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East Coast Training Systems

Town Plot Hill, Connecticut

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East Coast Training Systems

Town Plot Hill, Connecticut


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Ikibuki Avalos

1 May 2019

I personally know the Chief Instructor Mr. Serano he is a Qualified, Certified, Professional in this field. Besides in his personal life hes also a Professional in his employment with the City in which he lives with a beautiful family. Yes absolutely I recommend East Coast Training Systems More...


Daniel Padin

28 October 2018

I'm a proud instructor of East Coast Training Systems. As an instructor there's no better feeling then to pass on your knowledge along with the traditions and values to your students to help them grow as a person. At East Coast Training Systems your children will get real life self defense training that can save them from potential harm. Our instructors are patient and understand that not all students have the same abilities but we will definitely find what works better for them in order to excel. It's a safe and family environment. More...


Suzanne Summa

8 October 2018

The best !!


Jonathan Field

2 May 2018



Beth Ann Shaknaitis

27 April 2018

Excellent place to learn self defense and or the martial arts. I know the owners and they are a great couple.


Diane Abrahamian Roy

10 October 2017

Was introduced to ECTS via Jane Doe No More-loved the 8 week Level 2 class-looking forward to continuing! Thank you ECTS! I'm telling everyone I know!


Lynne Kiesewetter

24 April 2017

I took the Self Defense class that East Coast Training provided w Jane Doe No More and WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE!! East Coast is top notch professionals who WANT you to feel empowered and to KNOW the skills you need to escape alive. I wouldn't hesitate to train w Drew, Danielle or ANY of these exceptionally trained masters. If only they were a bit closer to me!! �Thanks so much guys!! More...


Sonia Gomes

19 November 2015

Great school with very skilled instuctors with great patience and passion in what they do !!


Shannah L. Reeves

1 September 2015

Outstanding school, informed instruction and very open and welcoming! When your with ECTS your treated like family!


Justin Graceful

30 June 2015

Great place. Great teachers. Great family. An excellent program for anyone any age.


Karin Signor

27 May 2015

It started with a 4 hour course for self-defense (Jane Doe No More). Learned a lot of information and realized, more training would teach me how to be less of a target and more prepared. Got a 2 month gift card for Christmas and have been taking classes since. I have moved up from belt to belt and currently hold a White Belt Clack Stripe. Master Serrano is encourageing and supportive of how a person trains. He will encourage you but understands physical limitations and gives a moderation of a technique so you can stil learn. You get a strong warm up and then learn and perfect techniques that could help you if you are ever in a bad situation. You learn discipline and teamwork. I have crossed barriers that I didn't think I would attempt, let alone conquer. I have entered myself (with encouragement from the class) in a breaking compeition and placed 2nd and 3rd place. Joining East Coast Training Systems was one of the best decisions I have ever made. More...


Kayh Stainwood

27 May 2015

I've taken ECTS self-defense classes, karate classes, & fitness classes. Clean new facility and a skillful group of teachers. They offer kids classes and have tons of events for children. More...


Gail Capolupo

29 April 2015

Outstanding martial arts school. Excellent instructors who teach in a great modern facility. Would recommend for the whole family.


Marcella Fiora Olson

26 April 2015

I took their Self Defense workshop yesterday. Best one ever (I have been in and out of the martial arts scene for about 20 years). They are so knowledgeable, practical, thorough, approachable, and each trainer's personal level of fitness is top notch. You can tell they just live this stuff and they want to pass it on. I can't say enough. And, they were so flexible in letting me bring my kids at the last minute, so I could participate. A VERY worth while day! More...


Garth A. Charland

26 March 2015

A great school. Master Serrano and his wife are wonderful people.


Silvia Bogéa

28 December 2014



Alicia Marie

2 December 2014

Amazing place to train at. Everyone here is so dedicated and supportive. My second family ♡ love it here


Raphael Velez

11 April 2014

Impressive school, and Master Serrano is one of the best instructor in the field!!

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