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CPA firm helping clients with their tax planning, tax preparation needs. Also helping clients planning for college, financial future, retirement planning, and estate planning. Give is a call to see how we can assist you.

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Lesley Duncan

25 February 2019

I’ve used Ed Gardner for 10+ years. He is very knowledgeable and does a great job! Always willing to share advice...very trustworthy.


Columbus Jackson Realty

26 January 2019

Met Ed at his Tax tip class. He was informative and engaging. I quickly set up an appointment to review my taxes and he gave me great information about how to save money and be more efficient with my tax documents.


Lisa McKelvey

26 May 2018

I love Ed..he is efficient and trustworthy and funny. I’ve used him for years and hope to continue.
I highly recommend him.


Joe Stonecypher

26 May 2018

I used Mr Gardner when I received a notice from the IRS on an error in my return concerning a stock transaction. Ed handled it professionally and quickly, and even dealt with the stock broker to get the missing information for me. I found Ed through a community message board, with high reviews. As far as his staff, I found them welcoming and very helpful. More...


Michael King

26 May 2016

Ed's an awesome accountant. He gets busy toward filing times so you have to get in early. It's not rocket science. He allocates a lot of time for business clients around their filing times. Ed's saved me nearly $50,000 federal taxes over the last 3 years. What's not to like about that? And for the lady that mentioned she didn't understand about deadlines; you really have to be aware that tax time is the superbowl for CPAs. If you don't get in early, you are just out of luck. There are only so many hours in a day, and Ed gets up at 3am every day during the busy season just so he can help people like you. He's a great guy, and he really cares about his clients. If you don't like this, then H&R Block is for you! More...


Lisa Witt

26 May 2016

Ed Gardner has the rare combination of competence, experience, integrity and character one looks for in a tax and financial planner. He also has a warm personality and takes a personal interest in his clients. We appreciate Ed's work and look forward to a continued working relationship with his firm. More...


Larry Williams

27 May 2015

With all the good ratings, I decided to contact this firm. First of all, his assistant that answered the phone was a delightful person. When I came in with my wife, we came about 10 minutes early because we didn't want to be late. She was very nice to us. Whoever said she was not nice on the phone must have been a competitor wanting to say something negative that was not true. My Gardner gave us tax and financial advice. He told us the pros and cons and left the decision to us. We wanted to start saving for college for our child and was torn with paying off are home with money from savings. He suggested if we kept our mortgage to refinance at a lower rate than what we had. He gave us 2 mortgage brokers name for us to choose from if we decided to keep a mortgage and if we decided to refinance. He is easy to work with, very experienced, and reasonable. We are glad we picked this CPA. Usually don't write reviews, but the 2 bad reviews when all the other were positive are not a fair representation of this firm. Google is a great place to find out about a company. It is also an easy place for some idiot to write something negative about a good company. We liked Mr. Gardner, his staff, and was a tremendous help to us. We recommend this CPA. More...


John S

27 May 2014

Ed Gardner is a very thorough and prompt tax professional. I send in our tax info and within 48 hours or less I get a call from him outlying the details. Within the week we receive the prepared return ready to file. Ed answers his own phone most of the time and is always willing to assist in answering any questions and making sure we take our legal deductions. We have been using Ed for 28 years now and will continue with him 28+ years more. More...


Marcela Perez

27 May 2013

Ed has been my accountant and my right hand on my finances for the past 4 years. My experience every time I meet with Ed, is so powerful! I gain so much knowledge that I am financially smarter every time I speak to him. His wisdom is infinite about anything in regards to what is best for you and your specific financial needs. He always puts you first and he is a plethora of information. Thank you very much Ed for all your advice and support! More...