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Elephant Room Doors specializes in residential/commercial garage door repairs & replacements, along with automatic garage door opener maintenance & installations. We also offer some additional services for your garage such as storage solutions, epoxy coating & conversions.



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First thing you want to do is hire a professional carpenter to evaluate your structure. Before our free estimate, our initial visit consists of a 25-Point Inspection, this is where we will take a close look at the vertical supports that are holding your current roof in place. We will be testing for sturdiness & rotted wood frame from termites or previous water leaks. If the support post are damaged or leaning, it may not be possible to convert the carport-unless additional structural improvements are made. If you plan on keeping the existing roof, we will also do a complete roof inspection as well.

Next we will measure your current concrete slab & the height of your carport. Most standard size garages should be at least 20' deep with a 16' X 7' or 8' opening. You may or may not, want to expand the slab to create a bigger footprint for more custom sizes, provided there is enough roof overhang. We will also begin to determine how electrical service will be delivered for your new automatic garage door opener. We offer both overhead & jack shaft side openers that may require running new circuits. Both options will be presented by your tech based on your situation.

After taking down the dimensions for of the slab, we'll double check measurements to see if there is enough room for a horizontal header above the garage door opening. A sturdy beam across the drive-through opening is a must for the spring line & tracks of your new garage door. Your existing carport needs to have sufficient height to allow for this. When the perimeter foundation, electrical supply & carpentry are proven to be made structurally sound with the current code requirements in your area, we will begin construction of your all-new garage!

Stage One: First, we recommend you contact your local homeowner's association to see if there are any specific guidelines that must be followed regarding garages in your subdivision. They will most likely the main source for the community's building code & permits. Most HOA's just want to make sure the sizes & colors of your door are consistent when viewing the front exterior from the street. Older homes in historic districts like downtown phoenix often restrict from adding multi-car attached garages from scratch. Again you'll have to check with your local city's planning & development services on your federal preservation restrictions.

Stage Two: In the design phase, you will have a wide range of residential garage doors to choose from. Our Tech's carry brochures, steel door samples & electronic tablets to help you imagine what the converted space will look like with the existing carport. Do you want sleek, simple or a rustic style wood overlay? We understand that your garage door is the "smile" that compliments the architectural style, and emphasizes the elements inside & outside your home. Therefore we pay special attention to the details in hardware, color scheme & materials used for texture that will enhance your curb appeal.

Stage Three: Considering there are footings & a concrete slab already in place, we will start additional framing for enclosure underneath the existing beams. We use 2 X 6's with center-to-center distance of 16" inches with pressure treated wood fastened to the top beam and existing side columns. After installing insulation between the wood studs, we will add the drywall & match current exterior finish of your home.

Stage Four:

Several of our Garage Door Technicians, enjoy the design aspect of combining modern garage door elements to enhance the character of older homes. Along with remodels being our favorite, according to the latest “Cost VS Value Report” by Remodeling Magazine, replacing your old garage door can sometimes allow you to recoup over 75% of the original cost of your home. That means in a fast paced housing market like Maricopa County’s, it is one of the top renovations of 2019. With all the recent new construction & remodeling in the valley, installing the most beautiful doors & painting floors has quickly became our passion. Nothing compares to the smile on a homeowner’s face after increasing the their curb appeal & adding an aesthetic charm at a affordable price!

Our name may be new to the industry, but our experience is far from that. Our beginnings go back to 2015, as a group of friends working as technicians for several big companies within the garage door industry in Arizona. A few years later after mastering the trade in a fast paced & ever-changing industry, we started to notice a lack of integrity & craftsmanship in the industry.

That’s when we realized there was a gap in the market place to create a company that cares about the craft, long lasting relationships & up-holding the core-values that customers deserve around the valley. Therefore in 2018, we founded Elephant Room Garage Door Service, a locally owned & operated garage door company out of Buckeye, Arizona.

Prior to Elephant Room Garage Doors, I was a Garage Door Technician & Field Trainer for one of the largest garage door franchises in the United States. My job consisted of properly installing garage doors with other responsibilities that came along with the job like delivering new garage doors on site, maintaining company vehicle, uniform, gas card & tools of the trade. Later on in my career, I was sought out to train new technicians under our “Same-Day Service Program” as they under went a vigorous 6 week training apprenticeship where they are taught to properly maintenance & repairs old existing garage doors, aswell as install new doors before becoming full-time employees.

Through this experience, I gained many mechanical aptitude skills and assembly processes for a variety of professional grade garage doors and automatic opener brands. I also had the good fortune to be able to extend my networking skills with a strong ability to communicate with many persons from differing cultural & socioeconomic backgrounds through the benefit of customer service.