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Ben A.

25 July 2019

Ecodog is a place that I trust implicitly with my dog.  There is no better place.  Karen, the owner, is phenomenal.  Treating each dog as if it's her own, I feel relaxed and safe knowing that my dog is in GREAT hands when I am away.The place may smell like pee (newflash- it's basically a big kennel) and there may be lots of yelling when you come in, but my dog absolutely loves this place and all of the staff, sometimes I think more than she loves me.You could take your dog to Posh Petcare or Chateau Marmut, both of which are visually more appealing.  But at the end of the day, what matters most is the amount of care and respect that these people have for my dog- the amount of attention she gets and the level of care.  After all, Ecodog is here for our dogs, not for us :)I've been a happy client since 2013 with over 100 visits.  It does not  get any better than Ecodog. More...


Andrew S.

23 June 2019

Owner contacted me and informed me of this policy. Not poor management, just a miscommunication. I wasn't aware and had this not been my only chance to come by before I take my dog on a trip, I'd come by tomorrow.


Tony H.

9 May 2019

Karen (owner) is extremely attentive and well versed with all dog breeds. I left my 2 babies there while going on my honeymoon and they were well taken care of & I was able to call in to check in on them. Karen & the staff are extremely loving & confident in their skills. I will definitely be using them again. Thank you Eco Dog care More...


Virginia L.

30 April 2019

Love love love Eco Dog Care!  I've been taking my huskies to be washed by Karen and her team for years and I couldn't be happier.  They smell so good when they leave and are happy and exhausted from playing with the other pups during day care.  Karen was enormously helpful to me as a new dog owner when I rescued my huskies.  Many years later, Eco Dog is the only place I trust to wash them.  Go and support this small local women run business which makes an impact in our area. More...


Arlette A.

1 April 2019

I took my dog here for a self wash and the staff was very welcoming and helpful , they helped me and guided me throw the process and provided me with a private room with door for security and the blow dryer for the dog was amazing, they dont make you pay first when you don't even know if you'll like it , I will never go back to the Petco self wash. They gave my puppy a treat and asked if everything was satisfactory. Will definitely keep coming back and they have a rewards system which is a bonus I WOULD GIVE THEM 10 STARS More...


Jeremy G.

29 March 2019

Parking was easy, the service was friendly and my dog was treated very nicely compared to Petsmart. I came in for a wash and nail trim. She came out smelling great and her nails looked great. Will be coming back from now own. More...


M.L.. B.

21 March 2019

Please patronize Eco Dog!  My neighbor and I found a lost doggy.  I took him over to Eco Dog to get scanned. Karen couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.  She scanned the little guy and called the chip company to find out if his chip was registered.  She even offered to look after him until the dad could come get him.  She kept in contact with me the entire time and let me know when he was picked up by his frantic family.   I will be telling all my neighbors to take their fur babies there. More...


gina z.

6 January 2019

Karen and her whole team are amazing. They treat our boy Oscar as if he is the most special fuzz ball on the planet. As much as I agree, I know they do that with all the pups and truly bond with each of them! So much love and attention. I am a professional worrier so the fact that I don't worry when I drop off Oscar even for overnights is a big deal.  I've taken him to other more trendy looking day cares but nothing compares to his excitement when we arrive at Eco's front door and the care he is clearly shown. Highly recommend!! More...


Sally L.

5 January 2019

We LOVE Eco Dog... and so do our two little white (and therefore constantly dirty) dogs. Karen & crew are kind and patient and always accommodating. More importantly, they are all great with the dogs, who come home clean and happy.  Both our dogs have allergies and they use our special shampoo and cream rinse which we provide. They're also happy to let the dogs run around and play for a couple of hours before bath time if we need them to have a little indoor play time.  Karen and Eco are a boon to the neighborhood.  She's a great resource for anything pet-related and is always ready to search for a lost pet, rescue and foster dogs, and help place them in good homes. We are so thrilled Eco Dog is a part of our lives, and you will be, too! More...


Ann O.

5 January 2019

My dog wants to play with friends be part of a pack.    That's just what he gets at Eco Dog.  He loves the people and playing with the other dogs.  When he gets a bath before coming home my cats go NUTZ over his new smell they love the shampoo (i do too) but the cats roll all over him.  I also found my last 2 dogs through Eco Dog's rescue friends and I am forever grateful. More...


Nick W.

5 September 2018

WE LOVE THIS PLACE!!  Special shout out to Sandy & Rachel for ALWAYS making our 2 dogs (Lucy & Leo) feel loved while we use their Doggy Day Care. I've been using them about 3-4 days a week for the past 6 months while my wife was out of town and have been very happy with the TLC that all the staff shows. This care and attention wasn't just towards my fur babies but for other clients who were there whenever I was picking up/dropping off.  The price is fair and the service excellent. Even when our dogs had special needs, they were able to accommodate them. I have and will continue to recommend ECO DOG to others. Thanks again Sandy/Rachel/Karen and the rest of the staff for always taking the best of care of Lucy and Leo. The baths they provide during daycare are excellent as well. Keep up the great job everyone! More...


Ebony Williams

12 August 2018

Love this place. I have been taking my dog here for the past 8 years!


John Sepulveda

25 July 2018

Love Eco wash!!! Everyone there is really awesome!!!


Jose Diaz

25 July 2018

Karen and staff are awesome!


Lisa Sullivan

25 July 2018

Piper literally runs through the door & never looks back!


Bill Deliman

25 July 2018

It's a safe haven for our dog, and gives us great peace of mind.


Sarita Cadji Bryman

25 July 2018

Our boys peewee and Charlie love this place! The best place in town


Mary Grace Shaughnessy

25 July 2018

Your pup is in good hands at Eco Dog Care! Everyone who works there LOVES dogs :) :)


Wendy Williams

25 July 2018

Home away from home for Bear. It's the only place I trust to board him. Four paws up!


Erica Gerard

25 July 2018

The best staff, warm and welcoming. My dog loves it here!


Shaye Hengst

25 July 2018

Love this place!! Highly recommend bringing your furry children here for wash & nails!!


Vili Makihele

25 July 2018

� this place! They really know how to treat your � like �.


Mark Caffee

25 July 2018

Karen and her team at Eco Dog are amazing. A wonderful place for your dog whether it's a self-wash, overnight boarding or cage free day care!


Dean England

25 July 2018

Displaced rescue dogs, dogs with homes, 3 legged dogs,blond dogs. All welcomed here, which is so appreciated.


Laura Annacelli

25 July 2018

Amazing place ! The owners really care about animals


B Gerendash

20 July 2018

Awesome cage free dog daycare service. Full day includes a bath. Very friendly staff who love dogs.


Laura K.

5 June 2018

I'm not sure about the doggie daycare but I regularly bring my dog there for self washing service, which is very helpful as they provide the blow dryer shampoo and a tub for this. I don't have to mess the house up washing the dog and the price is very reasonable.  It seems like sometime back they started playing meditation music in there and it's the quietest dog care center I have ever been in it's like a dog library it helps my dog out immensely More...


Jeffery Turner

30 May 2018

The place is small but they do a good job. The wait wasn't long either.


Lorena D.

28 May 2018

My pup and I go here! They have great shampoo and washing stations. He's a golden retriever and they only charge $18 for the self wash. They have biodegradable soaps with essential oils (some which are great flea, mosquito, bug, and tick repellant without the ugly chemicals). Their washing stations are also made of post consumer / recycled plastics :) More...


Jose Angulo

16 March 2018

Not a customer, went for other official business.

I want to clarify my prior review. I am not a client; however, I dealt with staff and owner over other issue unrelated to this business. The owner and entire staff were friendly. While I was at business, I saw 1st hand how caring the staff is with all the dogs. It was surprising to see how quiet and calmed and we'll behaved the dogs were. It seemed like I was at the library and not at a dog day care. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience my prior review could have caused. More...


Kamran N.

11 March 2018

I have known and trusted Karen, her sister and this place for mora than a 3 years. I leave my dog here when we are out of town with knowing she is very well taken care of.


