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David M.

29 August 2019

Eagle Rock Poke Shack is a poke lovers dream-come-true!  I stopped in earlier today, as I was waiting  for my wife while she got her hair done next door. Although the Poke Shack is a small place...their poke bowl is absolutely dynamite!  I ordered a salmon poke bowl, which was easily the best I have had this past year.  As I savored every bite, my only regret was the I didn't order the larger size.  In any event, I highly recommend the Poke Shack for anyone craving the best poke bowl in the area More...


Mildred E.

24 August 2019

Delicious poke and fairly priced! My husband and I had the Eagle Rocker poke bowl and we loved it. Will definitely be back :)


Jack A.

21 August 2019

Been there twice now and it's absolutely delicious. Plus the owners are very nice people. I really do love this place. Plus, you can customize your food so you'll never run out of options. And, everything is good!


Roxy D.

19 August 2019

Yummm! This place is amazing....very friendly staff! Fresh food great service! I'll be back


lucy c.

27 July 2019

Best poke i ever had....i know this si short but i work all over la i travel eat many places. Really freshest and best thus far.


Laura M.

7 July 2019

Great neighborhood spot - can't wait to go back! Fresh poke and flavors. We split the regular bowl with tuna and salmon. Spicy rice was yum!


Tyler H.

7 July 2019

Just finished eating, amazing food for a very reasonable price! The food had great flavor and tons of toppings. Very friendly staff, you can tell they really care about the freshness and how people's experience is. I will definitely be eating here soon! More...


Kat G.

26 June 2019

Very tasty poke bowl! I loved the dynamic flavors they had! Super great topping choices- try the flamed corn and flamed pineapple!! The space was very cute and well decorated! A good amount of seating for such a small place.Price was a little steep for some items. Extra $.50 charge to get salad instead of rice. Extra $.50 charge to pick salmon as a protein. For the large bowl, you can pick 3 proteins-however there only 2 raw fish options (one of which-the salmon you have to pay extra for!). Extra $1.50 for mushrooms. The base price isn't bad, but there are lots of added fees. More...


Jessica P.

21 June 2019

This place is very good! The portion was huge! I got a small size and I can't even finish it. Excited to try the different sauces.


Evelyn R.

29 May 2019

WOW!!!!!! so good!!!!! Love the Hawaiian Kalua Pork, Ahi Tuna Avocado Toast, Salmon Avocado Toast, Crab Ragoon Toast and the Spicy Tuna Wonton Nachos. I crave those nachos!! We Grubhub them all the time. Can't get enough. More...


Kenny Lyon

23 May 2019

There is care in the food: you can taste it.


Ramraj S.

20 May 2019

I love this place. Whenever I try something new here, it's always good. The environment is great, and the owners are friendly. Many great choices to choose from!


Nick K.

19 May 2019

Just had a fantastic lunch at Eagle Rock Poke Shack where the old Dave's Chillin' and Grillin' used to be. So good...and friendly service! I don't know why I waited so long to check it out. More...


Samuel Koehler

16 May 2019

Eagle Rock Poke was my first time eating poke, so I cannot compare it to other locations. That being said, I thought this restaurant provided a fresh, delicious product at an appropriate price (~$12 for a 'Regular' size bowl). "Regular" bowls come with plenty of topping options (see menu) and many complementary sauces are available free of charge.The staff is friendly, I would definitely return! More...


Bambi W.

15 May 2019

I love this poke spot, it's my favorite place! I love their black rice!!! They have vegan options which are amazing!! I get the mushrooms as my "fish" choice and it's fantastic. When I'm not eating vegan their fish is incredible too! It's So fresh!! I'm a chef so i know good food! If you're looking for a great poke spot THIS IS THE BEST ONE! More...


James Hocker

9 May 2019

Kalua tacos!


Ashley K.

