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Justin Sadauskas

24 February 2015

A financial genius. He has the ability to explain very complicated ideas simply to the client. Ive recommended him to many and they were are blown away.


David Smith

12 February 2015

Eddie has done an excellent job managing my investments and assisting me with the incorporation of my law practice. His tax expertise is also a big help in keeping my bill as low as possible. Eddie can be trusted with all of my financial planning and tax needs regardless of the size or complexity. More...


Arnel Castillo

25 November 2014

Professionals are lucky if they are really good at one thing. Eddie is a wealth of knowledge at three...Real Estate, Tax Preparation, and Financial Planning.

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We provide consulting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services to a wide array of independent professionals and small business owners. We also serve a vast number of individuals and families especially in the financial planning and retirement planning arenas.

1) Did you know that you could save 15.3% in self-employment taxes by incorporating? I didn't think so.
2) Do you understand the impact of the latest Trump tax cut as it pertains to Section 199A of the US Tax Code? I didn't think so.
3) Did you know that you could sell a piece of investment real estate at a loss and still PAY taxes to the IRS? I didn't think so.


I love seeing the passion of the small business owner. It's just not easy to succeed these days and honestly many will not. I don't want my clients becoming statistics in a government survey. I love watching them use all the rules to their advantage and maximally achieving their goals.

I couldn't stand the idea that I couldn't be free with my thoughts when talking to and assisting people. Corporate America has a way of stifling the mind and making people do things they don't even believe in simply because upper management needs to make a sales quota or the investors need to see a larger bottom line at the cost of their customers.

No one will work harder to earn a client's trust. I am thoughtful, I am tireless, and I am completely dedicated to knowing everything I possibly can to help my clients succeed.