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EightyFour Frames was built on the foundation of finding a better way to create video. We are a team of inspired thinkers who are obsessed with visual media and have a deep passion for telling stories.

Our team is small, and we prefer to keep it that way, it allows us to work fast, and most importantly it keeps the cost of producion down.



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Besides lighting, it comes down to the photographer having the ability to connect with the subject, making them feel comfortable is always important, and goes a long way in the end.

Most importantly it comes down to the budget, if we are all on the same page from the start and the expectations are set, the project goes super smooth. I would ask what is the budget, and time frame, from there I would ask how long is the project, where will it be shown, locations. These few questions really give me a good understanding of the project.

I love the abilitiy to travel and see new things. This job has given me the freedom to travel for work, making my own hours and on those trips I get to meet some pretty amzing people.

I have always been an entrepreneur, I think getting into this industry you have to have the mindset to have your own business. So really it was just a natural move to be an entrepreneur.

We are a small company and that allows us to keep the budgets lower without taking a loss on our end. The experience we have gained from working with some very talented people. Our work. Our work is the face of this company, and it represents us and the work we produce.