Robyn H.

3 March 2018

Eco Dog is terrific! Every single person here truly loves dogs and will care for your companions with the utmost care and compassion. All the products used in the bathing area are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With all the nasty chemicals hiding in supposedly safe products these days, it's nice to know that Eco Dog goes the extra mile to make sure your dogs are only exposed to the very best and safest products available. Even the cleaning products they use to clean up accidents are safe and effective. Not only does Eco Dog offer bathing, day care, and cage free boarding, they are also extraordinarily rescue minded and regularly host dogs who are looking for their new forever homes. Dogs who have PTSD, are recovering from surgery, or just need a little extra help are cared for with a level of compassion that is unparalleled. I just can't say enough about Karen and her staff. They know the name and story of every single dog who enters the building and really take the time to get to know them. They are excellent at keeping everyone happy and healthy. You really couldn't ask for a better team of people to trust with your dog. It's a truly wonderful place! More...


Dee D.

28 February 2018

Love this place, they always take such good care of my guy and it's only place that I've used that my dog smells good. I have a collie mix and normally he will always still smell like soap and dog. But not with eco wash, he's shiny and smelling fantastic! More...


Alissa Lopez

8 January 2018

Love bringing my dog here for a self wash. I'm always greeted with a smile and my dog is shown some love too. I have yet to try their boarding and day car e, will set up a reservation soon. Highly recommend bringing your dog here! More...


Carol W.

10 November 2017

We brought a lost dog to Eco Dog to have her scanned for a microchip. Karen, the owner, and her staff were extremely helpful, scanning, calling the microchip company, and contacting the dog owner (who didn't want her back!). Karen kept the dog and is attempting to re-home  her. This woman clearly loves animals. There were a number of dogs hanging out together, waiting for their parents to pick them up from day care. All seemed calm and comfortable. The staff all knew each dog's name. I would trust Eco with my dogs' care any day. More...


Ebbbster E.

17 October 2017

I use to take my dog there and my friends dog too. The shampoo that they have would keep my dog smelling good for at least 3 days even after rolling in the dirt.


Sierra W.

20 September 2017

I love Eco Dog! I've been taking multiple dogs here over the years and even though I've moved further away, I still take my pups to Karen! Her entire staff is so sweet, they always remember my dog and her name, and take time to play with the dogs and give them attention. They don't use kennels, which I love. Boarding your dog can be super stressful, but you can rest assured that Karen and her team will take care of your baby. More...


Ashlee L.

13 August 2017

I liked this place. You have the option to bring your own shampoos or use theirs; It's natural and infused with  essential oil's that combat fleas. The staff was helpful and friendly, the other dogs were as well.  The washing stations were clean fully stocked and any additional towels or brushes you needed were conveniently located so your dog(s) weren't unattended long. The stations were also very spacious. I could go on but overall it was great I'll definitely be back regularly More...


Jasmin K.

23 June 2017

I brought my sister's dog here for dog care while she was out of town. I work full time so I wanted to make sure that he was in good hands. The people that work here are super friendly and the prices are very reasonable. It seemed like my sister's dog had a good time here and I would definitely bring him back. More...


Sharon R.

25 May 2017

Karen and her team are just the most caring and delightful people!  Highly recommend their grooming and baths, and their special eco friendly shampoos!  These are special people who really love dogs.  You can do day care or boarding or even self-wash your dog in their raised tubs to save your back.  If you love the earth and your dog, this is the place.  Pro tip:  free parking lot in back!! More...


Sasha K.

10 May 2017

We love this place! Karen loves the dogs so much and makes us know that our baby is taken care of while she is at day care. We wouldn't go anywhere else!


Abigail W.

11 April 2017

I took my dog here to have a "sanitary trim" and to get her expressed. They were quick and efficient and my little dog was only mildly traumatized (which is good because she's scared of everything.) It was fun to watch the dogs running around together in the play area. If my dog were more social I would bring her there to meet some friends! Anyway I'm sure we will be back again. More...


Michael N.

7 April 2017

The best place to get your dog washed!  I've had my stinky dog washed here twice and he comes back smelling cleaner and fresher than he's ever been!  I highly recommend this to lace not only for their thorough pet bathing but also for the very reasonable price! More...


Michael B.

7 March 2017

What a terrific place.  The staff was incredibly helpful and checked on my 3 times during the time I was bathing my dogs.  Everything was completely set up for me and they reminded me not to clean a thing when I was finished as they said, "That is why we are here."  Wow, how refreshing - kind and appreciative people.  I will definitely be back again! More...


Robert S.

4 March 2017

Why oh why would you go to any other dog wash or day care Karen and her staff are great with the animals. She (Karen) is the "Doctor Doolittle" I was watching Karen talk to the dogs and they listen and follow her around the shop wagging there tails. Her staff are as attentive as Karen. More...


ginger s.

22 November 2016

If your looking for a home away from home for your dogs, then Eco Dog Care is the place for them. They will be loved and nurtured the same way they are in your own home. The owner is clearly an authentic dog lover, and she surrounds herself with staff that care about dogs the same way she does. My dogs Chi-Chi and Rose are as at home there as in my own home. They go nuts when they visit for a dog wash and don't want to leave. My two dogs have stayed there two weeks or so at a time. I leave them and have no guilt, because they are taken care of the same way I take care of them. They even get to sleep with the owner at night just like they do at home. If you have a later arrival flight, you can pick up your dogs as late as 9pm. Eco Dog Care is convenient, affordable and quite frankly the whole package if your looking for a safe and loving space for your dogs to be in. More...


Nikki B.

21 November 2016

The people here are real dog lovers.   My pup gets her nails clipped here.  and she's relaxed and calm the whole time  (when I do them myself, she cries and puts on an Oscar worthy performance, and I feel like terrible dog mom.)  They have everything you need - from scrubbers, to shampoo and ear cleaning solution to DIY dog wash at one of the stalls.  It's worth the modest price to not have to clean the bathroom after washing the pups at home! More...


Tanya Y.

14 October 2016

We came for the self wash because our puppy hates baths & is hard to wrangle at home. Karen was very helpful since it was our first time. She even helped us blow-dry our pup after watching us struggle (Waffles was not. having. it) at no extra cost. For the convenience and service, $14 was definitely worth it. We'll be back! More...


Yoshiko T.

13 October 2016

My mom took her 119 lb dog here for a self service dog wash and was very happy. Each bath is individually enclosed so no escapees! She said she would come here again. More...


Sam V.

8 October 2016

I love this place. It is overwhelmingly clear that the people that work here absolutely love what they do. They all take such great car of my dog. I always know my dog, Sammy, is in great and loving hands. This place is like the animal version of cheers - everyone knows your dogs name. They give great washes and also have a very easy self wash. They even have an affordable boarding service. I cannot say enough great things about this place. Take your dog their, you won't be disappointed More...


Danielle A.

7 October 2016

I love this place! Very affordable self wash. They provide their own eco-friendly nice smelling cleanser/conditioner. The staff and Karen are all very kind and helpful! I really enjoy taking my huskies here. More...


J K.

17 September 2016

Great place to take your puppy for a nail trim. Very well worth the price. I just wish they would cut them a little shorter. However, my puppy is a squirmer so it could be his fault! More...


Luis T.

21 June 2016

Brought my dog in to get washed, it was great! They provided me with all the essentials, Shampoo, Conditioner, scrubbers, towels and even a dryer to get a full dry, Highly recommend for people with a big dog such as myself!


Jennifer L.

11 June 2016

The caring staff made me feel more comfortable about putting my dog in daycare for the first time. They also bathed him so he smelled amazing! I highly recommend Eco Dog to anyone that needs bathing, daycare, or boarding for their pooch. More...


Isaac L.

6 June 2016

Can't say enough positive things about this place. I have been taking my Great Dane, Brutus, here for almost two years and couldn't be happier with the service. As much as he hates being submerged in water and soap, I know that Karen and Monica take very good care of him. He always leaves clean as a whistle and i can't help but notice how much fun the other pooches there are having. More...


