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Since 1997 I have been photographing couples, thus I have been doing wedding photography for over 20 years. I have since then offered engagement photography, and other portrait type services. I then moved onto photographing HS Seniors for Senior photography, and ventured to do family portraiture as well.


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21 December 2019

SHAZAM For sure! I brought in an old windows 7 with a partial XP mode that was just doing the spinning circle deal, he was “Fast, Super Fast! ” got it up and running with updates at a very reasonable rate. I recommend. More...

6 November 2019

Other than backing up my bookmarks of my current browser when changing the OS, Eric is awesome!

30 July 2019

Perfect Service!! Eric is so nice to help me to fix my laptop!!-Stephen

23 May 2019

Eric was exceptionally nice & determined to find out the computer/wifi issues I was having. I feel he went above and beyond to make sure I have all my issues fixed. I would recommend him to friends and family! More...

6 January 2019

If you want a wonderfully thorough repair person for your computer, I was fortunate enough to learn about Eric and his fine service! He repaired my ailing computer very satisfactorily and I was most pleased with his work! He is friendly, competent and an enjoyable person to trust with your valuable computer. More...

6 January 2019

Eric did a great job fixing my computer after my hard drive died, causing me to lose information. I tried a different Waterford computer business first, but after they failed to help me, Eric at Shazam was able to retrieve items for me and get my computer running.

6 June 2018

I took my work computer to Eric with issues i knew nothing about. He explained everything he needed to do and communicated with me through the process. The turn around time was minimal which was very important since it was my work computer. THANKS ERIK!!!! WELL DONE. More...

6 June 2018

Eric is wonderful to work with! He helped me when my MacBook Pro stopped working. I definitely recommend going to him for any computer problems.

6 June 2017

I went to Eric with a problem on my MacBook Air that I have been trying to diagnose and fix for weeks. He came and picked up my computer fixed it and returned it to me. All in all I found his service to be prompt, attentive, and reasonably priced. Mark Sauer Franklin, Wisconsin More...


I simply love taking care of people by ways of computer repairing and photographing them. With photography, I really enjoy capturing the moment. I see it before you do! You feel it, I see it, and I capture it for you! That's what I really enjoy about the photography field that I have been doing since 1997.
As for the computer repair, I love the challenge of repairing something that may not be so obvious. I love the idea of returning the computer better than it was when you first dropped it off at me.
Also, I am looking to fill up spots where I help out small business's every week, or even twice a month, or more! Please contact me on those type of services, and I will go more into detail.

I guess it was my dad who was into photography. He showed me the old school cameras like Olympus, and the Rollei twin reflex camera.***Remember those? I still have one, and won't sell it because it reminds me of him, and the things we did when I was a lot younger. He didn't have his own business like I did, but he did go on a wedding with a photographer when he was younger, and he was really enthused by how you "eat like a king" at the reception. He's not around anymore, but what he taught me has stayed with me. I think he'd be happy to see what I have done with the talent I have treasured.

And, as for my computer repair business, well, I learned so much, why not help out other people who may need my help? If you are having issues with your computer, I want to help you fix it.

And, if you're getting married, I want to capture it, so you can have it for your lifetime! And, your children may enjoy it later on, too!

My experience. I've been doing photography since 1997, and I've been through both film and digital eras. I like to capture the essence of that day. I love capturing that smile, that touch, that expression that maybe not everyone notices. That's why I named my business: Eric's Expressions Photography. It's not my expression, it's Your Expressions! It just has my name behind it; kind of like I'm behind the camera to capture those emotions, expressions, thoughts, and feelings of that day.
I can write on forever, but see my work! Meet with me, and I hope that you'd consider going with me and my services!



Need help setting up your own Wifi station for your home or office? Call me, and I will go over all the details whether you just want hard wired, or Wifi, or both! I can do both, no problem, no matter how many computers you have. Call me for all details.