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"You actually have limitless options when you’re in the market for a new car in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania. You could lease a vehicle from virtually any dealership. They’d be happy to help you — but the fact is, dealerships can’t begin to offer you the same benefits as eAutoLease.com.

That’s because eAutoLease.com is second-to-none when it comes to variety and customer service. Choose from a large selection and get the most competitive prices available. eAutoLease.com takes pride in its no-pressure sales, unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. The incredible convenience of shopping for your auto lease online is a sure-fire way to cut the stress of car shopping.

All Makes and Models

Forget the hassle and frustration of running around to different dealerships in the Tri-State area with limited stock and inventory. You deserve to drive exactly what you want. With eAutoLease.com, you can see every make and model available on the market today, including all of the top brand-name automobiles:

The list goes on and on with few, if any, limits. You don’t even have to settle for what’s available in NYC because of the many connections the pros at eAutoLease.com have developed. You can drive the car you want without having to waste hours of frantic searching. And you can do it all right on your laptop, phone or any other device with an Internet connection.

Lowest Prices, Best Service

eAutoLease.com doesn’t run a traditional car lot. It’s that lack of overhead that’s evident in your savings. Since your vehicle comes directly from the manufacturer, your eAutoLease.com Automotive Expert can negotiate the best possible deal for you. Because eAutoLease.com values your business, your experience and satisfaction is what matters most. They get you the best vehicle for the best price.

You have access to Automotive Experts who are always ready to assist you with the purchase of your next vehicle. There aren’t any pushy salesmen or hidden fees. eAutoLease.com encourages you to browse the inventory at your leisure. No pressure. When you’re ready, you initiate contact by:

Calling a representative directly at +1 718-871-2277
Sending a message through the contact form
Emailing a representative at Info@eAutoLease.com
Using the Chat With Us feature on the website to get an immediate response
Incredibly Convenient

eAutoLease.com has proven that convenience and excellence are the only standards to beat. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Take the guesswork out of car shopping. You can even finalize your financing through eAutoLease.com, where approval rates remain at about 90 percent.

Once you’ve completed all the paperwork and received your approval for financing, eAutoLease.com delivers your new vehicle right to your door. And the delivery is free of charge. It’s customer care like this that distinguishes eAutoLease.com from New York competitors."

Working Hours:
Mon - Thu: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Fri: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Sat: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Sun: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Payment: cash, check, credit cards

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3820 Nostrand Ave, #107
Brooklyn, NY 11235

eAutolease Reviews

eAutolease Reviews

Review of eAutolease by Piero Bruno
5 17/06/2018 Piero Bruno

My wife and I are first time car leasers and drivers. Ben Majtara, from E Auto Lease was amazing and so easy to work with. Ben made this whole process smooth and effortless. He was knowledgeable, patient, and very professional. He got us a great car for a great price. If you’re a first time leaser/buyer, E Auto Lease is the place to go! Ben, I’ve probably thanked you a hundred times already, but thanks again! You’re amazing!

Review of eAutolease by Vladimir Mironenko
5 08/06/2018 Vladimir Mironenko

This was my first car lease. Felix spent a half hour on the phone with me, explaining the logistics, discussing what car would be best for me, comparing car prices and then finding a great deal on the perfect car. The application process took less than 5 minutes; I received a response in another 10 minutes, and the car was delivered to my home the next day. Can't ask for anything more. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Review of eAutolease by jon j
5 28/05/2018 jon j

Felix is the best!! Usually getting new cars are a pain but Felix really makes it so easy and actually enjoyable. This is the second car I have received from him and honestly couldn't be happier with the price or service! I have referred many family and friends to him and received very similar feedback. These guys are legit - no games no rip-offs don't even waste your time at the dealership they are scam artist. Felix delivered the car and took my old lease back. The whole process was really a white glove service. Always answers the phone from start to finish always available. Don't think about it anymore call Felix! The best !

Review of eAutolease by Basma Alijla
5 23/05/2018 Basma Alijla

The B in Ben’s name stand for best service anyone could ask for, he will treat you like family. He takes the extra mile and I don’t mean on the car. It was my sons graduation gift. Ben made rolled up a piece of paper, made it look like diploma added a touching message and card that looked like graduation cap, Delivered it with a red bow. He works on your time and will make ends meet. I never wrote a review and never had service like this. Thank you Ben your the best. I’ll be calling u again when my other 2 kids are ready to drive.