Gaurang R.

23 April 2016

They take the best care of our furry little family member. Bailey is always excited at the words "day care", and loves going here. The staff is genuinely caring to our dog, and others. We always feel comfortable leaving Bailey here for days at a time. More...


Matias C.

26 January 2016

The only place I take my dog to get washed. Everyone here (esp the owner) is extremely friendly and you can tell they care about the dogs they serve. They also helped me when I found two strays and gave them a bath at a discounted rate and offered to find them homes. More...


M J.

23 January 2016

Eco Dog Rules!  Thank you Karen for always watching out for and taking in the lost doggies in the neighborhood, a true dog lover and advocate...we are lucky to know you!  Great day care as well...Bruno always comes home happy and CLEAN :) More...


s a.

2 December 2015

This is an excellent place. It's a place you can feel really safe about leaving your pets they're not like Petsmart.I have all the confidence.never haveyour pants are in wonderful care or as I call them my children and the best part about it it's locally owned. Inner self wash you can ask for anything more since I have a great Dane name Lambert. But they also take wonderful care of my two Yorkies baby girl and baby boy and they get them haircuts the same as aBeverly Hills salon. I brought my pets because I had a coupon to Petsmart and that was the worst mistake I could ever make the offer to do it again and I said there's no way I'll come back there. More...


Lisa S.

8 September 2015

Love this place!  Karen is amazing and I feel very safe bringing my dog, Owen, there. I usually drop him for a wash and then they call so I can pick him up right away.  He's big and isn't fixed yet, so I don't like to leave him. He always comes back looking so handsome. I love the energy at Eco Dog, there's so much love, and Karen is always smiling, warm, and happy. I feel very indebted to our neighborhood businesses and feel that we should do everything we can to support them. They are what make the neighborhood so great!!. More...


Erin T.

29 August 2015

I love this place!!  We bring our 2 dogs here once a month and have not had a single complaint.  From our second visit, Karen has remembered their names and greets them with love.  We also like to see the love all the staff show the dogs in the daycare.  I would definitely recommend this place!! More...


Janani S.

18 August 2015

They take WONDERFUL care of our little fur baby, Bailey. He is always so so excited when we say "daycare" and always comes home smelling clean and totally pooped out from his weekend of playing. They have great staff, will wash your little one for you after a boarding trip, and are very reasonably priced. Really recommend them :) More...


Ragna N.

24 July 2015

Awesome place! Karen and her crew are all dog lovers and clearly care about their charges. My pup comes home happy and wakes up eager to go back. They provide many small conveniences like late pick ups. My dog loves these people. All his quirks and any time he's under the weather are reported back to me promptly. He also boards here and I get text updates and know he's in good hands.The groomer, Tara, is also fab - we get compliments and send referrals to her all the time.I rescued a tiny puppy off the streets, Karen has been helping me find a home for him, feeding and caring of him and even helping him get into adoption events. Couldn't ask for more.Can't recommend more highly. Knowing people who are dog owners themselves and genuinely love my guy is priceless. More...


Jennifer W.

12 June 2015

Took my dog today for the 1st time for a self wash. Loved it. You don't have to bring anything!!! For $14 (dogs under 30lbs)  you have your own booth, tub, shampoo (sulfur free), towels, a dryer, and a few more small things (ie witch hazel and cotton balls). The two ladies who work here are nice and friendly. Your dog even gets a cookie upon departure. They board and have doggy daycare so there were a lot of dogs. All seemed happy and excited. There's plenty of street parking and also a free lot behind the building. My pup and I will be back as regulars. More...


Ritchie A.

14 May 2015

They do a great job at Eco! We take our dog Linus there all the time and the service has been outstanding...Their staff really knows how to take care of your pet and they really go all out to provide the best care possible. Their facility is first rate and they are easy to find.My wife and I are so happy with the service and care Eco Dog provides! More...


Andrea B.

23 April 2015

Love this place - I do both daycare and longer term boarding here and feel 100% at ease knowing that my little guy is in a safe and caring environment. The staff is so friendly and helpful and very accommodating with drop off and pick up times. Plus Reilly comes home smelling wonderful :) Could not recommend this place more! More...


Liza F.

29 March 2015

The staff here is so nice and helpful.  During the self-service bath, they checked up on me a few times to make sure everything was okay.  They provide everything - shampoo, towels,  ear cleaning supplies, dryer and an apron to somewhat your clothes lol. More...


Mitch P.

16 March 2015

Love this place!  They give my two labs the proverbial "treatment" every two weeks. They always come home smelling fantastic!


William B.

9 March 2015

Love.  Karen B is the best. If you live in the hood and don't use eco dog, you must not have one.


Steven L.

8 March 2015

Karen and her staff truly love dogs and what they do!!I am sorry I never found her before!Wonderful space with no cages and lots of free open space!They move dogs in different spaces depending on the age, size, etc...HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! More...


Edward G.

2 March 2015

Getting Dino gussied up, nails trimmed & a bath. This is a dog friendly, dog loving place. Very casual.


Andrew A.

27 February 2015

This is the most Wonderfull and well experienced staff I have ever seen, they have taken the best care of my dogs, they have always been there when I needed them, best part about it there locally owned, a trillion times better than that crappy Pet Smart Grooming, I will continue to bring my pets here for as long a as I live, they have receded my expectation on grooming professionalism is and should be, Take notes Pet Smart.


Jake S.

17 February 2015

Jane was very nice and addressed my initial frustration in a highly professional manner. All of the dogs inside seemed very happy and that is a great sign. I will definitely return.


David H.

25 January 2015

This place has great pricing for dog washing.  They only charge $27 for any size dog and do a good job.  I have tried many different places in the past and was not so happy.  You have the option of washing your dog as well.  They provide everything you need but I have not tried that yet.  I rather pay the fee to have them do it.  Even though they recently raised their price to $27 it's still a good deal.  I hope they will keep this price for some time.  Their parking is behind their building and very convenient. More...


Beth H.

5 January 2015

Love, love, LOVE this place. Eco Dog Wash & Daycare is the real deal. Karen and her crew just. get. dogs. It's that simple. We will NEVER board or do daycare anywhere else.My husband and I have been through it all with our beloved dog Artie. He's... well, a handful. And as a pet owner with a big personality pooch, we know how hard it is to find those super rare and valuable people that actually understand dogs and can be trusted to manage your pet. The industry, especially in LA, is sadly chock-full of snake oil -- something we've learned the hard way. Eco Dog is like a breath of fresh air.We've tried many daycares and boarding facilities, but were constantly on edge because most places just cram in as many dogs as possible and have no idea how to manage play, read doggie social cues, or even just provide leadership for your dog.Eco Dog does all that and more. Small group play, sorted by size and personality. 24/7 monitoring with calm, assertive intervention when needed. Handlers that actually know how to provide leadership in a play setting and can read dog body language in order to help stop altercations before they start. And if a dog does act out, they will never blame the dog -- this one is a relief coming from us, as we were once told by a different daycare that Artie acted out "because he was jealous of another dog." Eye roll.Some real life examples of how wonderful this place is: 1) Constant videos and pictures of your dog on their Facebook page, not to mention the webcam so you can watch him play every single day when you're on vacation because you miss him too much (ahem... not that we did that or anything... just an example.)2) When we picked up Artie after ten days of boarding, I asked out of curiosity where the dogs slept at night since they don't do cages. "Oh, Artie usually just crawls up into bed with me," said Karen. What other daycare owner SLEEPS IN THE BED with your dog? I'd be surprised if other daycare owners do much more than review their profits at the end of the month.3) During one visit, one of the dogs growled at us for peering over the front gate. Other daycares would blame the dog for being aggressive and not know what to do. Not Karen - she was so not phased, she just handled it calmly and with ease, like it was no big thing.So thank you to Karen and everyone on her team for loving our boy just as much as we do and providing excellent care for him when we are away.And if you have a sometimes-naughty, sometimes-stubborn, sometimes-high energy guy like ours and you practice good leadership and training at home that you want replicated in a daycare or boarding environment: look no further. You have found your dog's second home with Eco Dog Wash and Daycare. More...


