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I'm Rob.

I am here to start, build or grow your online business.

I've been there. I remember starting my first online business and having no traffic, no following, no conversions and no clue on where to begin.

Guess what.

I eventually got plenty of traffic.


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3 January 2019

Rob was extremely friendly, punctual and had great ideas which once implemented have helped our business tremendously.
Thank you again Rob, you really went the extra mile!

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For me, it's all about growth and development.

Of course, I love making money, but what I love the most is building my business and my brand. It's like a game to me.

A game I take very seriously.

It feels great to wake up, do some kick-ass work for my clients and help them achieve their goals. Not only do I get an immense sense of satisfaction, but I also feel overwhelmingly proud to have helped other people build their businesses.

I've been running businesses since I was a young boy. My first was a car washing service that I offered around my street.

After a few other small endeavours, I found myself in the third and final year of my Marine Biology degree. At this time I started Finding Nature, an online travel site promoting the UK's wildlife.

It does well to this day and generates over 10 leads per week.

I've since decided to use my skills gained from running Finding Nature to start Elasmo, the company that's going to take your online business to the next level.

There's one reason you need to choose me and one reason only and that is:


I work on results.

If you want to get Facebook likes, Twitter or Instagram followers. Great, let's talk.
If you want to increase your conversion rate from 2% to 5%. Awesome, message me.
If you want your message to reach 100,000 people. Fantastic, call me.
If you want to double your online sales. Ace, don't be a stranger.

I only take a tailored and measured approach to my clients to help them achieve their goals.

Get in touch and we'll arrange a no-obligation call to discuss how I will serve your business.

I'm also happy to meet my clients face-to-face at a time and place that suits them.


One thing I learned when I was running my online business was that traffic is useless if you're not doing something with it. With this service, I'll work with you by placing your traffic into a predictable, repeatable sales funnel that generates sales or leads whilst you sleep.

You may struggle with writing engaging ad copy. "So it's not that important", I hear you ask. Well, it's the single-easiest way to reduce your marketing spend. You pay for every click and the more people that find your ad engaging enough to click, results in your cost per click going down. Better ads are cheaper to run and can easily receive double the reach compared to the not so great ads. I work to drive the cost per clicks to as be as small possible.

The hardest part for some people can be getting those first few followers. Afterwards, the traction begins and the growth works like a snowball effect. Whether you're starting a Youtube Channel, creating a Facebook Page or making an Instagram account, I know exactly how to grow an audience from 0. What's that, you already have a following? Fantastic, I can make a large following even larger.