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Aileen Smart

7 November 2018

I am so happy with my new portrait from Eclpst! These guys are amazing and I enthusiastically recommend their services!


Doug Von Gausig

3 July 2018

I don't know how to adequately recommend Eclpst. After a single one-hour meeting, they deeply understood my mission, how I wanted my business presented, and even my design scheme. I presented them with an "I hope you can. . . " idea, and they came back with a "Yeah we did!". I worked as a web developer for five years, and I've never been more happy to hire someone else to do a better job than I could. They are amazing, and you'd be well-advised to hire them. If you don't believe me, check out some of their work at "tapz network . com". (I can't put a proper URL into the review. Figure it out.) More...


Carrie Michelle

17 March 2018

Eclpst LLC shooting photos and footage was amazing! They’re so easy-going and truly know how to make you feel comfortable and have fun! Look forward to working with you all again! More...