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Marie B.

28 April 2019

Great place for a birthday party, they take care of everything! Our party hostess, Emma, was wonderful, the kids loved her. Thank you!


Sheenan M.

14 February 2019

Amazing as always! My family goes to Edison's at least four times a year. With each visit we have never been disappointed. Tons of fun for everyone!!! I recently visited on 2/14/19. The workers were pleasant, attentive, and informative. I went during bowling league night and had to wait for a lane. The workers were amazing in reassuring me of my wait time and explaining the entire process. Excellent work as always Edison's staff! First class fun on a budget! More...


Mimi M.

1 January 2019

My first time at this place I took my son for his 12th birthday.  Upon entering it was a very good vibe.. we went to the restaurant part and ordered food. Our server Scott was absolutely awesome I seriously couldn't leave him a big enough tip.  I ended up ordering 4 game cards for all my sons while we waited.  Long story short,  after we were there for about 2 hours a man I didn't know, a white man came up like he was intoxicated in the game area.  I was watching my sons play the game he was saying something about his daughter and asked her a question and she looked and shook her head "No".  He gave a jerk smile and continued to harass us.  One employee noticed it and stepped in and asked was he harassing us because the man has a reputation of hurling racial epithets.  I stated that he hurled none toward me just frustrated me a bit but I appreciate the employee making sure that we were ok.  The only thing I would change is to prevent problematic offenders from entering.  This was our first time here and this man tried to ruin it and I'm not sure why.  If someone has a history of harassing customers it's not a good look but overall we had a great time. More...


Courtney J.

10 June 2018

Had so much fun here! Went on a Tuesday night for the $2 tacos and margs. Margaritas were strong and tasty. The tacos were AMAZING! The veggie one was surprisingly my favorite of all of them. The place was pretty empty so it was nice to not be packed in.Our service was also amazing (Tyler or Taylor I think was his name?).Overall it was so fun and I can't wait to come back More...


Paul M.

7 April 2018

We brought our son for a birthday party, but sat out, in the bar, for food and drinks. We each ordered four tacos, which were eclectic like pork belly, duck, fish. All were delicious. I will be back. More...


Brittany S.

17 March 2018

For my son's 9th birthday party we took him here. We reserved the Genius Level birthday package. Don't let the website fool you, it says 250 for 8 kids, and 275 for 10, along with a 50 dollar deposit they say goes towards tour bottom dollar. However,  even with the deposit taken out, expect to pay 300+ dollars. The fees don't even really make sense. My son loved it though. An hour of bowling, half an hour to eat pizza, two games of laser tag, and the remainder of the time is spent in the arcade. Don't expect to get to play some of the better games though, and you won't know which one that is until you swipe your surge card. They take care of the decorating, the planning, hosting, and clean up. So that's nice. They provide enough cupcakes for the kids, a t-shirt, and drawstring bags. You get two pitchers of unlimited soda, and two 1-topping pizzas. All in all, it's expensive,  but your kids will love it. While there are cheaper party options to choose from, this one is the best. More...


Toni B.

4 February 2018

I love this place and we try to visit once a month. My family likes going here because it's cheap clean entertainment and something for everyone. The food is the typical bar/grill type food but I think it's better than most. I love the fact this place does a great job catering to not only kids but adult fun as well. If you're in town, new to town, or nothing else to do, I recommend stopping in and have some fun. Also, sign up for their emails, you can get some great discounts and alerts. More...


Kristi C.

3 December 2017

We had a very enjoyable evening at Edison's.  The food was good, reasonable priced, loved the Malibu drink special.  Will definitely go back.


Shannon E.

17 September 2017

So my daughter won $200 at a local bingo and wanted to do something fun. I had always wanted to try this place but thought it was pricey for a family of five but decided since this money was won unexpectedly we would try it out. We spent $125 on five of us with an all day pass. Edisons seems to be the only place with an all day pass which I really appreciate. The next day after our fun adventure at Edison I noticed a Groupon for them which was $69 for 6 people for the all day pass. I about died. I should have checked Groupon first dang it!!!! Either way we had a blast and the laser tag was awesome. The bowling is fun but kinda weird. They put a time limit on you and it just shuts off when you are over that time. You have to keep going up to the desk to request more time. We had 6 of us on one lane and 3 were kids. So it took a while for one game. I think I wen up at least 3-4 times to request more time (between two games). You do not receive tickets for any of the games but that's understandable with an all day pass.  Overall we had a memorable day with our family and I would love to go back (after I check groupon). More...


Melissa P.

20 May 2017

Fun place, clean, good fun and service! Go on Tuesdays if you have kids, you get an hour play card if you order a kids meal... So worth it!


John H.

