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Palm Springs, California

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Palm Springs, California


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Randy B.

1 August 2019

Amer is very knowledgeable, friendly and responsive.  Having previously been with a large alarm company that could care less about their customers beyond getting them into a contract, I'm very happy to say that Amer cares.  He has been responsive and always available and the monitoring team is quick to respond to even a simple sensor malfunction.  Stay local and call Eagle Eye; you'll be happy you did! More...


Francie F.

11 June 2019

After interviewing 4 companies to install security cameras, tweak our alarm system, and switch our alarm monitoring, we decided to go with Eagle Eye LG Security. I'm so glad we did! Amer is the owner, and out of all 4 companies, he was the only owner to come out and talk to us. Amer and Ramon did the job professionally and quickly. The equipment they installed is state of the art. They patiently walked us through the system, fully explained how to use it, and installed monitoring software for both the cameras and the security alarm on our phones, i-pads, and laptops. But most important of all, after a minor glitch with the setup, they were available on a Sunday to run over and fix it. What unbelievable service! And then, afterward, Amer reached out to me to make sure that everything was going well. With Eagle Eye, I got the best price, the best system, but most of all, I feel confident that I will receive the best possible ongoing support for as long as I am their customer. This company takes service to the absolute pinnacle. If I text or call them, I get an immediate response. They are unbelievable! If you need an alarm or cameras just call them first. More...


Mark V.

26 March 2019

SIX MONTHS- Whenever I text Amer he responds within minutes of my message! Amer has been there from Day-1 and he treats me as if I were his only customer. Knowing that I can count on his technical support and commitment at all hours of the day is PRICELESS! Thanks Amer! More...


Bill B.

18 December 2018

I am giving Eagle Eye LG Security, Amer, 5 stars for not only being very knowledgeable in security systems, his work is outstanding! Amer looked over the property and told me exactly where I needed the cameras installed. His attention to detail, friendliness, high quality work is like non other. The new camera system is amazing with unbeatable crisp quality. Don't hesitate to give Eagle Eye a call for your next camera or alarm system, you will not be disappointed. More...


Eric Zepeda

27 October 2018

The best. I can't recommend them any more strongly. Honest and reliable. 5 stars!!!


Curtis S.

1 October 2018

Amer at Eagle Eye is very helpful and knowledgable about home security.  He was very quick to respond to our questions, and has always kept us informed.  The system he installed works great, and we haven't had any issues.  Recently, we had an issue with security in the backyard.  Amir was able to expertly add security measures to our existing system that worked great, and give us considerable peace of mind.Amir is truly a top notch professional, and we are thankful for his years of expertise.  I trust that he is looking out for our best interests, and feel very confident in his design and install abilities.  He stuck to his quote, which we thought was very reasonable given he responded to us so quickly, and his work was all completed as promised.  Thanks Amer! More...


Jack H.

21 August 2018

Just called Eagle Eye and Amir answered the phone quickly and with a great attitude. He was very informative when it came to me making an informed decision about what was needed to leave my current security provider (Protection One/ADT) and go with a more affordable, knowledgeable, local company. Amir quoted me an excellent price and was eager to earn my business. Thank you. More...


Ing P.

28 December 2017

After interviewing with 4 security companies, I decided to go with Amer at Eagle Eye LG Security. I appreciated Amer's no pressure sale tactics and the way he advised where and why to use a door/ window connect or a motion detector. Where other security company salesman advised to put connectors, Amer advised why or why not to do so this saving me money on equipment. Aside form striking me as a very honest business man, his prices for service beat his competitors and what really impressed me was how quickly he responded to my messages and voicemails and answered all my questions and concerns to my satisfaction. Amer makes himself available, is very courteous and customer satisfaction is his goal. I highly recommend Amer and Eagle Eye LG Security. More...


Christine T.

18 November 2017

Amer was amazing. When he told us he was half of price of competitors, I was concerned that the technology wouldn't be the quality we needed. I was wrong. His technology is state of the art. He fulfilled all of our expectations and then some. He's professional, goes up and beyond for customers and I highly recommend Eagle Eye for your business or Home. More...


Stacey J.

30 August 2017

I have known Amir for over 18 years. I met him when he was working for another alarm company as he installed our home system. Even when I was with that other company, I made sure that Amir was the tech that serviced our Accounts. We were SO thrilled when he went out on his own with Eagle Eye Security. Amir services both our businesses and home accounts. He is always available when we have any questions, up to date on the latest technology and never leaves without a job well done. I highly recommend Eagle Eye Security! More...


Rick E.