Claudine u.

16 December 2014

This is the best place for your dog. Karen and her staff are amazing and so helpful. I have a six month old German Shepherd Puppy that needed socialization. I dropped her off at Eco and she was playing with the puppies in no time. Then we had a family emergency and Karen took her in after hours. They took care of our treasured family pet and kept us informed of her well being. We were able to concentrate on our daughter, because we knew  Eco was taking care of our puppy. The staff was so friendly and so good to our puppy. If you want a really good place to leave your pet for a day, a week or even an hour-go here!!! More...


Angie L.

3 November 2014

Great service. Friendly staff. The best price in town. Very convenient parking lot. Hypo allergenic shampoo and conditioners , exactly what we needed. Love this place.


Sharon L.

21 October 2014

I take my dog here every month to be groomed and recently boarded her. It is a great place to go. They love all dogs and you can always count on them.


Aiko H.

12 October 2014

Let me preface this by saying I do not have a dog....After almost hitting a dog in the middle of the street on my way home from work, I decided to help find it a home.  But, this dog was so very dirty and flea ridden that I was limited as to where I could take her to stay while I tried to find a home for her (my two cats would never allow a dog into my small condo without putting up a big fight). I was recommended to come to Eco Dog Wash through a new acquaintance (and now friend) for a little "cleaning up" of the dog.  Karen, the owner, immediately fell in love with this dog and took such great care of her.  You could tell that she is really passionate about her business.  Her staff was also extremely attentive with the dog and treated her as if she was one of their own.  So, if/when I get a dog, I will certainly use the services of Eco Dog Wash! More...


Mollie W.

1 October 2014

We went for the self service dog wash with a tar encrusted dog.  Got Mr. Stickyfoot all cleaned up and they were very helpful about explaining everything.  We left a big mess from our big dog and it was only $18 with everything included.  We liked the classical music playing.  I think it helped. More...


P. V.

8 September 2014

After trying out different dog bath places in LA, this is the only one I would take Duke to!!! The service is awesome - the people are friendly. The price is a huge bargain compared to other places I've taken him to. More...


b j.

26 August 2014

Friendly staff. Did a self wash. Easy to do. Price is reasonable. Place looks clean. looking fwd to going there again.


Samira M.

6 August 2014

Still taking my dogs and foster dogs to Eco Dog and I'm as happy with it as I was on the first day! The staff is loving, responsible and I feel comfortable leaving my dogs for vacations. I love that I can see them on the web cam, especially when we're gone for a week and miss the little monkeys! I pick them up clean and smelling yummy. They're happy to see us when we pick them up, but they're also sad to leave their friends and they pull me full strength to the door when we head over to Eco Dog - definitely a sign their enjoy their visits!They're also pros at understanding dog behavior, like never pulling a dog around by their collar. I've referred a couple friends here who's dogs have been tossed out of other daycares because the dogs were manhandled. The Eco Dog staff understands how to handle dogs, even fearful ones. They also know each dogs' personality and who plays well together. We enjoy coordinating with other doggie parents to plan all day playdates for our pooches. They come home exhausted and happy. Yay! More...


Joshua B.

23 July 2014

This place is great, I walk in sign in, hand over my 12 yr old lab and they call in about an hour!  Awesome service, the pup is so fresh and so Eco clean, clean.


Anna Z.

11 July 2014

Karen and her staff are just the best!I brought my anti-groomer dog here based on a friend's recommendation & am so glad I did! Karen really gets how to handle herself with let's say "not so easy" breeds and that is a really hard to find in a grooming/day care. I live in the valley but I still make the trek down to Pico for Eco Dog especially to take advantage of their awesome "Daycare with a Wash" deal. I just drop off my pooch go enjoy myself at the Beverly center for the day and when I come back to pick him up, he is always smelling so fresh and so clean! If you have a husky who has too much bottled up energy (umm don't they all?ha!) check out their Husky Friday Play Day! More...


vera a.

25 June 2014

I've read the reviews good and bad and understand that mistakes happen. But its all about what your dog experiences. So I love this place. After a life time of dogs I had never experienced a dog hotel, but with referral to 2 places  - I went to meet them both with my year old Airedale puppy. The hip dog hotel was very clean and pretty, but the basic overnight rooms were sterile and lonely, especially for a rescued dog that might have flashbacks to the pound enclosure where her young life was almost extinguished. Eco Dog is not as fancy, in fact quite hippy trippy and loving and wonderful, all the dogs sleeping together on and around the overnight attendant's own bed in the main room. Nothing lonely or scary about that! So Bella loves going there and gets excited when we even drive past. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Kudos to owner Karen and her crew of dog lovers! More...


Brian Z.

16 June 2014

After picking my up dog from getting spayed at a nearby clinic, she was very scared and ended up soiling herself. My friend who lives nearby recommended I stop by Eco Dog to get her cleaned up before heading home. Parking is easy as there's a lot in the back and once I explained what happened everyone was so friendly and helpful. They brought me everything I needed even though my dog was being kind of difficult. Never once did they make me feel like I was being troublesome even though I'm pretty sure I was. Thanks to everyone at Eco Dog for saving me from a rather unpleasant drive home and being so nice to me and my poor dog. More...


Carlos V.

11 June 2014

My wife and I where looking for somewhere where we could board our Husky Mishka for a week.  Previously we had boarded her at a chain boarding hotel and had some mixed feelings on having her stay there again. We had been at Eco Wash earlier in the year when they where hosting a immunization clinic. We started talking to Karen the owner who understood our Husky and her needs, and made a point to pick up a pamphlet that dis ribbed their services.  When we stopped by to get her evaluated to see if she would be a good fit at Eco. Wash, Karen was very understanding of our situation and let her stay to see if it would work out.  How cool was that.  A couple hours later I speak to Karen and she says all is going good and my girl would be ok to stay. I cannot speak more highly of Karen and her staff. They understood my husky and even posted picks of her playing with the other dogs on their Facebook page.  Love this place. More...


Stephanie K.

10 May 2014

I love bringing my puppy Leia here for doggy daycare! Karen and her staff are really friendly and very accommodating. Everyone here genuinely loves animals and you can tell! The hours are good, and they don't charge up the wazzoo for late pickup. The prices are fantastic.  I love that they list the prices directly on their website instead of hiding it like some other places. If your dog gets a bath here he/she comes home smelling great! (I think it smells like cedar, but my fiance says it's just "clean dog smell") More...


Steve S.

24 January 2014

Karen and her team rule!  My lab loves going in for baths and the occasional overnight.  Very reasonable prices, prompt service, and they do a great job.  If I could give them 6 stars, I would! More...


Eden F.

11 January 2014

Went here for the first time today to wash my pup. I really wanted to check out the facility because they seem to have a reasonable price for boarding, and I am looking for a new place to board my dog when I am out of town. They have parking in the back, which was a big plus. We all know that is never a given in this city! When I walked in I was greeted right away. I explained that I had never been there before and wanted to try the self wash. The woman who greeted me took me to one of their dog wash stations and explained how to use all the equipment (sink, dryer, restraints etc.). All went well with the washing part, but the dryers are too loud for my dog (he is a fairly timid Dashchund). After his bath I requested to have his nails cut by the staff because I don't feel comfortable doing this myself. I was very impressed with his nail cut. His nails had gotten a bit long, and they took the time to get them as short as they could without hurting him.  I usually feel that when I pay for someone to do his nails, they never take much off. The total for the nail cut and self wash was $24. This seemed like a reasonable price. They provide all the products for the bath, even a plastic apron so your clothes don't get all wet. The facility was quite big with three ( I think) different dog areas. They have separate areas for large and small dogs. They also have the area in the center where a couple of dogs were playing as well. I was also impressed by the amount of staff they had on hand. It appeared that they really paid attention to the pets they were watching which had been dropped off for doggie daycare. I will definitely be back for another bath and nail cut. I also want to try out the daycare. So far so good, I'm hoping to make this my go to place for grooming and boarding! More...


