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The purpose to introduce you to E-Technology Security Ltd and our products and services.

Our company is a dynamic designer and provider of electronic devices ranging from computing, audio video, security, safety and other peripherals.
We would like to work with you to provide a scalable solution and long term strategy that aligns with critical requirements, budgeting concerns, and the available resources of your organization.

E-Technology Security Ltd strategy is to collaborate with its customers by offering them a widest range of security products and solutions from leading security manufacturers, positioned at the best possible price and providing the best service and customer support to meet customer needs. The company’s portfolio offers an unparalleled product choice for intrusion, fire, CCTV, networking solutions, access control, building management, as well as a comprehensive complementary range of accessories.

Our dedicated team based in London and in Kent is ready to handle all your needs. We are committed to deliver most of your orders within 24hours. We see ourselves as its customers’ and vendors’ first choice for the supply of security and low voltage products and services.

Please have a look at our full offers at www.etechguard-services.com

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.

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What’s your interior design process?

Interior Design:
Introductory Conversation to Design Your Home
Firstly, we develop a clear direction and scope for your project, whilst discussing your budget and timelines. We recommend this appointment to be held in one of our London locations where you can find a large selection of products from our Polish, French, Italian manufacturers featuring kitchens, bathrooms, living, bedroom, home office......basically everything you will ever need for a contemporary home, as well as showcasing the design services that we offer. The aim of this meeting is to get to know you, your home, your needs, your vision; it also gives you the opportunity see the quality in both products and services we pride ourselves on..
Interior Designers Home Visit
After the initial meeting, one of our professional interior designers will visit your apartment, house, retail or workspace to gather more detailed information, as well as taking the opportunity to see you in your home/business environment to fully understand what is important for you and how you need the design to work in your living space. We will take full laser measurements noting important areas such as electrical outlets, registers, bulkheads, hearths, mantles, door openings and so on. We also take high resolution images of all relevant areas. All the data collected will enable us to create a 3D visualisation of your Living Space, into which we implement the proposed products including dimensions and finishes discussed. The 3D imagery we propose is of the highest quality, and 100% to scale; examples of which can be viewed when clicking on the project section of the website. Any changes you wish to make to the design can be made at this point. LSP's Interior design service is fully subsidised through the Italian manufacturers featured on this website. In short, You receive a full professional interior design service fee of charge with no obligation. We currently hold a 98% conversion rate with our client projects as we really do provide a superb design service with very strong results. Clients are invited to peruse the presentation when ready in one of our studios. Once the proposal has been confirmed, and deposit paid, we place your order into full production. Please note: Fees will apply for design projects which include architectural planning / remedial building works / construction and project management.
Delivery and Installation of E-Techguard Designs
When your products arrive to the UK, our logistics department will contact you to arrange delivery at a time convenient for you. Our highly trained logistics teams will then deliver and professionally install all the items for you. At Living Space, we do not just deliver the products, we have a specialised teams to install every part making sure you are entirely happy before the team leaves your premises.
Living Space & Partners offers services including interior design, architectural planning and project management for both commercial and residential projects.
We undertake projects of all sizes and our expertly trained interior design team will work with you to ensure that the plans we develop with you come into fruition. Most importantly, we offer a personalised service where we listen to all your wants and needs. Regardless of whether you would like a small home office re-designed or if you are in need of a full property renovation, we have the skilled experts available to ensure a relaxed experience with the highest level of finish.
Our team have decades of experience and have worked on many high end interior design projects for modern and contemporary residences across London and the rest of the UK. We understand that every client is different and no project is the same, we tailor our designs to meet your exact personality. We include a home visit in one of our planning steps to fully understand the space and see you in the environment to ensure our plans work perfectly for you. This together with our impeccable attention to detail means that we are London's trusted professional interior design company.
Our expert designers vision, paired with our French, Polish, Italian designed contemporary furniture create a Living Space totally unique to you. Please take some time to view the rest of our website where you will find key information regarding our range of contemporary and E-Techguard luxury products.

Which interior design styles can you cater for?

Interior Design Service
If the thought of giving your house a make-over or simply re-designing your living room leaves you feeling fraught, we’d love to help. The Interior Design Service at E-techguard Luxury is here to make any project as effortless as possible. Our specially trained, highly experienced and friendly Interior Designers are on hand to help create an inspiring individual home. We offer two levels of Design Service so you can choose the best one for you. Then our Interior Designer will visit your home to assess your requirements, design your scheme and manage your project. The dedicated interior design team at E-Techguard Luxury supervises all aspects of the styling and installation, providing a truly bespoke service. For full details of our Interior Design Service Options please call us.