26 April 2019

I was craving fish/sushi and I never tried poke before, So I decided to try this place. (I was worried about parking, but found a spot with a meter right away. **I learned there is also a parking lot in the back** with a back entrance into the restaurant). I got the regular sized bowl with spicy tuna and shrimp. I really like that you can choose the veggies, toppings and sauces. The way the menu is set up, you have a lot of options!!! The two guys who helped me today were nice, friendly and efficient. I was completely satisfied with my service and bowl! All the flavors complimented each other nicely. I just devoured the thing! Will definitely eat here again. More...


Yomie Nd Joey V.

26 April 2019

I don't usually bother commenting on restaurants, but this place is worth it!!! Everything was so fresh and so yummy!!!!


L C.

25 April 2019

Still so good! I first visited opening weekend, and loved the spicy tuna nachos. Returned today with some friends and tried the Gojira bowl - it was awesome.  So tasty. The miso soup was great too - and they play great music. Nice people run the place - I will definitely be back before another year passes! More...


John M.

7 April 2019

My favorite poke place in LA. I want to try more things on the menu but I keep going back to The Eagle Rocker. The black spicy rice has the perfect amount of spicy and is deep on flavor. So good I add nothing to it


Lucia Chappelle

6 April 2019

Pretty good little poke place.


Francisco Prieto

6 April 2019

Fish Sandwich I love it, it even though it was my first time but I will get it again. I got two Tacos I told my wife to try it so good. We'll be back Jack.


Natalie C.

6 April 2019

LOVE this place! Every time I've come the food and service have been great. The vibe is chill and relaxed, it feels more authentic than other poke shacks. The prices are also really good. Definitely a little gem in Eagle rock More...


Edgar T.

4 April 2019

Yummy food! Great selection of hot sauces to add to the meal! Can't go wrong with this place.


Leland H.

22 March 2019

This is the best Poke I've had . It's family owned and has the best service. Everything is super fresh and they way it's put together is fantastic. I don't want to slag off other Poke spots in the area but no one goes the extra mile like these folks do.  Try the spicy tuna tacos.  I had them 4 days in a row . That's how good they are! More...


Edith M.

20 March 2019

Order Poke bowls online very easy and convenient. The staff was super friendly and the portions was incredible.


Brad Keyes

6 March 2019

Love this place. Great quality and better ingredients then other poke places around town. Highly recommend.


B H.

25 February 2019

This is our go-to poke place! I love their kimchi slaw and their service is amazing. Portions are pretty big- but I do think their miso soup is on the pricy side.


Cecilia B.

11 February 2019

I tried lots of poke places, however this experience was just a tad bit different because you choose all your toppings from the menu as soon as you order instead of picking as you go and seeing the options displayed. I just personally enjoy watching my poke bowl get made. Nevertheless this poke place did not disappoint, the food was still delicious. They have most of the toppings you see in other poke shops. The place was really simple and small and they had meter parking located in the back. More...



4 February 2019

Very friendly employees and great food! Always have new stuff and cool specials. Definitely unique compared to your standard poke fare.


Thrasher S.

1 February 2019

Best dam poke in Los Angeles. Super fresh and a million options. Owners and employees are great. You could eat here everyday!!


Nic R.

18 January 2019

Great Poke. Fresh fish, great rices and unique specials that are very well put together, super tasty.


Margo H.

6 January 2019

This place is amazing! Large portions, very fresh ingredients and friendly staff. Looking forward to my next visit. Excited that we found a good poke place close to our house!!


Iskra R.

28 December 2018

This place is just AMAZING! The food is always fresh and super delicious, probably the best Poke I've ever had. Also, the service is on point! Super friendly staff and the prices are great. 100% recommended. More...


Joe C.

27 December 2018

Best Poke on Colorado. Everyone is so nice and the food is incredible. They give stickers to kids, what a winner!


Tiffany Y.

21 December 2018

Good portion for the size and price, some might think it's too much rice and not enough meat but the portion of toppings and finishes is pretty good. I ordered the small, which was $7.95 and chose the following combination:White riceSalmonOriginal ono sauce (soy sauce)Toppings: cucumber, Maui onion, corn, radish, edamameFinishes: seaweed salad, crabmeat, furikakeI also tried the Huli Huli and House Unagi sauces from their sauce bar, I prefer the Huli Huli which was slightly sweet versus the House Unagi which had a stronger, saltier flavor but still good.There's also free WiFi! Although there wasn't parking, the street had several meters and neighborhood streets seem to have spots, at least on a weekday at lunch time. More...


