I use the same tools to identify and pick apart the issues holding others back, helping them to take control of and redesign their own lives.

I pride myself on being able to genuinely help you without any long drawn out therapy. I value the art of deep healing with quick results.