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Online Personal Training in the comfort & privacy of your own home, outdoors or take your program to the gym at a time that suits you.

Each session or program is designed for the individual based on their level of fitness and personal goals.


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2 April 2019

It was so great the made things easy for me to get a personal trainer in Durban in time


Helping clients achieve their goals is always about finding what works best for them. Be it in training style, the way in which I instruct & support, goal direction, through nutritional guidance & mental / emotional support.

Balance; work, delicious healthy foods & self appreciation.

Seeing clients reach their goals, seeing them grow to appreciate themselves and their bodies in every size and shape.

Having people say I can’t do that & I never will to saying yes I can, I’ll try & I can’t wait for the next one.

I love the people I’ve met, the cultures I’ve been exposed too, the things I’ve learnt and I most certainly love the changes I’ve been able to help people implement in their lives.

The freedom to go to people.
Gyms aren’t for everybody but exercise is 😉

As I’ve mentioned earlier the training needs to be about you. Choose a trainer you think can match YOUR needs.
Should you like to try a few sessions with me I’ll do my darndest to be that trainer for you!