Julia R.

10 December 2018

I pass by this joint every day on my way to my son's school so today (Pay Day) I decided it would be the day I try it out. Oh man! Delicious! My BF and I were amazed at how good this place was. I ordered the med size to go. He ordered a large size. I got Salmon and Spicy Tuna with a spicy Chili sauce and all the 5 toppings it comes with. OH EM GEE! I love that the Spicy Tuna is still chunky. A lot of the poke bars I've been to chop it up, which is fine but sometimes it's too mushy.He got 2 Salmon and Spicy Tuna with a spicy Mayo and his 5 toppings. He got some thing called the spicy Rice? I forget but it's black. IDK what it was but I wish I would have selected it. Wasn't overwhelming on spice yet enough to make it completely a different flavor than your reg bowls.The shop itself is super duper cute. Very Hawaiian Style (like I would find it somewhere by the beach in Hawaii). Over all, very satisfied with this place. I will definitely be returning! More...


Krueger R.

10 December 2018

We got takeout after work and it's fantastic. Super flavorful poke nachos-- I highly recommend, plus a self made combo, and the Spicoli. Fresh fish- ingredients were all on point. I appreciate that this is a family run business and will definitely make it a staple in my go-to food places. More...


Davide Gerosa

6 December 2018

Nice poke place. Spicy is spicy


P.k. Z.

18 November 2018

A fast, fresh, delicious, clean, and very friendly family run business. Poke bowls come in 3 different sizes all of which are rather substantial. A medium is definitely enough to serve as a stand alone meal, and a large is a definitive stand alone even for the most voracious, and "starved." This is one of only two Poke locales in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park area, and this is the superior one. They are conveniently located on the south side of Colorado between Swork Cafe and One Down Dog yoga studio. Enjoy! More...


Adrian C.

6 November 2018

Love the panda special and the pulled pork tacos and pulled pork rice dish is So so yummy!


Gigi L.

1 October 2018

Great, fresh food. It looks expensive but the large box is more than enough for two people. The quality is well worth the price. 5 stars all around, service was great too. More...


Alex B.

31 August 2018

Didn't want to drive out of LA in traffic on an empty stomach but wanted something healthy. Found this spot and am most pleased! I've had my fair share of poke places in Orange County and this is pretty up there if not on the top of my list! Ingredients are fresh and delicious and the employees are super friendly! Try the Spicy Tuna Nachos if you don't know what you want. More...


Branden C.

11 August 2018

I like this spot. It's cozy and clean, I always find parking somewhere around the block, and it's Regular size portion poke box gets me full. There's a lot of options in terms in personalizing your meal, it tastes fresh and there is always a campy cult classic playing on the tube. What's not to like? Also the employees are chill. Healthy meal with a laid back feel. More...


Lauren C.

8 August 2018

5 stars for my meal of poke over mixed greens (including arugula!) overall, but 4 for the amount of fish given; although my ahi tuna and salmon tasted fresh, the two scoops' worth were smaller than I anticipated and were buried among the sides which seemed to be the main attraction. I appreciated the amounts of sides, though, especially the seaweed and imitation crab meat. I enjoyed the tobiko, toasted corn, and especially toasted pineapple and tried the kimchi slaw which was yummy even though it was not traditional kimchi. I noticed too late an additional whole array of sauces to pick from on a sidebar. The blue chill ocean ambiance was a nice eating experience and there was a tv playing an ocean wildlife documentary in which orcas and seals were also enjoying eating their fresh caught lunches of seals and penguins. The cashier/poke maker and the worker who delivered my poke to me were both friendly. I will definitely be back as it seems to be the best out of the few poke places I have tried in the area. More...


Justin Di Bene

27 July 2018

Best poke bowl in town, and I am a poke fanatic. Try the Eagle Rocker, very good. Also love supporting small business.


Eaglesdawg 2.

