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Business Consultant and Public Speaker.

Comprehensive business planning and strategy, including pre-formatted business planning documents.
Creative strategy development and mentoring.
Elite influence and communication models to improve sales and leadership.


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13 October 2018

Emma has a way of getting you to realise things you didn’t know before, she has helped me to gain so much clarity. She has given me the tools I needed to change my mindset and up level my business through her High Flyers Exclusive programme. I would recommend Emma to anyone who is looking for support. She is extremely understanding but will also make sure you are fulfilling your full potential. I can confidently say I am a better business women because of her. She helped me overcome mental blocks and develop a much stronger mindset, which I believe is the most important element of health and business. More...

13 October 2018

I initially asked a group of wedding photographers for recommendations for a great business coach, because starting your own business when you've just left uni is one of the most difficult things I've ever decided to do. I was given Emma's contact and messaged her. Straight away she was interested in what I was trying to achieve, and we set up our first appointment as a 30 minute video chat (which was great and inspiring). Emma has a way of keeping you excited about your venture especially when things seem bleak and tough. I love being a part of the eclarity coaching group, the little challenges that she sets us are mind opening. Emma is very different to most business coaches that I've come across, because she is very dedicated to the people that come to her for help,she even recommended a coarse to me for young people wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of business; I did it and it was amazing. So I would 100% recommend emma to anybody who is needing that extra shove (I already have). More...

9 August 2018

Emma talked to me when she saw the scattered mess I was in. Her honesty and guidance, in every conversation we have had, has helped me refocus again, and brought me back into a direction that can so easlily be lost when working towards success. She is pure and amazing, so do yourself and your business a favor, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Thank you Emma! More...

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Supporting SME business owners to overcome resistance in growth through creative strategy. I thoroughly enjoy working with large organisations in my Associate roles, however start up growth is most rewarding for me. I understand how difficult it is to get your business off the ground and have consistent growth, the resistance and overwhelm that is faced in the early stages of business and the difficulties that arise when choosing to invest in business support.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my business career and I wish to make this journey as enjoyable and yield as much success for others.

Following a severe mental and physical health breakdown, I put my career as an Intensive Care Nurse on hold and created two beautiful businesses, which are fuelled by my mission to improve access to, and standards of, mental health care.

My JOY is Piffy & Egg, an eCommerce business creating happiness through art in aid of the mental health charity, Mind. Using art therapy as a low level intervention for mental health recovery, Piffy and Egg also serves as an active campaign. We are currently in the planning stages to relaunch as a charity in 2020, improving access to mental health care. Piffy has been featured on BBC News and radio, ITV News and Virgin, as well as having great support from mental health Ambassadors at Mind and The Prince's Trust.

Supported by The Prince’s Trust and having completed 6 months on the Natwest Accelerator Programme, I have had an excellent start in business. I am proud to now be a Prince's Trust Ambassador, supporting other young people to develop their skills and working with staff to improve well being. I have represented the Trust at incredible events such as an evening in business with Victoria Beckham OBE and the Watches of Switzerland 100 Year Celebration. I am also a primary member of the women's panel and mental health forum.

EClarity Coaching has seen me working with some outstanding individuals, and more recently I have adapted strategies to deliver in the corporate setting. I am a Business Associate with the Applied Influence Group and Be Well; improving communication, influence, strategy and well being in the work place.

I guest lecture at local universities, interview prospective student nurses and am a member of the Curriculum Development Team for the nursing programme (HEE and NMC). I am also a peer researcher at Northumbria University, mapping out the NHS funded tertiary services in the North East to improve care and communication across the region. I remain a practising registered nurse and study MSc Psychology.

I have a breadth of knowledge across business, health and educational fields which inspires both a logical and lateral analysis of your business needs. My engagement with large organisations translates in to SME business growth strategy and I am always willing to signpost to my partner organisations where appropriate, to ensure we resolve issues effectively and progress at a high standard.

My consulting style is supported by peer reviewed research methods and experience as a Business Associate with multiple organisations working with global tech giants to independent retailers.

If I feel you are better suited to someone else, I will make sure to introduce you. I am very transparent about this as I always strive to ensure best outcomes are achieved for both myself and others.