Piper M.

23 December 2013

I bring my dog here every 3-6 months to get a bath and nail clipping (apparently you're not supposed to wash the breed of dog I have too often). They do a great job of giving him a wash and dry and he always comes out smelling amazing. I notice reading the reviews that some people are really nuts about their dog (come on, its a dog's haircut. seriously?). Everyone here have been friendly and more than helpful. More...


Shannon R.

18 November 2013

I love Eco Dog Wash!  My pup is white and all this gunk gets stuck around his face - not so cute, and it's too hard for me to remove without annoying him.  So when he's between haircuts and just needs a thorough wash, these guys are the best.  I can swing by without an appointment, and if they can take him right away, he's done in 15 minutes.  He smells fresh for days!Everyone I've met here has been very nice and professional.  It reminds me of something I'd find in the Philly suburbs, because they definitely don't feel "LA."  They're affordable, so sweet to my nervous dog, and incredibly convenient.  We'll keep coming back! More...


Mai L.

9 October 2013

My little Bart goes here once a week when I work late.  I really like Karen and her staff.  It's clean and close to the house. The complimentary baths with daycare is great.   I simply love picking up a bright and super white dog.  I was chatting with staff earlier about Bart's whining and he said, "Yeah Bart is only interested in people not so much dogs." It feels good to know they are paying attention. More...


Joanna G.

13 September 2013

We have had an amazing experience at Eco Dog.  Karen and her staff are always positive and upbeat.  I love the doggie cam that allows you to peak in at any time of day to see what your dog is up to!  Jagger always looks forward to his doggy day care day, and it is so convenient for when he needs a good wash! More...


Colin M.

26 June 2013

Karen and her whole team at EcoDog are great and give every dog special attention and make them feel at home.  My little rescue was so poorly sicialized and with all the help from the staff at EcoDog he now runs in and is so excited for a day to play with all his friends at EcoDog.  Thank you Karen!  You guys are the best!!!Plus they offer boarding and grooming services that are fantastic. Boarding your dog here is so much easier for the dog since they are comfortable with the great staff and get to be out all day playing in a familiar environment with their friends. More...



25 June 2013

WOW!  Our usual self wash place seems to have closed, so I looked to yelp for a new place.  Based on the reviews here and that they use "green" products, I took our standard poodle, Aimee, here and decided to "splurge" and let them wash her (because the price was so reasonable). They called when she was ready (less than an hour later) and I picked up a very happy Aimee who looks, feels and smells gorgeous!  The folks at Eco are SO friendly and professional: you can tell that they are really animal lovers and there's a great vibe with lots of doggies playing around the main area (safely behind a closed gate) and other doggies in a separate enclosed area (maybe for the timid ones?). We'll be back!Extra bonus:  walk down the street and have a great coffee / tea or a bite to eat at Paper or Plastik Cafe while you wait. More...


Monique C.

2 May 2013

I have a blind and deaf dog Maggie. Karen is the best in the hold world with Maggie. My corgi Winston is a handful and he loves getting a day away at the daycare. I love Eco Dog Wash and Karen. I feel my furry friends are in the best of hands. More...


Mel D.

29 April 2013

I dropped my 65 pound English bulldog here for a basic bath and nail clipping (after a long filthy day at the dog park..heh). I found this place on yelp but was happy that they were able to take him last minute, and also were open on Mondays (many are closed!)Usually it costs about $50-65 for my large short haired dog and about 2-3 hours. He was done in less than an hour and it was only $25 for the service. He came back cleaner than I've ever had him..his coat looks extra white, and he doesn't smell like the fart bubble that he is! Also: they offer free parking, which is always a nice bonus More...


Tracee T.

26 February 2013

Went there yesterday.....A+, read about them here on yelp before going.  I was very pleased with the service, everyone was so helpful and attentive, as I was attempting to give my newly rescued Shepard her (probably) first bath.  I can't wait to take my other two there!  I would definitely go here again!! Thumbs up to Eco dog wash!! More...


Katie W.

16 February 2013

I love Eco-Wash. My dog Nola goes almost every week. And Ms. Karen and her staff are so great with my lil rescue pup. My dog has bad separation anxiety, but Ms. Karen is so good about keeping an eye for it. More...


Eileen Z.

7 February 2013

Joey loves Eco Dog Wash.  He has more friends in the neighborhood that I do.  Every time I pick him up the staff tells me who he played with and how he never stopped playing.  Plus, he's clean and smells great.   He also pulls like a mad man when he realizes that we are going to see Karen and the gang.  He just can't wait to get in there and play. More...


Frank B.

30 December 2012

I have taken my dog to Eco-dog wash numerous times for grooming or baths. They are very friendly, reasonably priced, and do a great job! Dogs are not left in cages, which I prefer for my pet. Over the holidays, I left my dog there for boarding for 6 days and she was very happy upon my return. In fact, she was worn out from playing with the other dogs for so long. The owner Karen is a real dog-lover and you can tell when people truly care for your pets. I highly recommend them for all of your doggy needs! More...


L B.

17 October 2012

I have sent my pup there for grooming many times.  She eagerly runs in the door and comes back looking fresh, well groomed and happy.  This last weekend I sent her there for boarding over night.  Since my dog can sometimes be shy, it was fantastic to walk in and see her loving the staff and playing with the other dogs.  The whole staff had wonderful things to say about her.  She was happy and smelled fantastic.  I will definitely bring her back again. More...


Harry R.

12 October 2012

Based on Yelp reviews I came here.   Very happy I did.  Karen greeted me and I went for the extra few dollars to have them wash my pooch.  Dogs were all friendly and happy.    And my pooch, pocketbook & I were happy too!  BTW, suggest you watch MetroPUP video youtube.com/watch?v=A7Gc… for special discount at Eco Dog!Will be back soon! More...


molly p.

3 August 2012

Eco is the BEST! There are plenty of self-wash stations, so even on a busy day, you only have to wait 10 minutes or so. The staff is great--very helpful. Karen is so great about shelter dogs--she will let you wash them for free if they are going to an event or a foster home. And she knows every dog by name, which is amazing.  It's not expensive, whether you are doing a self-wash or a grooming/nail trimming service. The shampoo is bio-degradable and eco friendly, so not only do we have a clean, wonderful smelling dog, but it's not toxic on the environment.  And it sure beats the hose in the backyard! We've never done doggy day care, but just being at Eco with our dog for a wash, I know the dogs in day care are looked after and played with. It's just such a cool place--we LOVE it! More...


David L.

22 July 2012

I used to take my dogs to Petsmart, but as one got older he became terrified of the place. I knew I needed to be there when he got his bath. That's when I found Eco Dog Wash. I'd bathed my dog once and it wasn't a pleasant experience. So I thought that wasn't an option. I went to Eco and they told me their very very reasonable rates and I figured I could do one and they could do the other. The one I do costs me $18! The other is $25 plus tip. You know what? I love it! It's so easy. Their tubs are easy to get the dogs in and out of. You don't have to worry about where the water goes. The water is the right temperature and they have this cool device that softly distributes it everywhere. They provide the shampoo, conditioner, towels, brushes, smocks, and finally a blow dryer. They don't like the blow dryer but they're on top of a table, not on my bathroom floor. They can't escape!I used to get them bathed once a month. Now I go every 3 weeks and sometimes I go sooner just because it's so easy to get the smelly dog clean. More...


Tracy V.

9 May 2012

My dog has a great time here and is exhausted from playing all day when we pick her up.  It's great to be able to watch the dogs on camera and see how they behave when your'e not around. Karen is very kind and gets to know each dog and their preferences.  They get walked during the day, too so they're not enclosed together constantly. More...


Michel H.

