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Eagle Eye Photography - David Lipsy

East Concord, New Hampshire

Eagle Eye Photography - David Lipsy logo

Eagle Eye Photography - David Lipsy

East Concord, New Hampshire


I offer photography services of many types.

I also offer classes, either group or one on one, in nature photography taught in the field.
- Bird photography (My Specialty)
- Landscape Photography
- Fun with water

I teach all from beginner to competent hobbyist and beyond how to shoot in MANUAL MODE. Even if it is your first day with a camera.


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Photography is light. Master light and you will be able to take a great image. This can be taught. Having an eye for what makes a great nature photograph, well, this is harder to teach, but can usually be helped.

When photographing people, it is imperative that you capture them when they least expect it but are giving natural smiles.
The secret to this is being a stand up comic.

- Time requirements.
- Indoor or outdoor work? Natural light is always better than flash/strobe work.
- Are you looking for edited digital images handed to you via thumb drive, or actual prints?

If Teaching...
- What equipment do you have?
- What type of photography are you interested in learning about?
- Have you read your manual?

When I am out in the field, I come alive. Just the fact that I am back out there after becoming disabled gives me such joy.
You could say it is my church.

I love when I come home and upload my images to my computer... and find one or two out of the hundreds I have taken that is tack sharp with great lighting. Once I edit that... it comes alive... and I am transported back to where I took that shot. My goal is to bring the viewer back with me, so they are standing right next to me when I took the image.

I was a birder, which caused me to pick up a camera. From birds I branched out to other forms of photography, but birds are what I shoot the most.

Becoming disabled, this gave me the opportunity to still enjoy nature, gave me a reason to still be happy and thankful for what mobility I still retain.
I used to be a woodworker on the artistic side. I can no longer safely use my heavy equipment, so I sold it off.
Photography gives me that creative artistic outlet that I need in my life.

I am dependable, honest and always willing to ask a question instead of trying to fake something I don't know.... I love a learning experience.