Review of eAutolease by Arlind Rexha
5 28/04/2018 Arlind Rexha

I have been leasing cars for years now and I can confidently say that eAutoLease is BY FAR the best company to deal with. Their prices are unbelievable and even after receiving a quote from eAutoLease and shopping it around, literally ever other leasing agent or dealer told me these numbers were not possible. I continue to lease with eAutoLease and will always lease through them. Their customer service is above and beyond. They answer all your questions, walk you through literally every detail that there is when it comes to leasing. They even handle all my lease returns, which saves me so much time. I don't normally review businesses, but eAutoLease deserves it. Thank you guys!

Review of eAutolease by A Mart
5 24/04/2018 A Mart

Felix - thank you very much for delivering another car for me. As always, your service was impeccable. Really appreciate it!

To all potential customers - I had a great experience with Felix. He was very patient and took the time to answer my infinite questions. Overall, his service was excellent - he got me the best deal I could get, handled all the paperwork, and delivered the car to my house. I truly value customer service and Felix definitely provided it. This was my third car delivery in 3 years and I have nothing but great things to say about his personality and service. I have gone out of my way to recommend him to my friends and family for ease of execution and excellent service.

Review of eAutolease by Gecko Builds
5 21/04/2018 Gecko Builds

Alex R. was a pleasure to work with. Not only did he answer every question I had, he was patient and looked out for my best interest. He had better prices than every dealer i went to. We had trouble getting approved but he pulled strings and made it happen. He had hookups with insurance and he handled everything from start to finish.

Review of eAutolease by Kate Lazzarotti
5 12/04/2018 Kate Lazzarotti

I am amazed!My brother told me about Felix and eAutoLease and I admit I was skeptical at first. Was a pleasure.I highly recommend this service. Spoke with Felix on Tuesday, had my car on Wednesday. He delivered it to my front door. I signed the papers at my kitchen table. No hassle!!! Price was what I expected and the fact that I didn't have to spend all that wasted time in a car dealership was worth it. Try it...you won't be disappointed!

Review of eAutolease by Eduard Gutman
5 21/03/2018 Eduard Gutman

Felix from eAutoLease did a great job. They promise me that i can get a car in same day, they keep their promises i got it in the same day. They got me a really great price for the car plus they took my old one and assisted with the return of it.

I will definitely return to eAutoLease and will refer Felix Lembersky to my friends considering a lease.

Review of eAutolease by Sandy D
5 22/02/2018 Sandy D

This was my first time leasing a car. I was a bit scared and full of questions. My experience with Daniel was amazing. He was professional and answered every single question I had and trust me did I have questions. Daniel did his best to make me happy and I am extremely happy. Daniel came highly recommended and lived up to all I was informed and more. I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you Daniel for making my first time experience amazing and thank you for your time and patients. See you soon.

Review of eAutolease by Noelle George
5 12/02/2018 Noelle George

Zach helped us get everything done over the phone smoothly. He brought the car and we signed the papers the next day! He talked us through the paperwork and made everything very easy to understand. The process was very quick and Mr. Shir was very friendly and accommodating, he made a usually stressful process an enjoyable one. There was never any pressure and he got everything we wanted within our price range. This was one of the best leasing experiences we’ve ever had. Very professional and trustworthy we hghly recommend Mr. Shir and eAutoLease.

Review of eAutolease by Jorge Romero
5 27/01/2018 Jorge Romero

I worked with Johnny Fakhoury for a recent lease and I have to say it was a great experience from start to finish. He was professional, courteous, and honest throughout the whole process. I had gone to a dealership just before I connected with Johnny and I quickly saw that they were just trying to sell me the deal that gave them the most money and were not being 100% honest with me. It was the complete opposite experience working with Johnny and eAutoLease. They were only interested in finding what worked best for ME, gave me several different options based on what I told Johnny I was looking for, and the pricing offers Johnny laid out for each option didn't have a bunch of "hidden" fees that I had to pay separately like some of the dealerships were asking for. And the best part was that he was not pushy about anything. Lastly, Johnny and eAutoLease were able to get me a new lease at a monthly price that was significantly lower than what the dealership was offering with no hidden fees. On top of that, Johnny drove the new car to my apartment to drop it off and even picked up my old lease to have it inspected and turned in for me. So it really was door to door concierge service that blew me away.