14 March 2017

I've used many alarm companies in my past homes and had never really had any operational issues.  That all changed when I moved into my new home and went with Alliance (the security company that the builder used for pre-wire of the homes).  I was locked in for 2 years, and I can honestly say that the alarm never really worked, since day one.  The problem was that, while the system was still under warranty, the many problems were sporatic, and could not be replicated when Alliance came out.  The contract ended in December and by then, the problems were many, and on a regular basis.Because of all the problems, I was very apprehensive about finding a new company to use, and dreaded the thought of starting over again, and wondered how much it was going to cost to get my system up and running properly.I interviewed a couple of different companies, and ultimately decided to go with Eagle Eye.  I was very impressed with Amir's honesty, candor and willingness to make sure we weren't going to over spend.Amir came out right on time, and spent a few hours working, and testing to make sure the system would be problem free.  Based on how problematic our system had been (random beeps 24/7, stations that would have to be regularly bypassed, numerous error messages, etc.), I was skeptical.  Much to my surprise, Amir knocked it out of the park!  The system has been working flawlessly (seems so strange).  Icing on the cake was that it didn't really cost that much, and he tried to use as much of our existing equipment as possible.After about a week of use, Amir called me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction, and to address any of my questions or concerns.Even though I tend to be pretty picky, Eagle Eye/Amir has been great!  No complaints (wow, that doesn't happen too often).I definitely recommend Eagle Eye. More...


Bill R.

9 September 2016

We are so thankful to Amir for his superb workmanship, very high-quality equipment & his honest, friendly approach to business. He came out and had his crew do the wiring first, which went smoothly without a hitch.  They were clean & efficient .....there is not a single wire that is visible inside the house because they were so good with a set-up plan.   Amir next ordered the cameras & installed them himself.   We are amazed at the crisp, clear picture on the cameras.  Even at night, they pick up the smallest detail, like dust or knats flying in the air in front of the lens, but the setting was adjusted so that it doesn't actually record unless there is something bigger moving within range, like a leaf or palm frond.  We were wondering if we might have to add 'motion-detected' lights, but the picture quality is so clear & detailed without them at night, I don't think it will be needed.  He installed apps on our phone so we can monitor activity when away from home.  He has many options to tailor your specific needs, so we think it might be nice to have indoor cameras installed too.  He can even put a microphone inside so we can tell the cats to stop scratching the rugs if were not home, lol.If you are able to work with Amir, consider yourself fortunate....he is honest, impeccable in workmanship and will charge you more than a fair price.  There are companies in his field that will exploit.   With 'Eagle Eye' you are getting the best possible equipment that is available.....at very reasonable cost.   He has many years of experience & a multitude of businesses that rely on him for protective services.  If I could give this guy more than 5 stars, I certainly would because he deserves it.  You can not do any better than this company.  He completed the job in one afternoon (we had 6 cameras installed to cover every angle of the property...our house is modest size, so we didn't need that many & he didn't try to sell us anything more than was actually necessary).  He offered to be available for any questions or issues we might have later.  All his work & equipment are backed-up with a warranty and we are very grateful to him.  After he left, we felt like we had made a friend, which is refreshing these days in dealing with any business. He is super-busy which is a good sign when you have more than enough people wanting your services. Thank you Amir.   You are the best of the best !!! More...


Patrick R.

14 July 2016

I already had a service in place but wanted cameras installed to view live from my computer at work or my phone.  I was recommended to Eagle Eye from a friend and neighbor. Great service from the owner and quote was nearly half from my other 2 quotes.  He cleaned up after himself and made sure I was happy everything.  Would definitely recommend. More...


Nweran J.

14 May 2016

I tried many alarm companies the only one I can trust and works 100% good for me is Eagle Eye. The staff is very friendly and the quality of work they do is unquestionably the best you can get. Don't be fooled by other companies that want to charge you hundred of dollars monthly for something of less quality More...


Thom M.

29 January 2016

We got lucky, a friend recommended we use Eagle Eye for our business.  Ialways try to use the advise of a friend that has used a service.  This time I wasmore than happy with the instillation and now even more happy with theservice that I received.  So if you're looking for a security service thisshould be your last stop. Call them and speak to Amir and you will get thebest service in the valley. Also you with get the best prices of any service.I just wish there were more stars to give out.  Thanks Amir More...


E C.

4 April 2015

I had Desert Alarm and when their customer service grew horrible, I canceled my service completely.  When I opened my business, I was referred to Eagle Eye by a business neighbor.  Amir came and hooked up the system very quickly as promised and we then had him install in our home as well. His service is GOLD STAR.  Any time I have had an issue, he is there to help me.  He really cares about his customers and gives his all for them.  I would HIGHLY recommend Eagle Eye Security for your home or business.  You will be happy you did!! More...


Tom M.

25 July 2014

We dumped desert alarm after a couple of years on our residential system when, while out of contract, they wanted to charge us for a defective part.  We found eagle eye and switched.  We then had them install a surveillance system in our store.  We could not be happier!  Highly recommend! More...

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