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Our website platform offers a number of benefits over those of competitors, but chief among them are faster page-load speeds, content which adapts to the user's device, and the ability to personalise content. Page speed not only increases user engagement, but is a factor in Google search rankings.



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Great apps and websites are focused on the user, which means having a clear idea of who they are, where they are in their journey and what you want them to think, feel and do on the site and with the app. Instead of asking yourself, 'What do I want to say about myself?', start by asking 'What do my customers want to know and what do I want them to do?'

Our website personalisation tools mean that you can create personalised experiences for individual customers rather than just a generic, one-size-fits-all site. These tools are only usually available on enterprise-level web platforms and can therefore help you stand out from your competition.

Globally, 60% of web searches are now made on mobile devices (Hitwise, 2017), so it's a given that your site should work on mobile. But research by Smart Insights, shows that only a small number of people will use only a mobile or a desktop. Instead, they use multiple devices. These 'multi-channel customers' expect a consistent multi-channel web experience. If your business isn't delivering it, your competition will. So, the challenge is to create a single site that delivers a consistent experience whatever device is being used to view it.

What's more, whether you're looking to deliver that customer experience on a mobile app, a responsive website, or a fully adaptive website, speed is of the essence. Connecting customers with your content quickly will lower bounce rates, increase engagement and, ultimately, conversions (Walmart reported that by reducing their page load time by one second they saw a 2 percent increase in traffic, and every 1/10 second decrease of page load time saw an incremental conversion of 1 percent). So, our sites are built to be lightning-fast as well as beautiful.

As a minimum, please include a paragraph or two on what it is that you're looking to achieve in your Bark listing - otherwise, there's no information on which to base a quote. Is it a new site? Are you selling a product or service and want to take payment online? Or do you have examples of other sites you like (or don't like)?

It's also a good to have an idea of your content. How many pages will your site have? How you see it being structured and any examples of styles, visuals, tone-of-voice that you like (or don't like).

And, if possible, outline what problem the site or app will solve for your customers!

Creative problem solving and variety, both in terms of the solutions we develop and range of small businesses we help. Ultimately, though, in an age where the high street is more competitive than ever, helping small businesses get closer to their customers means helping them ensure their longer-term success - and that feels great.

Having spent 20+ years in London and Cambridge working at leading advertising and digital marketing agencies for large, international clients, I wanted to bring some of the positive benefits of the technologies used to small businesses who are often excluded because of the cost of development. Our mobile apps and websites level the playing field, meaning that small, independent businesses can compete with big chains for the hearts and minds of their customers.

Rather than just selling apps and websites, we like to think we're helping our customers to attract more customers and grow their businesses. Our website personalisation tools help you build ongoing campaigns to get you ever closer to your customers. And mobile apps can help you get more footfall in quiet periods.

As well as core web and app building services, we can help with design and copywriting, if required - so we're a one-stop shop.

Our processes are streamlined to ensure timely delivery and a smooth journey.

And, last but not least, we talk in plain English, not techo-speak - so, you can be confident in each step you take as we move forward.



Visit shinyappypeople.com to see how our lightning-fast sites could help you attract more customers and grow your business. As well as responsive or adaptive sites that load quickly on any device you can add personalisation to make your customer experience even better.

Discover how a mobile app can help your business boost sales at shinyappypeople.com