I strongly recommend Johnny to anyone looking for a new lease. I am actually recommending him to my mother-in-law when she starts looking for a new lease soon because I know she will be in good hands with Johnny and eAutoLease.

Review of eAutolease by Sergey Zambrovsky
5 10/01/2018 Sergey Zambrovsky

Just pick up my BMW X5 from Felix and it was a great experience. There was no-pressure and I didn't feel rushed. Felix was trustworthy, listened to my needs and found a great solution at a great price. The whole transaction was quick and painless, communication was quick and clear. Felix did not play any games, final price was exactly as negotiated. Overall Felix was professional, polite and attentive to my needs. He went above & beyond to make this transaction quick and easy for me and he is also helping me with returning my current lease.

Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you.

Review of eAutolease by Dmitriy Grodskiy
5 Dmitriy Grodskiy

The Best Customer Service. Lowest Prices!!!

Review of eAutolease by Alex Ra
5 Alex Ra

Great team, great vibe, great sales people!!!!!!! #1

Review of eAutolease by Vasyl Gn
5 Vasyl Gn

Great and fast service. I would recommend it to everyone!

Review of eAutolease by Gary Pyatigorsky
5 Gary Pyatigorsky

Always amazing lease deals. Cant beat their price and quality of service

Review of eAutolease by Mark Fisher
5 Mark Fisher

Easy transaction and the car was delivered right my door no need to go any where else

Review of eAutolease by Christina Levin
5 Christina Levin

Great experience, thanks so much for all your help and awesome service! Highly recommend. We couldn't be happier!

Review of eAutolease by Yana Morgan
5 Yana Morgan

Best rates you can find! Great customer service! Guys were very helpful and prompt with everything. Got my car the same day. Thank you, Mike and Zorik!

Review of eAutolease by Stas Yachnik
5 Stas Yachnik

They did an amazing job and helped me with my lease return and put me into a new car. Experience was pleasant and easy as pie.

Review of eAutolease by Ed Erglis
5 Ed Erglis

Super fast and easy service! I usually hate to write any reviews but this business deserves that. They did great job and helped a lot with my first purchase. Great experience. I'm returning customer. :) they know how to make people happy!

Review of eAutolease by Elyor Yarmuhamedov
5 Elyor Yarmuhamedov

eAutoLease's staff is filled with great, knowledgeable people. Alex took me through everything with ease and no hassle at all. Very nice and knowledgeable person, took care of everything himself from the ground all the way to the sky!!! I would definitely reccomend eAutoLease, especially Alex to everyone i know that is looking to lease a car!

Review of eAutolease by Chris-James Cognetta
1 Chris-James Cognetta

This is a place you want to avoid. They buy cars from outside the general area and then resell them in other areas. They're not a dealer. They're just a storefront-- when you have a problem with your vehicle-- you have to go to the dealer and you're considered a visiting owner. So, come to find out the car is leased in some far off place-- and you have to take it there. This is what SUCKS. Zach-- drove a customer to some random dealership and left him there with his lease return and he didn't even buy the car there. The customer was a senior citizen-- just really shows the business this is.

Review of eAutolease by Yana Kretkovskiy
5 Yana Kretkovskiy

Hands down the most professional, knowledgeable, and courteous people that are willing to go above and beyond for client satisfaction. I am so extremely happy with my new car. Thank you eautolease!!!

Review of eAutolease by Valerie Rissman
5 Valerie Rissman

Picked up my car today. Zoriy was great, so professional. Cars fully loaded just what I wanted and great price. All my cars will be from eauto lease from now on. Thanks so much.

Review of eAutolease by George Gee
5 George Gee

Felix L was absolutely clutch! Not only did he come through with a price, far better than the competition. The smooth transaction was impeccable. Application Monday, car delivered Tuesday! Numbers to the T, no surprises, and I am enjoying my new ride. My go to guy for future leases and all recommendations, FLAWLESS!!