How long have you been in business?

Joint Managing Directors and CEO, Mr Jean-Claude have over twelve joint years of experience in EU industry. They both are still actively involved in the hands on side of the company which splits into various areas, all have one thing in common, which is security products.
The services listed below, are all thoroughly researched and tested before being introduced to the product range of the company:
Unlike a lot of online companies, we at E-Technology Security Ltd actually stock the complete range of products that we manufactured and sell (we do not rely on third parties to carry stock and dispatch promptly), we also have a consultation room where we can give our customers private & professional advice.
Security products: using our years of experience and ethos in the security business, the internet side of the business has grown rapidly, our aim is always to find the right products at the right price suitable for easy self fit, without compromising on quality, we are the proud official European and East Europeans countries distributors for the popular IP GSM Cameras Alert systems, GPS trackers, windows and blind doors intelligent security system, and the wireless communication unlimited, microwaves transmission.
Our ever growing products range include wireless alarms through CCTV, steel security posts, water, temperature & power failure systems, wildlife cameras, church roof alarms, alarm locks, manual locks and more.
2) Buildings safety products: we are specialists in fitting all types of automatic security gate systems including full use in solar energy, we use the experience gained in gates, ground work and security when choosing or fitting security posts.
Aluminium roller shutters, due to the multitude of systems are universal for wide-ranging applications and are designed for a wide audience.
Outdoor blinds can be divided into two basic groups: security roller intelligent shutters and roller shutters approved - roller shutters with increased resistance to burglary. To blind meet your needs, you should specifically define what the task is to perform.
Characteristics of blinds exterior allows you to use them to increase the comfort of the inside of your building:
Quality first :
Our qualified rate is 99.5%, owing to our strict QC system including IQC, PQC, FQC and QAC.
High and low temperature test, humidity test, aging test, drop and vibration test
10 QC staffs consists of engineers, technicians and fully trained production staff with 12 years experiences.
Key components are sourced from Poland, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and reliable local manufacturers with brands such as Sony, Sharp, AU.
Production date label and serial number code applying on the units and gift box, to ensure traceability of quality management.
Customer focus
We feedback to our customer’s inquiries and requests within 24 hours.
We design customers colour box, print logo, customize start-up logo at free cost for large order.
We offer 12 months warranty timed from the date of production, we share half of shipping and other related cost for returned goods due to our quality faulty. We provide 1% free spare units to be shipped with bulk order.
Our goal is simply to do better and better for our customers’ convenience.
I think I always have dreamed of running a business and in 2008, I launched my blog where I shared inspiration and tips about interior design and Gps tracking design. I quickly connected with a lot of interesting people around the globe, and my idea of launching a collection of interior design products started to take off. A few years later, I was travelling in to Poland with my wife and we started talking about the future and our dreams. Once he learned how much thought I had given to my company, she pushed me to just-do-it. Encouraged by his support, I registered a company and got started with my brand!, we start with recovery company 2008, after we start in 2014 our security and intelligent house security system, house design with a security intelligent system, and others project.
is a lifestyle brand for a stylish consumer looking for sophisticated design with a modern and colourful twist. We travel a lot, and all our designs are inspired by our favourites destinations. The patterns can be found in buildings, nature, or are inspired by the feeling of a certain place. We truly believe in dressing spaces in colourful, playful textiles that are easy to change according to the state of mind. A home should be a stress-free zone, a place for relaxing, play, entertaining, spending time with family and friends. As a family with small children, we demand beautiful products with high durability and a long lifetime. Therefore, we want to create beautiful, sophisticated products with great quality. Our business model is to sell through retailers and design firms around the globe. We are currently selling in 7 countries and to become an international brand has been a goal from the very start.
The first steps to get business up and running were, obviously, to register the company and sort out the legal paperwork. Operationally the most important task, and time consuming too, has been finding partners for production, logistics, distribution and so on. We’ve spent an enormous amount time figuring out the manufacturing part of the business. Then, it’s been vital for our brand to define the mission, vision, intention and strategy to reach our goals. Without these building blocks, it’s really easy to get side tracked.
I would say the most effective way of raising awareness has been the active use of social media and connecting with important people within the industry. It’s all about making connections and being service-minded, flexible, and, as funny as it may sound, being a nice person. People like nice people, and people make business with the ones they like. It’s pretty simple! I’ve met so many wonderful people and have had very fun co-operations with loads of other businesses, big and small.
The biggest challenge so far has been to believe in my mission and learning to deal with the drawbacks.
I have basically a few different ways of overcoming the challenges: the dreamer in me, who needs to have visions, sometimes just signs off from the daily to-do-list and surfs around the web, or travels to big international trade fairs in Paris, Frankfurt and so on, to find inspiration and meet other brands who have made it. If they can do it, I can do it. The professional me sits down with the strategy sheet, deals with problems as I’m used to doing in my professional life. I have a masters degree in engineering and a successful career in IT and management, so I trust my knowledge in business and my capability in delivering fantastic results. Last, but not least, I have a perfect partner to talk about everything – my husband.
I love the challenge of being the one who needs to know it all, and do it all. At the moment, we don’t have many employees in the buiding contruction, but we work in partnership with the best Polish, Lithuanian designers and builders so I am the one who does everything. Even if we are outsourcing some vital functions right now, I am wearing all these different hats – the CEO, the Head Designer, the Marketing, Sales, Warehouse, Logistics, Legal, Economics… It’s a challenge and I learn so much. It’s wonderful to be the one who makes the decisions, and as a father of and the head of my family , it’s nice to be able to work where ever and whenever I want. I have the best team around london
Just get on with it. You never know how good you can be if you don’t try it3! Find inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs, read a lot of business books, work on strategy, understand the legal and finances, re-invest everything into your business during the first years. Also, if you are going to start something, make sure you love it! Starting and running a business takes a lot of time; it helps if it’s your passion. Ask for help, be nice to people, be persistent, don’t quit believing in yourself and very important – be proud of your accomplishments!
My business philosophy consists of following building blocks: High quality products. Good working environments, high security system with face recognitive. The best customer service. Flexibility and availability. Having fun. Great balance in work and family life. Working with my passion, following my intention, making business with my heart and truly enjoying what I am doing.
When I face a big challenge I…
cry a little, talk about it, solve it and move on with new great plans.
My greatest fear is…
that I lose my passion for my business.
The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is…
become a father.
If I could go back in time to when I was 20 I would tell myself…
I will be very happy.
I believe…
in hard work and having fun.
The biggest lesson I have ever learned is…
everyone has to start somewhere.1

