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We are hopeless romantics. Organic storytellers. Lovers. Infatuated with desire. Our passion is for showcasing the raw, intimate moments just as they are, completely enamored and eternally yours.

Your wedding day is the one and only. There is no re-dos and there isn’t a second go-round.



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I'll never tire of hanging white dresses on trees + windows, of hearing the giggles of friendship in rooms of closed doors, of crying dads with daughters dancing under string lights, of crazy best man toasts + the way the world feels when that song plays and everybody is singing, arms in the air. I could never tire of blue shoes or candlelit barns, or the feeling of being so completely exhausted at the end of the night, peeling my shoes off + crawling into my bed, not to sleep but to swoon over your photos until my body can't physically stay awake any longer.

If someday I become numb to the tears + get annoyed by the chaos + don't have enough time at the end of the night to stay a few minutes later to search for frogs with the flower girls, or to dance with the bridesmaids even though my feet are throbbing + if someday I don't screech out loud over the dreaminess of your photos, or say the word perfect seven hundred times during the course of the day, then let me put this career to rest.
Because no one should be taking your photos unless their veins pump with sheer excitement + passion, and nobody should be behind the camera at your wedding whose heart does not do cartwheels and share the mutual bliss in the presence of your love.