16 July 2018

By far the best Haole poke bowl I've had on the mainland ;) Generous servings, fresh ingredients and a chill vibe. Wish I was on the east side more often so I could go here!


Erika V.

12 July 2018

I like the idea of "create your own" so when I came to this poke shack I was happy to read a plethora of ingredients on the wall to create my very own delicious poke bowl.This spot has very fresh ingredients as well as quality seafood which is hard to find sometimes. This is my current go-to poke place in the area. More...


Lexeniel T.

9 July 2018

Tasty and customizable poke salads. Interesting food combinations. Fresh seafood. Wonderful service size. Economic and eco-friendly food packaging. Chill cashiers. Quick service. Homey ambience, but space is narrow and limited. More...


italo Bertaglia

6 July 2018

Excellent poke bowl!!!


Kristin M.

4 July 2018

This poke place is so delicious. Fresh fish, huge servings & wonderful staff. We go frequently & take out of town visitors with us whenever we can.Review written by our 8 year old (almost) today after a visit, "The Poke Shack, I give it 5 stars because it is so good. One bite and it explodes with flavor. I recommend it, please go there today." More...


Teresa S.

2 July 2018

This just became my favorite Poke place in Los Angeles. I tried te Spicy Tuna Nachos and was not disappointed. The bowl rice is perfect and the freshness and quality of the fish will keep us coming back.!


Drew P.

29 June 2018

This poke is GREAT! I've been to A LOT of poke places in Los Angeles, this is definitely one of the best I've had. While make-your-own is usually my style-and their menu is extensive-I went with a preset bowl due to it being Friday and my brain was mush from a hard, long week. I was VERY happy with my selection of The Eagle Rocker with added avocado. Their spicy black rice base is something I hadn't seen before and I loved the flavor it gave the whole dish. It had exquisite mouthfeel. The fish was well-portioned as well as looking and tasting fresh. All the ingredients worked very well and I was happy with their portion size. The tobiko was plentiful and the sauces were on point. Also, the interior is cool and the music was nice. They also sell La Croix! I was very happy with my experience here and will be back soon! More...


Rahul Yellagandula

19 June 2018

Excellent service, the food was amazing.Their specials are Vietnamese Ceviche ,Spicy Tuna Nachos . I highly recommend this place, they are the best in town.


Lauren M.

8 June 2018

Another great poke place! I'm glad they opened up some competition for All About Poke - I was beginning to feel like I only had 1 option in Eagle Rock.This place ticks all the marks - cool decor, reasonable prices, fresh fish, good selection of toppings. The thing that sets this place apart though, is their huge wall of sauces to put on your poke. From smoked soy to extra spicy hot sauces, there is something for everyone.Welcome to the neighborhood, see you again soon! More...


dianna j.

3 June 2018

Sooooooo good, so happy to have this great new spot in the neighborhood! Our poke bowls were super fresh and delicious with many interesting topping options like charred pineapple and crispy jalapeño. Really good energy inside the restaurant with service to match. We'll be back! More...


Brandon H.

1 June 2018

Poke shack was close by and got a great lunch at a great price.  They put more than enough fish and the sauces were great!!!!


Lauren E.

1 June 2018

This place is the best! Plenty of options and fresh ingredients. They had good recommendations and were really friendly to chat with while they were getting the order ready. The poke was delicious, I couldn't stop raving about it to my friends. Plus, they had Ultraman episodes playing, so points for the fun ambience. Definitely coming back here and so excited to have a good quality poke place in Eagle Rock! More...


David T.

26 May 2018

The best poke place in Eagle Rock and I'd even say the best I've had in LA. The staff are super friendly and caring and you can tell they put the effort into making sure you have a good experience. I go here at least once a week and I always walk away smiling. Love these guys. More...


Tiffany T.

20 May 2018

I'm pretty picky about poke places since there are so many, but this one is high up there. The menu is clear and easy understand- Regular 2 scoops $9.95 and Large 3 scoops $12.95. There is a large variety of toppings- regular and dry and you can choose 5 each! The bowls have a big difference (picture) but everything is fresh.One extra positive is that the cups and forks are all compostable!One negative is the door was open and the fly-blower thing wasn't working so there were a bunch of tiny flies. More...


