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Christopher Legge

Love at first bite! These donuts are always fresh and are perfect for any occasion!


Chelsey Toney

Of course I love Eddies Bakery! Duh � My favs are the raspberry turnovers and maple/apple cider donuts. Just to name a few. Order up!


Kara Heath

My first job was at a convenience store. I worked the opening shift and the best treat was when the fresh Eddies Bakery delivery came �


Zachary Larson

Best doughnuts in New England! If your looking for some browny points or want to do something nice for coworkers, take a few dozen to work!


Ronnie Denburg

Your donuts are some of the best we've EVER had! Loved the Maple ones. Sorry we live in NJ (although our waistlines are better off for it).


Xandria Pollard

I live in Texas and these have been so lovingly shipped to my house and they are AMAZING!! They taste and smell like I just got them from the bakery that day! You can really tell there was time and care put into each donut. More...


Katy Hayen

We love Eddie's Bakery! Every time we take a trip to Vermont we always make sure to stop and get some maple donuts. We even had Eddie's Bakery make mini donuts for our wedding. Our family and friends loved them and couldn't stop raving about them. Their cider donuts, cookies, coffee cakes etc. are all delicious! We've never been disappointed with Eddie's Bakery! More...

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