Review of eAutolease by Arto Artinian
5 Arto Artinian

Great people. Great price. Exceptional service. Leasing done the right way! Felix owned everything from start to finish. Made sure all my concerns were answered and made me feel confident in leasing with him. Highly recommend.

Review of eAutolease by Yelena Mod
5 Yelena Mod

Loved the whole experience of leasing my spanking new wheels from eAutoLease. Zoriy is amazing at his top notch level of custom service, at the efficiency of filling out application and finalizing documentation, at getting you exactly what you want and making it right to the finest details, and at final delivery on time, as promised. He's also unlike other car dealers. There are NO hidden games, fishy catches. He delivers exactly what he promises and you get what you expect. Most importantly, upon calling at least 15 other lease companies, he gives the BEST price on a car lease in NYC - beating every other quote. I'm a super savvy shopper - and I'm pleased at getting a great deal! Thank you so much!!!
Yelena M.
-Russian Parents - Official Group-

Review of eAutolease by Frances Levin
5 Frances Levin

Number 1 leasing company in the business! They have the best rates and are extremely helpful! Nick provided me with door to door service. The whole process was great and effortless. Overall they have an excellent service and are very knowledgable and honest about the cars. Never going to another leasing company again!!

Review of eAutolease by Steven Lifesaverson
5 Steven Lifesaverson

My favorite part about my car just might be the price. I don't know how these guys did it, but they hooked me up with a better price than all the dealers in the tri-state (and trust me- I checked). They were patient with me and got my car sooner than I expected, without skeezy/pushy sales tactics that other lease spots and dealers use. Awesome deal, awesome car.

Review of eAutolease by Polina R
5 Polina R

Just wanted to share my experience... Ordered a new car through eAutoLease and I am amazed at how simple and pleasant my experience was. Normally getting a new car is more nerve wracking than pleasant but not the case this time! Everything was done as promised, promptly and with a VIP personal treatment. Though I'm planning on keeping this car for a while, I can't wait to do business with you again. Thank you!!!

Review of eAutolease by Brandon Carels
5 Brandon Carels

Exceptional service from beginning to end! Great people!

Review of eAutolease by Zoriy Birenboym
5 Zoriy Birenboym

Amazing company, really easy to interact with. Just go to the website and watch the car get delivered to your home or office. Definitely a company of the future!! Follow their amazing specials. They help return your old car. Hassle free experience. Don't have to sit with a finance manager who will try to raise your payment last minute. This company sticks to their word. What's promised is delivered to your home or office.

Review of eAutolease by Petr Shchetkin
5 Petr Shchetkin

eAutoLease is the best place to get a new car!)��

Review of eAutolease by Vanessa Vanessa
5 Vanessa Vanessa

We just had the pleasure of meeting Kamila and have to say we couldn't be more thrilled with the professionalism and service she provided. Kamila was the most honest and personable sales person we have had the pleasure of working with when purchasing a car. My father couldn't be happier. Thank you Kamila. The family looks forward to a long lasting relationship. �

Review of eAutolease by Ilona Golov
5 Ilona Golov

Fast and easy service. Daniel Nevidomsky took care of everything without any problems along the way! Highly recommend !

Review of eAutolease by Rkd Fsh
5 Rkd Fsh

Best car lease experience!!! amazing deals!!! Will recommend #eautolease to everyone.

Review of eAutolease by Nicole Diaz
5 Nicole Diaz

Amazing service ! I shopped around so much and they were the most professional and had the best rates ! Highly recommend Alex Z

Review of eAutolease by Mark Reznik
5 Mark Reznik

I have leased many times but with Eautolease I had the most pleasant experience I have had in years. Felix is extremely helpful and professional.

Review of eAutolease by Anyeli Almonte De Mateo
5 Anyeli Almonte De Mateo

Johnny Fakhoury - 📞 Cell 516.744.1511 is AWESOME! Great Customer Service! See my post on this page about him, I referred him to all my friends.

Review of eAutolease by Bri Anna
5 Bri Anna

I worked with Daniel N. And had top notch service! Great price and superior service! Thanks again for a great experience!