12 April 2012

We rescued our doggie on a Sunday afternoon at a dog park adoption fair.  He was in BAD shape and Karen went above and beyond to treat our Oliver for fleas and over 30 ticks he had on a Sunday past 5pm after closing time.  Now THAT's dedicaton and love for animals.  She didn't even want to charge us!  I believe she felt our desire to save this little puppy.   It is hard to put into words just how unsual our experience was. People just don't do that nowadays.  Well they do. Karen does.  This is precisely the kind of person that SHOULD be running this kind of business, and it makes me feel like my doggies are getting the best care possible, and that's what I want for my doggies.  Thank you Karen. More...


Laura M.

5 April 2012

I take my dogs here for day care and baths quite often.  Karen always knows their names and is great to them!  I like also that you can see the entire dog space and check in on a web cam all day.  It sounds crazy but they pull towards the door when we walk by.  Great! More...


Dawn M.

17 March 2012

HOME AWAY FROM HOME!Some might say my pup Miss Ellie is, um, pampered.She's as sweet as can be but she think she is not only a person but a princess! I wonder whose fault that is.She is a 7-year-old Maltese and being left alone is her most unfavorite thing in the world.After being poisoned by a dog food company 4 years ago and almost dying, we have just appreciated her even more than we did before. She is a miracle pup and we treat her accordingly. But the situation did make her more sensitive and susceptible to ailments.So when I first went to Eco Dog (required immunization record in hand), I was totally prepared to explain that Miss Ellie is high maintenance.Miss Karen, as I call her, owns Eco-Dog and has an extrasensory perceptiveness and sensitivity to pups. Miss Karen knew us vaguely from our walks and knew Miss Ellie by name before we even told her. My pup is quite the little socialite of our Wilshire Vista neighborhood.She reached out to take Miss Ellie and held her like she was her own.Miss Ellie was shaking but as home as she could ever be anywhere besides our home.Everyone who takes their dog to Eco Dog seems to think that Miss Karen pays very special attention to their dog. She makes you feel like your dog is the most important dog in the universe.And that is the nicest, safest feeling in the world.I wouldn't take my little princess anywhere else. Eco Dog listens to her needs and makes her feel safe and content.Miss Ellie was looking a little green one day and Miss Karen even took her to her doctor's office down the street, Dr.Rattan, because she thought it could be serious.That's how thoughtful she is.I truly can't say enough good things about Eco Dog and Miss Karen.Bonus? When I take her for her weekly $25 beautiful bath, daycare for the day is included. Nice. You simply won't find a better home away from home for your best friends. More...


Robert M.

22 December 2011

I love these guys... but more importantly... my dog fred loves these guys... they are great people... Fred does doggie-day care with them 3-4 xs a week. Everyone is always so helpful, cheerful and nice... More...


Mark M.

12 December 2011

Great staff, great owner, absolutely love that this is in the neighborhood, and I can trust that my pups are safe, clean, healthy, and well taken care of while I'm away.


Anna J.

3 December 2011

yippee! My babies are nice and clean!  We brought our German Shepherd and Corgi in for self wash.  We're double trouble with our two children!....Corgi is bossy with other dogs and will throw down if given the chance....Shepherd is protective and can't be trusted unless he's properly introduced to someone.  So, I normally wash them at home, but it leaves such a mess!!  I am soooo happy I found this place!  Walked in with our pooches and were immediately greeted by friendly staff who directed us to a gated off wash basin and drying area.  It was very clean and fully stocked with natural based shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning liquid, brushes, towels, organic cotton, plastic apron (I didn't see until it was too late!!), and a blow dryer!  The tub had a ramp so it was easy for our big boy to get in.  He didn't realize it was a trap and happily walked up....should have seen his face when he realized it was bath time!...almost felt bad for him:)  heheNext time I'm sure it won't be so easy to fool him!We were out of there quickly, leaving with two brand new pups!  I didn't even recognize them!! ha ha AND my back wasn't killing me AND I didn't have a mess to clean up!  I'll definitely be back!  Also, the doggie day care areas looked clean and well managed.  No bad smells when we walked in.  I saw staff in there with the dogs often and even saw a young girl playing with all the little dogs.  They ALL laid with her in the big doggie bed!  So cute.  Dogs looked very happy! More...


Erin A.

29 October 2011

The best place to take your pooch! Doing it again today, in fact. I wash my golden retriever here all the time and it takes forever but instead of rushing me the manager will throw on an apron and help me get out all of Ringo's naps! For no extra charge...what's more, it's priced well for the area and the products are good for mother earth and my lovable pup. 5 thumbs way up! More...


Dori H.

20 October 2011

My sister friend Lauren suggested this place and I am glad I did they did an excellent job in taming my dog matted hair so I say go!


Dan I.

15 September 2011

Eco Dog Wash & Daycare is the best!  I went in for my first time and received awesome service from the staff and owner.  They have a super clean facility and it actually has the aroma of a nice spa.  Although they get super busy it was enjoyable to see each animal and owner receives special attention.  I know they also work with organizations raising awareness about homeless animals and adoptions, like  Best Friends Animal Society.  The prices are fair and your pet comes home happy each    time! More...


India C.

10 September 2011

We love this place! Owner and staff are always very friendly and helpful! Our dog Jack Sparrow got a good washing today and a little playtime after. Great addition to the Wilshire-Vista neighborhood. More...


Jason F.

1 September 2011

I took Cassie (my Corgi mix) in here today for a bath and Karen, the owner, was great. She explained to me how all the gear worked and after I bathed and dried the dog, she even gave her a brushing and de-Furminator-ing for me while I hung out. Karen also bakes homemade dog treats and I fed those to Cassie while we chatted. The bath was only $14 and to me that's well worth it for the ease of using waist-high basins instead of stooping over my own tub. Plus they have all the shampoo and water you could want. I'll definitely be going back. More...


cynthia m.

29 August 2011

Karen, Eco Dog's proprietor, is an amazing resource!  To the neighborhood and to the larger dog community.  She has a huge heart and an excellent business head and manner.  She's loving to the dogs, super competent, and so knowledgeable.  The place has a zen-chill quality, and Karen is hyper-hands-on responsible.  I don't think a dog could do better than Eco Dog.  (I've taken all of my dogs there for a variety of services from grooming -- awesome job, fair price, Tara rocks! -- to day care to anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.)  I'm extremely scrutinizing when it comes to Olive, Rosie, and the foster gang.  I trust Karen, and I love the business she's created! More...


Mimi H.

24 August 2011

Me and Mr Aitch  usually take the furry beast (understatement: constantly  shedding Akita) to Tailwashers, together, a family activity. So much hair fluff and fuzz, it really does take two to get the dog clean.  But the furry was  really needed a bath and I was by myself. Just for fun I decided to try Eco-Wash.Pros:  Walk-ins welcome. Parking super-easy. Individual cubicles. Clean tub, floor. Well-lit.  Relaxed, casual atmoshpere. A really neat curved wand thing that made dog washing very quick and thorough. Hot and cold easy to control. Generous ear cleaning set-up.Cons: The thing you use to secure the dog's neck/head was difficult to use. The outlet for the blow dryer wasn't GFI. It concerned me,because, well you know how water and electricity are... The last but not least con is there was no one available to express anal glands. My dog hates this but will tolerate it at bath-time. I hate to miss a chance to get this taken care of.I will be back, not as a regular, but the next time I need to  do a solo wash.******Update! Eco Wash paid attention and followed up with helpful comments so Im adding another star! More...


Dominic L.

19 August 2011

What an awesome addition to the neighborhood!  I will never take Mason to PetCo again for a bath!  Many thanks to Karen for running such a great shop - and within walking distance from the house!


David P.

3 August 2011

After lots of visits for fun and several grooming sessions, I'm happy to report that Eco Dog Wash is  still.... The BEST in every way!...  Wonderful people doing great work with a caring and fun-loving attitude. It's our two dogs' second home.Affordable, convenient, and a local business. That's as good as it gets! More...