Michael M.

17 May 2018

Very good poke, good service, they have gluten free soy sauce and most of the menu is gluten free as well. Fine for 3-4 people but it's too small for a bigger group (which is fine by me:)


Alyssa V.

16 May 2018

Love this place and the spicy black rice! If you like spicy poke this is your spot!! The food tastes fresh and they make it very easy to order on paper (as opposed to walking the line of food and saying each thing you want). So happy they're in the neighborhood! More...


Mayte Moreno

15 May 2018

Best poke in town... can't get enough.


Julie V.

15 May 2018

This poke place is slightly pricier than other places in the area, but considering the cleanliness, freshness of ingredients and variety, the extra few dollars are worth it!There are so many options here that I won't go into everything, but here are a few stand-out elements:I got the large poke bowl with half salad and half brown rice, and it was very filling - even after a workout when I was starving!  The portions are pretty large.The fish and other ingredients are very fresh.  Some stand-outs were the ahi tuna, salmon, seaweed salad and crab.  They also have some fun, unusual ingredients like crispy jalapeno that I enjoyed very much.They have a variety of sauces to choose from.  I chose the "fiery" - it definitely had a kick but was probably medium-spicy (nothing to be scared of).  I appreciated that the sauce wasn't too sweet or too salty.  There are also tons of different sauces (soy sauce, sriracha, many different hot sauces) that you can add yourself.  I didn't add any, but it was nice to have the option.There are a few little high-top tables and a small bar for people who eat in the restaurant.  The decor is cute and very clean - lots of blue tones and a fish motif (pretty appropriate!).  The people working there were very friendly and patient with people who asked questions about the ingredients.  The only TINY criticism I have is that they serve everything in cardboard boxes, even if you eat the food there.  Obviously this is better for the environment than plastic or styrofoam, but I wish that dine-in customers could eat out of reusable bowls (with reusable chopsticks and silverware too)!  I will definitely be back!  I think this is one of the better poke places in the greater LA area. More...


Daniel D.

15 May 2018

Awesome quality and very nice owners. I get poke once a week and this was probably one of my favorite experiences. The fish actually looks and tastes fresh which a lot of poke shops fail at. Tons of options. I highly recommend! More...


Magaly L.

6 May 2018

The service here was really excellent. It wasn't really busy which was great for me because I didn't have to wait for a long time and even when I ordered it was fast. The customer service was exceptional. They have a black spicy rice which I wasn't really a fan of but they mentioned it was healthier than brown or white rice. What I loved about this place is that the spicy tuna was freshly cut up, not like other places. Every ingredient just seemed so fresh. The parking is always great as well. Definitely worth a shot if you're around the area. More...


Harrison T.

5 May 2018

I happened across this place after a study sesh at a coffee shop next door. If I'm being honest the generic name and decor didn't instill me with much hope. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the food.  They're pretty generous with the servings and prices are reasonable for how much you get. It's not the best poke I've ever had but I was happy with what I got.I got salmon and ahi on rice and shoyu sauce. The fish tasted fresh and the ahi was flavorful and peppery. There wasn't enough sauce on my plate but I only got the shoyu and they did offer the option to add another sauce if I wanted to. I was underwhelmed by the selection of toppings though. Other than a few givens like seaweed salad and some fresh veggies there wasn't that many options to choose from that enticed me. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and price of the did here. If I ever find myself in eagle rock I'd definitely consider coming for lunch again. More...


Iva I.

