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You are the Hostess and/or Host, and you want to relax. Perfect! Call us so we can take care of the heavy lifting and labor of love that is cooking. It's time to celebrate, throw a party, and bring people together for a fun and intimate experience.



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My signature dish is all about the humble taco. I am so enthusiastic about elevating it to the next level by bringing the craft of the taco to your party. Making fresh tortillas on site is a must. My favorite meat offering for a taco is carnitas, which takes me hours to prepare. If you don't put my famous pickled red onions on top of your taco, then you are missing out on a mouth watering experience. I believe in having multiple salsas and a guacamole that is made fresh with a kick. Serve this with sides of garlic fried black beans, oven roasted salmon and an assortment of cheeses... *POW* tons of fun with mind blowing flavors all carried by the humble taco.

Listen. Listen. Listen. Ask Questions. Listen some more. Creating a menu should be a personal and collaborative experience. I take copious notes and cross examine my options with my colleagues and co-workers to identify solutions to problems that haven't even come up yet. The process for creating the perfect menu takes some back and forth and some time, and crafting a menu is one of my favorite ways to get to know my clients and their guests.

I love working with the most beautiful fresh ingredients. It is not always possible, but when it is, 90% of the work is done for me by the farmer and it is my job to carry that ingredient the last 10% to let it shine. Being in business, the most fulfilling aspect of my job is that I create other jobs for hard working passionate people in my community. I love working with these smart, caring and funny people and they are what makes my job amazing.

I have worked in many aspects of the food industry over the last 10 years and I saw an opportunity to create more intimate experiences where people can observe the process and get their hands dirty. Watching someone make a tortilla is super fun. Watching someone make dumplings is super fun. For me, as a life long and passionate learner, to be able to share that learning with those around me is what makes the effort worthwhile. I love food and I believe that it can do magical things.

Please choose me if you appreciate passion, enthusiasm, good communication and positive attitudes. My playful nature is paired well with my desire for excellence and quality. Our team will make sure that your venue remains clean and tidy as we make magical memories for you and your friends, business associates or loved ones.