Ryan H.

2 August 2011

Took Murray & Owen in again for another spa/play date at EDW and both their hair cuts are just perfect.  Karen & her staff are top notch and truly love & care about the animals that run the show.  During my visit yesterday Karen spotted a large dog that was in the middle of the intersecting street just south of Pico heading for the busy boulevard. Without hesitation Karen grabbed my leash and ran into traffic playing Frogger to save the doggie...I followed in chase.  With the help of some film production people we were able to get the dog safely on the leash and back to EDW...where he later received a way overdue washing (complimentary). Hope his owner claims him soon and schedules him for a much need grooming. More...


Sara L.

31 July 2011

Eco Dog Wash and Daycare is a wonderful place for dogs.  We were excited for them before they even opened, as giving my 90-something pound labrador a bath has been something of a huge fight that usually ends in more dirt and mud in the yard than anything else.  Sometimes we'd go to Petco, but much preferred to do it ourselves because they leave the dogs in cages for hours on end (my dog isn't crated and doesn't like them).  Anyway, Eco dog has SUPER DUPER affordable baths for $25.  OR you can bathe your dog yourself for $14-$18 (depending on size).  If you do it yourself, which we sometimes opt for, they have eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner that leaves my doggie smelling delicious.  They have clean towels and shams, brushes of all sorts, and these great rubber glove/brushes that you can scrub the dog with.Karen, the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about pups, but more importantly, she cares immensely about every single one of them.  My girlfriend buys our dog's fancy-ass food here here because it's less expensive than the same brand at Centinela, and we like to support the place.We've never had to give our dog daycare here, but it's wonderful, as they have separate areas for big and small dogs, and they even have live cameras on the daycare areas where you can check up o your dog while you're away!  AWESOME!  Thanks, Karen!  We LOVE you! More...


Arash G.

27 July 2011

Went back for a second time with both my dogs and the experience was even better than the first! This is a great, inexpensive, no hassle alternative to the groomers. The rinsing wand they have gets the job done soo much quicker than my shower hose, and they will even apply flea stuff afterwards for a few extra bucks! The owner is usually there and its obvious she wants everyone to leave happy :-) More...


Kathy M.

15 July 2011

I brought my lwd ( little white dog ) as Karen the owner called her ! into Eco yesterday for the 1st time and I Just have to say how very pleased I was. It was a pleasure to meet someone who seems to not only love her job but is a kind and loving person herself and to animals. This is a wonderful facility! There is a large area for dogs that is there for "day care" and they all looked so content and happy in their space. When I went to pick up my little maltese she was holding her! It really made me feel good and she was so clean and fluffy!! The price was very fair and I will be going back to Karen many more times..Highly Recommend!!!! More...


Efierce-Ah I.

6 July 2011

I've gone to Eco Dog four times now and I'm upping to 5 stars.  They sell very high quality pet food, their trash liners are biodegradable, the owner remembers my dog's name every time we come in, I wasn't feeling well during our last visit and Karen really went out of her way to help me get comfortable.Please patronize this joint.  You'll be happy you did.  Prices are reasonable and they offer discounts for frequent customers. More...


Nadia M.

29 June 2011

Great find yet again thanks to fellow Yelpers! Looked to find a new place where I can give my dogs baths myself and have them groomed occasionally. Economical and Eco-friendly.......enough said! This is a place to be at.The store is very spacious, clean, free parking in the back. I met Karen, the owner, who is a super helpful. She knows what she is doing.First I came here with my two Westies for a self-wash. Clean stalls, natural shampoo + conditioner for shiny coat, magic wand brand shower head, great water pressure, clean towels, brushes, ear cleaner with cotton swabs --------- this is all in each self-wash stall. My Westies smelled and looked great long after their baths.A few days later brought my Bulldog here for a basic wash. Cannot be happier with the service as well.This is definitely a place where I will be taking my dogs from now on. A little far from my house, but totally worth the drive.Thanks, Karen! More...


chip g.

21 June 2011

Having come home to California with my two standard poodles, I was very fortunate to find an eco friendly place to bath my dogs. To say that this is the Cadillac of dog washes is an understatement.  The attention to detail is remarkable, reflected in that everything I could think of needing was there, and then some, to wash and dry my dogs.  From the shampoos and conditioners, hand wands and made for dogs baths with ramps, eye and ear cleaners, air blowers and dryers, brushes of all types, shami's and towels, liniments,  a finishing table, etc., Karen and her staff, besides being pleasant to a fault, have really thought of everything.  The proof of the pudding is when I leave with my dogs. They look good, smell good and unbelievably (to those that have bathed their dogs for awhile), they are dry.  Oh and they get a treat to boot.  Great job been done by all. Thank you. More...


Emily K.

13 June 2011

Best Dog Wash on the Westside!  Owner, Karen, is welcoming and provides an excellent experience.  My dog is older and she even has equipment to make it easier to go up and down the ramps.  The baths are wider which is great and there is a soft rubber surface so my dog was way more comfortable than the places we went to before.  The dogs at the daycare looked so happy and content.  Unlike Chateau Marmutt, the dogs are part of the store.  They aren't cloistered in the back where they can't look out the window or be part of the store.  This place is a must for anyone who wants the best for their pooch. More...


Heather P.

7 June 2011

I LOVE this place! It's clean, reasonably priced and I feel 100% comfortable leaving my dogs there, and I have many times.  Karen is always happy, helpful and loving to my dogs from the moment we enter the facility. I live in the valley and there are dozens of places I could take my 2 Wirehaired Dachshunds, however, my choice, without question is Eco Dog! More...


Lauren S.

27 May 2011

I am very picky when it comes to leaving my puppy in the hands of someone else, as he is just a baby and my child :):). The place looks a little sketchy from the outside, but I guarantee you that inside is just fine! If you get your dog groomed you can leave them in day care for the entire day! How great is that Also, they separate the big dogs and small dogs, and you can watch online! Bentley looked extremely happy and adorable when I picked him up, he didn't want to leave! Only 35$ for him to be groomed and nails trimmed, and since they usually have good deals on yelp I got 20% off for that. I will definitely be returning. More...


Michelle L.

17 May 2011

I love this place. I have utilized the self serve dog wash. The products are terrific and they have nice equipment and great dryers. I especially like the water nozzle they have in the washing stations. Really helps to get the dog clean and rinsed down to the skin. Everyone was very nice and helpful. They are also really supportive of rescue and we like to take our Westside German Shepherd Rescue dogs there to wash before the go to adoption events. There is a nice big parking lot out back too. Easy place to get to and utilize their services. More...


N G.

17 May 2011

I have been to Eco Dog Wash at least 30 times ..This place and people work there and Karen absulately wonderful. It is very clean, smells good, they give you everything you need, towels, best shampoo, brushs, stuff for ear cleaning ,eye cleaning, drier etc.Karen is such a wonderful person and real dog lover . She lets me take rescue dogs there to wash them . I used to wash my own dogs at home myself but since I realy love this place , I am happy to go all the way there to wash them.There is nothing bad about this place, you need to go and experience it yourself..You will love it.. More...


Sandra M.

16 May 2011

Dropped off my pups for the first time on a random day, with no appointment. They were able to squeeze me in to get my pups fully groomed. I dropped them off at 11am and I was able to pick them up around 3pm. They looked super cute and were very proud of their cut. The good thing is that the pups get to wait in the day care section while they wait for their cut. Not too shabby for me since I used to drop them off at another pet place where they would hold them for hours in a kennel. This location has a parking lot a little further up the street. More...


Cynthia A.

13 May 2011

I for one am delighted that we have a (self) Dog Wash on this side of town!  I don't know the name of the woman who is normally there...but she is very friendly and helpful. I love the casual atmosphere and I think my little dog appreciates it as well. I've noticed that some of her helpers are not as informed, but I just pass it off to them being new.  That being said, they are still very helpful and nice. I have never had a bad experience and I will continue to bring my dog here for her baths. More...


Eva V.