5 May 2017

Imagine your favorite rich uncle inviting you to a patio barbecue. You're not sure you want to go, but you're three days from a paycheck, and you want your girlfriend to have a good time. You're wavering back and forth between fastfood/Netflix and your uncle's patio, choose your uncle's patio, then, later, are so glad you did. That's sort of what it's like to visit the patio on the SW side of EEC.  Who would've thought you'd find a good meal at a bowling alley / pinball arcade?At the suggestion of a friend, John H. took Therese H. here on a Friday night. His friend likes similar bands, so John H. imagined he must know something about food, too. We entered relatively early, approx. 5:15 PM, and were seated immediately on the patio, which features a lovely fireplace and television above it.  Service was fast and pleasant, and our meal was quickly fired up by the chef on the patio grill.  The "al fresco" menu at $19.95/person is quite a deal, and certainly every bit as good as any meal delivered by any of my uncles, and I have six.  Here's how it went:*Water, lots of it, with a two drinks each: house cabernet for TH and Schlafly's "Edison's Common" for JH.*House Salads, Gluten-Free (no croutons) for TH*Appetizers: Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms w/ creamy crab dip stuffing and parmesan roasted tomatoes; Bacon-wrapped Chicken Livers w/caramelized Asian-ginger sauce glaze. Both were GF and good.*Beef Kabobs for both of us, with hoisin glaze, onion, and button mushrooms, GF.All very good, portions not huge, but reasonably sized, especially when considering the $19.95 all-inclusive price! We took a box home with ¼ of the kabobs and half the appetizers.Moving from table to chairs in front of the fireplace/TV/Blues playoff game, we finished up with splashes of Scotch, and that's not part of the $19.95 deal.A great place to be on a good-weather evening, and not at all what you would expect at a bowling/pinball kind of place. Thanks EEC! More...


Megan S.

11 March 2017

Brought the kids to enjoy their Saturday with some friends. Have to say the entertainment packages make it affordable to have a lot of fun for not to much money. You can bowl for an hour, two games of laser tag and 50points on an arcade card for $24 a person. They also have a pick two option for $18 a person. We didn't have to wait in line for laser tag to long because it's up to 24 players at a time. I do wish that they would let the kids know what player they were in the game so they could tell which score was theirs, but no a huge deal they had a blast any way. Also we ate lunch and it wasn't bad. Kids got a decent amount of food and a sundae for $5.95 each. I had chicken tacos and was impressed. It was very busy because it was Saturday but we will be back for sure. More...


Jeana D.

26 February 2017

Food is delicious! Baja taco is the February taco and it is amazing! Gaming area was fine but not overly impressive. Several games were not in working order (like Pacman- my favorite, and one skeeball lane). Laser tag room reeks of sweaty kids (guess that's expected). Would have loved for there to be germ-x dispensers; an establishment that requires hands to be used for everything that is riddled with germ infested children should definitely invest in some germ-x for the patrons. Overall nice place ;) More...


Steven P.

11 February 2017

Took my employees out for a post Christmas party and we had so much fun! The staff was accommodating, pizza good and the Lazer Tag was a blast. Good place for Team Building outings. More...


Michelle S.

16 December 2016

Fantastic place for a party!!  Let Edison's awesome staff take care of food, beverages, and all the entertainment.  Our party of 25 had a great time bowling, playing games, and laser tag.  We chose the traditional appetizer menu option.  The food and service were very good!  Chris took care of our every need!  The buffet was kept well stocked for an hour.  Also, the staff who helped with reserving our party was very helpful, whether by phone, email, or in person.  Kudos to all the staff we worked with!!  We highly recommend!! More...


Lauren C.

16 July 2016

After Altitude cancelled our son's birthday party, 4 hours before the party, I immediately calledEdison's and they kindly accepted me and my party of 10 8yo boys with open arms. Bc it was such short notice, we did not have a party room or host. But they were able to seat us in the bar area next to the bowling alleys. They were quick to help, the server was fantastic, and the kids had fun. Thank you!! More...


Gina S.

23 May 2016

Great nachos and wings!  The fish tacos were spicy good, we also enjoyed the chicken and waffles.  Highly recommend this place for family and friends.


Al M.

8 May 2016

Had mother's day buffet today very nice enjoyable time. Staff was extremely friendly and attentive. Wide selection of good tasting food and absolutely the best omelets I have ever had.  This is the second year we have enjoyed this buffet and I would recommend it to anyone. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive. More...


Kristy W.

1 May 2016

Very fun place!  Something for all ages. Very clean and the staff was friendly and competent.  Prices were what I expected and the food was good the appetizer plate was amazing!


Erica S.

