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Michelle Vitagliano Taranto

1 May 2019

I’d never tried reiki before I saw Leslie but she came highly recommended and after just speaking with her on the phone I could understand why. Six sessions later with no plans to stop, I am hooked! It’s the most relaxing hour of my week and Leslie is an old soul who I wish I had met years ago. She’s kind, soft spoken, attentive and she truly cares about your well-being. Her office is clean, comfortable and serene. I look forward to every session and leave feeling calm and at peace. More...


Jeanette Lynn

7 November 2018

I started seeing Leslie for Reiki in Jan of 2018, after my first miscarriage and before starting my second round of IVF. I was hesitant, as I had never done Reiki before but I needed to do everything I could to heal- physically and mentally. The sessions start with a short catch up, and then it turns into the most relaxing, stress free, healing time of my week. Our Reiki sessions leave me feeling positive, energized and as if a weight was lifted. Leslie is one of those people who just gives off good vibes. She’s calming, she’s positive, she’s someone I completely trust. Seeing her has been a lifesaver for me. I was crushed after losing our pregnancy and was in a bad place. Working with Leslie gave me hope, took away my fear, negativity and anxiety. Sessions with her changed my mindset and how i felt physically. I am now 21 weeks pregnant with our son, still seeing Leslie and I give credit to her for getting me this far. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Leslie and i HIGHLY recommend her! More...


Lisa Reardon

26 October 2018

Are you looking to focus on your own health and well-being Check out Eclipse Life and Wellness! I had an amazing Reiki session with Jennifer. I left feeling so relaxed and centered, I didn’t realize how much I needed that hour to re-focus. Jennifer has such a warm and calming nature. Her positivity is infectious and I can’t wait to try one of her yoga classes. Highly recommend! More...


Lynne Pike

6 October 2018

I am loving my Reiki sessions with Leslie Noriega Hallahan! She is a special soul, with a natural ability to be an energetic conduit. She is so attuned to allowing my energy to open up and move more freely. This is an amazing process. I am so grateful to have started this journey with you! Thank you!! More...


Nancy Conner Price

6 October 2018

Leslie is amazing. I had never had reiki before her and she sets a really high bar. She is so compassionate. She dedicates an impressive amount of time to listening to what’s going to me and the sessions never feels rushed. The reiki itself is so meditative. No matter how stressed or distracted I am when I walk in, her warmth disarms me and I end up having a deep, almost spiritual experience. It definitely balances and focuses me. Highly recommend! More...


Ann Antolini

19 June 2018

I recently had an awesome Reiki session with Jennifer and left feeling more relaxed and centered than I have felt in a very long time! I highly recommend Jennifer Schorr Lynn More...

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