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Eric Michael Clarke is a Chicago-based award winning event photographer with a focus in the commercial field. Eric has been producing quality work for as long as he can remember, and has spent his life forwarding his creative abilities. He has spent many years studying both domestically and internationally, and has frequently shot alongside masters with the intent of learning even more about his work.


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Jack Heyden

28 July 2019

Highly professional and a breeze to work with. Eric has the ability to provide a creative and elegant touch to events where others likely couldn't find it. I'd absolutely recommend him for any large-scale event work in and around Chicago. More...


Catherine Hedel Clarke

10 February 2019

Eric is the utmost professional, he's always on time and in most cases early to the shoot or event, and his deliverables are always the highest quality. 10/10 would recommend him for any event no matter how big or small. More...


Alexander Giersch

24 January 2019

Eric has consistently shown a high level of quality, reliability and professionalism in his work. He is also easy to get along with on a shoot, which can make a major difference in the experience and work you receive. Highly recommended.


Connor Scott

23 January 2019

Great photography, always makes sure to work with clients to best fit their needs.


Martika G.

10 January 2018

Eric is a fire event an fashion photographer. He has his own style of photography that is fresh and compelling. He puts his clients at ease and documents your event well.


shawn behrends

26 May 2017

Very professional and friendly. I'd highly recommend him for any residential or commercial photography work!


Knowing where to be at the right moment to capture the perfect image

Where will you be posting the images I create for you. Are they for web/social media use?

The ability to capture what unfolds in front of me to tell a compelling story

To achieve my full potential and aspire to be better than what I am

I go above and beyond when shooting any event that I am at.



I provide a photojournalist approach to event photography to capture great candids while not shying away from being able to pose people for posed shots.