20 March 2016

I've been to Edison's several times and always had wonderful entertainment, food and service! Tonight we had the tacos of the month (fajita and chorizo) and they were SO good! Our waitress was wonderful as well! Can't wait to go back! More...


T W.

21 January 2016

Great and fun place to go to. Great and funny staff. Very helpful. Bought a package that was well worth it. Bowling arcade games and lasertag. Fun place for adults and kids


Betty W.

7 October 2015

Good service and very good food! We each had a burger, made just the way we wanted! The sweet potato fries were great too.  Our friends had the meat lovers pizza and loved it! It got a little noisy once the bowling got started but you could still talk. More...


Mike R.

26 September 2015

Fun for the family, Good Laser tag, bowling, and video games. The kids had a blast. My daughter's chicken strips and fries were hot. Although, she was so busy playing, she didn't notice. FOLLOWUP: the owner was concerned about my experience and contacted me to see how she could rectify the issue. I appreciate her genuine inquiry. It's business owners like her that make it all work. I am confident that she will implement controls to prevent future occurrences. More...


Aimee W.

28 July 2015

We visited Edison's for the first time a few weeks ago. We had a great experience with the arcade! Everyone was nice and helpful when one of the games quit working. This is the reason for the 4 rating. However, not impressed with the food. We ordered wings (which were good), pizza & pretzels. The pizza didn't have much flavor and was pretty bland and the pretzels were just okay. I'm sure we'll go back! More...


Cohnnie C.

23 July 2015

Fun place for all ages, laser tag, bowling, good food awesome staff, specials make it a great value. We found this place last week we've already been back, and will return again soon.


Tiffany S.

22 July 2015

Came here for my 21st birthday and come back a couple times a month ever since. We always sit at the bar. Tuesday nights we come in for trivia, which we always have fun with. Thursday's they have $3 long islands and $.50 wings. I've always had a great experience here. This is also one of my boyfriend's favorite places, as this is one of the few bars in town that stocks bitters, so he can order what I like to call his "fancy, old man drinks" like Manhattans and Old Fashions. Although I do agree with previous reviewers that there should be a little bit more of a separation from the bar and the entertainment area. There's just something about a bar full of adults, loud and vulgar, and looking over to see a kid at the bar ordering a pepsi. More...


Colleen C.

8 July 2015

Kids had a lot of fun for a nice deal. Food was the most expensive part of the day. Nachos and 2 soft drinks were just over $25 while bowling. Was really crowded earlier in the day, but things out after 2 pm. More...


Aaron B.

14 April 2015

Wow! This is the place to have a birthday party, company party, or just a great time with or without the kids. I was visiting my family and we were looking for something to do that would be fun for the adults as well as my two girls (6 year old and 9 year old). My sister and brother in law said that Edison's is the best place for all of us. First had a great time bowling.  Cool lanes, bar service at the lanes ,food service at the lanes,  fast and friendly service at the lanes, and huge tv screens to catch up on the game while bowling.  The arcade games were a blast stuff for kids and adults.  My girls favorite was the laser tag arena so much fun it was a chore to get them to sit down and eat something.  Which leads me to the food.  The chef has an incredible menu.  It's not the typical bar food. The chef created a great menu for any occasion.  Pizza,  gourmet pizza,  burgers, sandwiches, salads, and some great dinner entrées.  The staff was nothing less than excellent.  If you live in the area and have not been there yet,  you need to stop wasting time and go! More...


Julie L.

14 April 2015

A group of us met for a friend's birthday and we had a great time!We made a reservation for the dinner part, as there was 12 of us and our tables were ready immediately.  Our server was upbeat and very attentive.  The specials were amazing - you can't beat $5 Malibu buckets.  We ordered our appetizers, and food and it all arrived within a reasonable time.From there we went over to the bowling alley.  Just a hint, if you order a soda in the restaurant part, you can continue to get refills while playing the games.  Just ask your attendant at the alley part, they kept them coming.  The cost to play is $10 an hour, per person, which is high and fair warning, if you aren't done with your game within that hour, they will end it without you finishing it.  But its automatic lanes, so if you need bumpers, they will come up on the person who needs them, not for the entire time, which is nice. More...


Sara B.

21 March 2015

Laser tag is fun, dinner/wait staff is understaffed.


Ryan S.

14 March 2015

Had my fiancé's 25th birthday party here. Service was GREAT. Had the reuben & sweet potato fries delicious. Food & alcohol were reasonably priced. Suggest the 312 draft beer it's $2 & get the glass. More...


Mj F.

22 February 2015

Edison's is the place to be for great family fun! The food is great! The service is ALWAYS accommodating and friendly. The prices are very reasonable. I have had the same waiter at least twice (Ben M) - and he is great! Thank you Ben and the rest of the team! See you next time! More...