Review of eAutolease by Lana Kogut
5 Lana Kogut

The best of the best!!! #1 on the market. If you want best price, excellent service go to Eauto leading and you will not be disappointed ever.

Review of eAutolease by Michelle Taitz
5 Michelle Taitz

Wouldn't have gotten my car anywhere else except for eautolease. This was my very first lease and they worked round the clock to make sure I got approved and had the car by THAT NIGHT unlike other leasing companies I tried. I had nothing to worry about just waited while they went themselves to pick up the car and bring it to my door! 5 star service

Review of eAutolease by Marina Sky
5 Marina Sky

We had a wonderful experience with acquiring our new lease with Felix @eAutolease. From him working late on a holiday weekend to make sure we get exactly what we wanted, to an easy transaction and a great deal, even to and from a different state. As a professional and business owner, I highly recommend Felix for his service, hard work, and expertise.

Review of eAutolease by Mike Federico
5 Mike Federico

I contacted Adam at Eautolease just to price around a new truck for my wife and I. Adam went above and beyond with pricing well over 20 trucks for me to make sure I was satisfied with the chose. They are located in Brooklyn and I live in south Jersey, Adam and his co-worker drove all the way out to my house on a Wednesday evening at 10pm to deliver my 2 new trucks and drive away my 2 trade in’s. No hassle with the dealership, made the entire process from start to finish a pleasure. 100% recommended to anyone looking for a new car, and in 36 months I will be using them again for my next.


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Car Lease Finance

If you’re looking to lease a new car, you’re likely going to spend most of your time looking at all the different makes and models that you are interested in to see which one you like best. That is the most fun part of getting a new car, and the most important. It is also important, however, that you look into the car financing options. Getting the right financing in place can dramatically impact the monthly payment and other important terms of the car lease

Exit Your Lease

Are you driving around in a vehicle that you no longer love, but you feel stuck in it because you still have months, or even years, left to go on your lease? You don’t have to put up with that any longer. Here at eAutoLease.com we can help you to exit your lease early, and often with little to no termination fees. We are one of the area’s largest and most experienced auto lease companies, and we would love to help you to get out of your lease quickly and easily. Once you’re out of your existing lease, you can move into something that is more in line with your needs. We have all sorts of vehicles available from every manufacturer you can imagine.

Lease Transfer

Getting out of a lease or Swap Lease in Brooklyn NYC can be a difficult process for many people, especially when they want to exit the lease early. In many cases you can terminate the lease early, but there may be fees involved with that.

Sell Your Car

We are looking to purchase used or new cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and pretty much any vehicle you would like to sell. We will pay top dollar in cash for your car even if you choose not to lease with us. eAutoLease.com is always looking for pre-owned inventory to offer customers who are in need of a used car

Lease Return

For many people leasing a vehicle is the best option for getting the car they want at a price they can afford. Most people, however, dread the time when they have to return the vehicle because it can be complicated and even costly. When you work with us, however, we will do everything we can to make your lease return quick and simple. Over the years we have helped thousands of customer’s return their leases, and many of them have commented on just how smoothly it went

Trade In Appraisal

Ready to trade in your current used vehicle for a new car from eAutoLease.com? You may start by submitting your information so that we can determine the estimated trade-in value of your vehicle. You may also give us a call at 718-871-2277 or stop by our location at 3820 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235 and one of our experienced representatives will be more than happy to assist you. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have an estimated appraisal of your vehicle…

Wear & Tear

Why worry about costly penalties at the end of your car lease? Protect your vehicle with up to $5,000 in protection and coverage for the excess wear and tear charges that can be assessed when you turn in your vehicle

Wheel & Tire Protection

No matter how carefully you may drive, there is always a chance you can end up with a flat tire or a damaged wheel. Our wheel and tire protection plans provide coverage in case of any type of damage to your tires or wheels as a result of nails, screws, glass, potholes, and/or other road hazards

Pre Owned Vehicles

eAutoLease.com offers a variety of pre-owned vehicles for purchase. Frequently, we offer amazing deals on used within areas such as , New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Staten Island, Florida and expanding nationwide. All of our inventory includes all makes and models. Give us a call at 718-871-2277 to inquire the most recent specials on used car

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