30 April 2018

We came here for lunch after studying at Swork a few doors down. I ordered a regular bowl (2 proteins) with mixed greens, spicy tuna, salmon, and ponzu sauce. My toppings were scallions, cucumber, tobiko (fish eggs), Maui onion, and radish, and my finish was black sesame, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, crabmeat, and avocado (+$1).The portions here are generous. The fish and veggies were visibly fresh and cut into chunky pieces. The crabmeat was prepared differently than I'm used to; it was stringy rather than clumpy - not bad, just different! The spicy tuna also caught me by surprise; it was diced rather than ground - again, not bad but different! I have to compliment the spicy tuna here because it was among the spiciest tuna I've ever tasted at a poke shack or sushi restaurant. I like when things taste as advertised, and oftentimes I find that spicy tuna is not spicy enough. That being said, it was spicy enough here. At first, I thought it was kind of bogus that they put a cap on the number of toppings you can order (limit 5), but as I scanned the toppings list I realized that I only cared for 4 or 5 of them anyhow. In hindsight, 5 toppings is a very reasonable number taking into account the portion size. I only wish there were 1 or 2 more fruit options beyond pineapple (free) and mango (+$1). I would have loved to add some mandarin orange slices.To top it all off, there is a sauce bar (at least a dozen sauces lined up on a counter). You can find all sorts of sauces - sweet, spicy, soy, you name it! I recommend what I think was labelled hula sauce. It was mildly sweet and appeared house-made. The smoked soy sauce was also pretty neat; it tasted like smoked salmon. All in all, the poke bowl was a solid choice brimming with fresh, raw ingredients. Next time, however, I'd like to try the avocado poke toast and poke nachos. Don't they sound intriguing? More...


Zac S.

26 April 2018

This place is hands down the best! They support the local community and gave a donation for the local animal shelter, all for the love! We need more businesses like them! Plus their food is amazing! Please support this company! More...


Lucia S.

26 April 2018

I have a new local poke place to LOVE! The ingredients are fresh. I was impressed with the freshness of all of the vegetables I put on my order. I hate soggy greens and the choices of vegetables were perfect to keep my bowl crunchy and the fish was cold and didn't have that unappealing "fishy" smell or taste. I do miss Dave's Chillin and Grillin, but I think this place can certainly fill the spot as a nice addition to Eagle Rock eateries. I will certainly be back! More...


Bianca Z.

23 April 2018

This place rightfully earns all five stars. Their fish quality was very fresh and delisted. Ive had poke at a lot if poke places around la and by far this is my favorite. Keep up the good work guys


David N.

18 April 2018

I really owe this place a HUGE apology. As a fan of Dave's Chillin' and Grillin', which formerly resided in this spot, I had an attitude. I was wrong, ok, wrong.  This is an excellent addition to the hood. The fish is super fresh, the flavors run the gamut from fiery to sweet with tons of tasty, healthy options. Prone toward heat, I had the Spicy Rice, Spicy tuna, Original Ono Sauce and a variety of fresh veggies sprinkled w black sesame seeds. Terrific. The vibe is Dreaming of Waves without bending to kitsch. The portrait of Jeff Spicoli sums it up, really. Life is good over here. More...


Jonpaul D.

15 April 2018

So happy this place moved in. The poke is very very good and the service is fantastic. They have so many options and everything feels much fresher and tastier than other poke places nearby. Portions are really generous for the price and everything I've tried has been really good. Looking forward to trying more! The nachos are tasty if you are looking for a treat and the spicy rice is a must try. More...


Rebecca E.

14 April 2018

A friend recommended this place, and especially the spicy tuna nachos. They were amazing. I usually have a hard time with chunk raw tuna (prefer the chopped mush) but not at this place. There was no fish odor or taste, just an amazing balance of flavors. Not sure if it's a single serving item; it was way more than I could eat in one serving...but I tried. More...


B R.

12 April 2018

Five stars for poke, yay! And this place does it right. Good value, wonderful service, delicious menu. Can't wait to go back.


Marlon B.

10 April 2018

First time customer at this place and I must say that the girl that took my order was super friendly and very helpful since half the time I order poke I just ask for random items. Cool place to hang out in.


Alejandra Solorzano

7 April 2018

Amazing! The food, quality, and prices are perfect and the service is great. Additionally, the atmosphere is comfortable and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. The food is very tasty and the fish is always fresh. I been around three times now and I can guarantee that it's probably Eagle Rock's best poke shops! More...


Amanda C.