Wayne S.

18 February 2015

we went here on Sunday afternoon  to check out the food,  were greeted at the door very friendly staff. we were seated right away. our server Courtney was very helpful  with both drink and food choices. The food was very good for an entertainment place had  their Valentine special which was a shared salad 2 entrees and shared dessert for $35.00 a lot of good food for the price. Courtney was always checking on us to see if we needed anything, she as very friendly made the day. More...


Amy M.

6 April 2014

Great service in the restaurant, fast and delicious; American food options; veggies on burger were fresh. Then stopped at arcade for games - something for everyone. Tango for dessert - clean, friendly, yummy. Love it - all around a great evening out! More...


Jamie S.

2 March 2014

Came here to just bowl on a crappy day and had a great time. The front desk greeted us nicely and the server was on too of it. I had the lettuce wraps and they were very good. A lot more food than I needed!!  The complex itself is clean and staff friendly. A great place to take family, have a birthday party, or a night out with friends!  Hope this place does well and stays around forAwhile. More...


Michelle D.

16 November 2013

We had a blast at Edison's! Can't believe I have never played laser tag before, great fun! I also loved the different kinds of skeeball. Followed up with a good dinner and good beer, makes a fun night for kids of all ages. More...


Shaun M.

26 October 2013

I live in Troy and I had no idea this place was even there!! Once inside I couldn't believe what this place all had in it. It had a really nice bar area with TVs to watch you favorite sports games while having a drink and lots of tables if you would like to sit and grab dinner, they also have a huge arcade area that was all new and up to date. They also have a very nice bowling alley with huge big screens above the lanes to watch your favorite game while you bowl. We were there for a baby shower and the food that was there all tasted good about average but I think the main selling point is all the stuff that you can do there especially if you have kids. This will be a place that we will for sure go back too. Only reason for 4 star instead of 5 is that it was kind of pricey More...


Debra J.

13 August 2013

Good food and great specials.  Very clean with lots to do.  Kids love the arcade and Tango.


Rick M.

7 July 2013

I had some friends in town for the weekend and we went to Edison's to hang out on the patio.  It just so happened to be my friends birthday that night. When he asked if they had any birthday specials he about fell out of his chair when the server told him he got a free steak dinner!  Definitely one of the cooler places in Edwardsville to hang out with friends and an awesome birthday steak special.  I would highly recommend Edison's for lunch, dinner, and for having fun with your kids! More...


Larry G.

21 March 2013

Great place. Good drinks, good food, and my son loves it. They do a great job on putting together the birthday parties. We just had my sons party there and every one including the parents had a great time. if you need to book a party this is the place to do it. Ask for chad he will get it right the first time with no worries, and tell him Larry from Broadway Ford sent you. More...


Brittani H.

27 November 2012

Very beautiful interior! Definitely a welcoming place. However, when I went there was hardly anyone there (maybe because it was late). Anyway, I didn't bowl or anything but the food at the bar was REALLY good. Gaming is set up like Dave & Busters where you use a card More...


Bill C.

2 November 2012

This mainly concerns the restaurant although our sons did visit the arcade; half price since we had purchased dinner there.There were several minor snafus and a few things that were "off" on the food but overall the service was very good and the food was good with generous portions. In fact we started with 4 and 2 later joined us. But we had so much food left that the 2 who joined us ate our "left-overs (untouched) and had plenty.The appetizer plate was a good suggestion and had some pretty decent food and there was plenty for all. 3 of us had ordered the black bean burgers but unfortunately they were out. So we switched to fish tacos. Good, and the fish was of a type that had a strong fish taste so you knew that your protein was the real deal. The quesadillas were good but a bit salty. Sweet potato fries were good as were the salads. Do you like macaroni and cheese? Well, here they serve Cheese and Macaroni (not a typo); I've never  had so much cheese in this dish. At first I thought they had brought out a bowl of queso dip in which a few pieces of pasta had fallen!If you are hungry, head to this place and you'll get your moneys worth. And, you can bowl if you feel well enough to waddle over to the lanes after eating. More...


C P.

17 September 2012

Great birthday parties!  Edison's calls the party helper a conductor and Courtney was outstanding!   We have four children and have done our share of birthday parties.  Edison's takes the extra step,  no help needed from the parents.   They even write down who gave what on the presents.    The place is very clean and the boys did not want to leave.    They have a little bit of something for everyone! More...


Kyle W.

30 June 2012

I'll definitely be back here again. Very trendy bowling alley, laser tag complex, arcade, restaurant, bar, & frozen yogurt shop!  There's something for everyone here! More...

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