6 May 2011

This is going to be kind of confusing review because I've given this place four stars when it was actually more of a two-star experience. This much I can say: this place has great prices, great products, good parking, and a great concept. What didn't work was the ambiance and the customer service. I came in about a week ago with a dog I was fostering. He's a big puppy who is still being socialized, so I was nervous when I opened the door to a cacophony of barking and dogs running loose around the building. The woman working there asked if my dog was friendly, and when I said that he usually is she let me inside (what would she have done if I said 'no'?) where her dog then bit my dog on the nose. No harm was done, I just think it's risky to have a dog running loose who might get physical with other dogs. Once we got my dog in the bath everything went well, except for when we had to pay. Trying to conduct any kind of transaction while you are holding onto a wet and freaked-out pit puppy with dogs going berzerk in the background and loose dogs leaping around is pretty close to impossible. The woman working there seemed oblivious to my predicament, however.So yes, a good deal, but I think I'll be better off taking my dogs to a more serene environment. More...


stewart d.

19 April 2011

there hasnt been a place my bubba ganoush balls likes more than eco dog wash. from the wash to his friends, eco wash makes him the happiest pup in town. the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and you cant beat the price - you definitely get some bang for your buck! highly recommended - your pooch will thank you! More...


M P.

19 April 2011

What a wonderful, friendly, cage-free, eco-friendly neighborhood groomer/doggie day care!  I could not have been more pleased by our first grooming visit today.  They treated my senior dog like royalty and with tremendous affection.  The owner is a sweetheart, not to mention a major dog-lover, and was very fastidious about getting my dog's vaccination records before allowing him to hang out with the other dogs and roam the facilities.  They also have cameras monitoring everything, so you can check in and watch your dog on line while you are out.Very reasonable prices too! More...


Beth S.

7 April 2011

Personally, I have 3 cats and no dogs.   However, I am almost thinking I should get a dog so I would have an excuse to hang out and use  Eco Dog Wash & Daycare.  What a concept!The place is a knock-out.  Simple, but with a very well-thought out design and layout with dedicated spaces for play,  individual bathing pens, retail dog items scattered throughout...even hand made sweaters and blankets.   The finishes &  colors are calming and happy.  The place is clean as a whistle.  All this and built with great reverence to the environment as well.    Very clever indeed.Over the years I have seen Karen walking in the neighborhood with many different  dogs & cats,   She has rescued many and has so much compassion....I must say that Karen and her sister together have created a welcome addition to our ever changing neighborhood Pico Blvd. I am VERY IMPRESSED (and it is not easy to impress me!)Good luck! More...


Jay S.

4 April 2011

Best pet wash in LA! Karen has set up an open, airy, sunny space with large dog-friendly tubs, a super-friendly staff, and amenities that make  the experience stress-free for both pets and owners. This is our new HQ for the monthly bath! More...


Toni M.

14 March 2011

Stella the Corgi is a fretful girl.  She hates her bath.  I have taken her to numerous groomers around town and she comes out traumatized and shaken.  I've tried to bathe her at home and I come out traumatized and shaken!  Enter Eco Dog, one of our new neighbors in Picfair Village.  And Thank God for them.  I have just given Stella a bath in a proper tub with proper equipment and we both have come out smiling!!!!  And to top it off, the lovely owner Karen only asked for $14 (small dog)!!!!!  What a deal, what a morning!  If you have a dog and have been paying city prices, if you have a dog who hates the bath, oh hell... if you have a dog... run, don't walk to Eco Dog!!!!  We love this place!!!Toni Miller More...


Patti R.

12 March 2011

There is no possible way that it gets any better for my dog and me when it's time for his bath.  $18  It saves my back and my drain!  Not only does he smell like a dreamboat from whatever shampoo and conditioner, but it is SOOOOO affordable and super nice.I attend a pilates class very closeby so I walked in one day and talked to the groomer ( you can self-serve or book a full-service appointment with the very nice groomer).  I asked if she thought it would be possible to bring my dog in first thing in the morning, let him stay there for an hour and THEN allow me to walk from pilates to groom him myself.  She said she believed it would be.  Well, I had a plan B the next day but was willing to go in before pilates and meet the owner Karen and ask her myself.  I had the heebie geebies worried that she'd be a whacko, cat lady-type.  Karen, the owner looked like your typical dog person (and I say this with love having been a dog groomer myself for 13 years!).  It's kind of a messy job with drool getting everywhere and always cleaning up pee so you have to be comfortable and your mind has to stay flexible because dogs are animals not people and they do what they want.  Now, here's the difference with Karen (and I think anyone who has had bad experiences with groomers will find it refreshing), she's not craaaaazy or suffering from some anti-social disorder!  Believe me, gotta watch the crazy dog people who speak "dog" but not "people".  Well, she was so extremely friendly, I felt like I'd known her my whole life.  We had so much in common and she knew exactly the kind of dog people I was talking about.  Whew!  She fell in love with my Walter and I just knew another ritual with Walter for my days off HAD to be initiated.  Goes like this: walk, pilates, eco-wash, pick up order from Chic of orange rosemary oliveoil cake (placed in Walter's little saddlebag) and walk back home!  Yay!Well, as I started to groom Walter in the convenient, waist-high tub with a ramp, I realized his irritated rear had become REALLY irritated and enlarged.  In fact, his right anal gland had become impacted!  I was embarrassed having had so much experience grooming dogs but I had expressed them both recently and I thought his bum was irritated due to a particular bone I no longer give him.  Karen called a mobile vet to see Walter since we were on foot.  That vet took care of him and gave me all the instructions I needed to care for him.  Evidently, the mobile vet thought as highly of Karen as I did and suggested that in lieu of her fee, I make a donation to Karen and Eco Dog's grand opening that was happening the next day.  I did!  I bought a ton of treats as well!  This whole ordeal cost me a good chunk of time and very little money.  Do you know what?  Karen offered to take us home!  Wow.  Just wow.  Good peeps.Despite, the painful ordeal with his big bum, Walter was excited the next time we came into Eco Dog.  Karen remembered us and even called Walter by his name.  Every time we walk by she waves and makes it feel like a neighborhood.  Pico is really picking up.  I'm so glad it didn't become a ridiculous one-way street like they were trying to do.  Karen really plugged her neighboring businesses such as "Paper or Plastik" a cool coffee shop above a dance studio (you can actually watch dancers!).  Because of her recommendation and praise of the owners, I go there for pistachio tea loaf a little too often.  I don't do coffee.  I have too much energy.  Thanks, Karen.  Walter says, "Ruff" but he can't mean that! More...


Lisa T.

14 February 2011

I am thrilled that Eco Dog Wash has come to our neighborhood!   My goofy hound dog, Mason does not like his bath much at all - but he had a great time at Eco Dog Wash!  Of course, I felt embarrassed when he serenaded everyone when we walked in - he does this everywhere - he's very musical!   The staff was so friendly, accomodating and had a great sense of humor.  His groomer didn't take it personally either when he tried to escape like a little bull trying to get out of his stall!  I walked over and got a coffee at Paper or Plastik while he was being washed and he got some social time with the other pups in the play pen until I came back.  It only took about 1/2 hour and he left sparkling and smelling lovely!Parking is free and off of Genessee Ave - side street off Pico - in a fenced lot labled "Eco Dog Parking."  Bath rates are $18 DIY or $25 for the professional staff to bathe your pup.  Groomers are available by appointment for haircuts, etc.  You can just walk in for a nail trim on the weekend - much to Mason's dismay - we'll be going back for a puppy pedicure next week.  Speaking of - the Grand Opening is this Saturday, February 19th.  We're definitely stopping by to support  Karen and her staff and welcome them to our doggie-friendly neighborhood! More...


Sydney H.

5 February 2011

There is finally a really great dog wash on this side of town! Staff was friendly, knowledgable, and accommodating. Parking is easy, bath rates are very reasonable, and the space was super clean and bright. My canine baby left sparkling clean and very happy. Can't wait to go back! More...