7 April 2018

Tasty new addition to Eagle Rock food scene on Colorado Blvd. Fresh ingredients make this poke delicious. I recommend the Spicy Tuna Nachos. And don't miss out on the black rice option for your poke. Never had this before with poke - yummy! More...


Gisela D.

7 April 2018

This is my second time visiting Eagle Rock Poke Shack.  I love it!  Both my orders have been to go.  Portions are large even for the regular size and the spicy black rice is delicious.  The staff is very friendly.  Can't wait to take my family when they come visit! More...


Kristina D.

4 April 2018

Soooo good. We eagerly awaited their opening and went on the FIRST day. The spicy tuna is the best. Try it and you won't be disappointed.


William M.

31 March 2018

The spicy tuna nachos are the real deal- awesome. I added scoops of salmon and shrimp and made that made it pretty deluxe. I'll be back soon.


Chris V.

31 March 2018

Love it!  Everything was fresh tasting.  Great selections and the staff is super friendly.  We will definitely be back!   I could see this being an addiction More...


E S.

26 March 2018

Yasss yasss yasssss!!! There's a new fish slinger in town and it's gonna give the competition a run for its money!!!Eagle Rock Poké Shake is the closest to the Hawaiian experience I've seen thus far. Their fish is undeniably fresh and they aren't stingy with their portion sizes. The Hit List:-Their menu! Ordering is simple and the text is big enough to read on the wall. It's a Build Your Own Experience and the toppings and choices they have are A+. -This place isn't laid out like a Subway sandwich shop where you see all the food/toppings, and you know what? That's good! Sometimes it's overwhelming to see it all. They keep the food in the back and then when your order is up it arrives in a biodegradable paper box. -Heaping portions! Wow! They were thoughtful enough not to put my spicy tuna in with my bowl that I was sharing w/ my kids and the portion for the spicy tiny was HUGE. Also, this is not the ground up spicy tuna, but the big yummy chunks of tuna (like Hawaiians do) with a very spicy/sweet sauce on it. -I love their little touches like roasting the pineapple chunks. It was a nice surprise to bite into a warm and smoky piece of pineapple with my warm brown rice with their savory ono sauce. NOM NOM NOM! And their fresh kale and mixed greens salad wasn't lost on me. This place will surprise and delight you with its bold and fresh flavors unlike some of the other "fast food" poke places around. Now on to the decor. Considering this place took over the beloved Dave's Chillin n Grillin, they did a GREAT job on the remodel. From the high beamed vaulted ceilings they added and adored w/ carnival lights, to the fun retro silhouette art (Spicoli! LOL!) on the walls, the owners really put effort into those little touches. It was FUN to eat here! This place is definitely getting my money next time! Move over Poké Me! and All About Poké! I'm getting my fish from the Shack! More...


Larry C.

24 March 2018

Terrific new spot in Eagle Rock. Was advised to try the Spicy Tuna Nachos and they were better than I could have expected - a great balance of spicy, savory and crunchy.  The tuna was flavorful and clearly fresh. Cool spot with great music and friendly staff. More...


Mike I.

23 March 2018

Spicy tuna nachos....awesome!  Husband had a poke bowl & loved it.  Visited 2x in less than a week.      It just opened last week.


Alison B.

19 March 2018

Definitely a cut above other poké places in Los Angeles. Fresh ingredients, a fun variety of bases and toppings (the spicy black rice was great), and if you're looking for something with a kick, they have it! A welcome addition to the neighborhood. More...


dion a.

19 March 2018

I am totally digging on this place.  In the era of so many chain restaurants it's great to see a family owned and run place knock it out of the park.  Shop local! The fish was super fresh and the portions rocked. The place has a broken in warmth to it and music there rocks. I'll be back. More...


Vikki K.

17 March 2018

The food was so yummy and very cool atmosphere. I tried the nachos and was very pleasantly surprised! Great flavors and large portion. The decor makes it a really enjoyable place to hang and the music closes the deal. Prodigy into Depeche Mode. Thank you. The owners Jason and Kelly were super awesome. Always nice to support a family owned establishment, even better when the food is as good as it is here! My four year old daughter had fun here and they were really nice to her. More...