What guarantee does your work come with?

Supply of Goods and Services
If poor building work leads you into a dispute with your builder, it's important to know that under the Consumer Rights Act, which came into force on 1 October 2015, any building or decorating work should do the following:
Be completed with reasonable care and skill. This doesn't mean perfection but the standard you could expect from a reasonably competent contractor.
Be completed within a reasonable time, unless a specific time is agreed.
Use materials that are of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose. This includes any goods supplied, such as appliances for a new kitchen.
Goods supplied must be as described. So new kitchen appliances mustn't just work properly, they must be the specific make and model ordered and must have all the features promised.
If you entered into your contract before 1 October 2015, you have the same rights under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.
Remember that where a trader guarantees their work for a set period of time, this guarantee does not affect your legal rights to have work done with reasonable care and skill, using materials that are of satisfactory quality, as described and fit for purpose.
A trader cannot claim that you can't get a repair on any work that you discover is not up to standard after your guarantee period is over.
You are legally entitled to have any issues that you encounter with the quality of work put right free of charge or to have any products repaired or replaced.
Breach of contract
If a builder fails to meet any of these conditions they will be in breach of contract, and you have the right to:
have any faulty items replaced or repaired (though in practice the builder or decorator can decide whether to repair or replace items, based on which is cheaper) and have any poor quality workmanship put right.
have any damage the builder or decorator causes to your property put right.
The Consumer Rights Act provides additional clarity on how builders must remedy problems and what constitutes unfair contract terms.
See how you can complain about poor quality building work.

What do you love most about your job?

Security Services
We provide many services that cover the entire security sector! We will design, install
and maintain your security system using our many years of experience in the security field..
We invite you to give us a call and discuss your needs so we can appropriately advise you on your options. Get in touch with us today, we’re ready to help.
CCTV Monitoring, face recognitive, plate recognitive,
This is remote viewing from anywhere around the world on your smart phone, tablet or computer, when you are on holiday or just checking on your CCTV cameras monitoring your premises. A camera’s signal is normally transmitted to a personal computer, DVR system or directly to the internet via a modem or internet hub. Having your own web address site with 24-hour login(password protected) provides you with modern, flexible, high deterrent security anywhere anytime.
Intruder Alarms
A burglar alarm is a security device that detects intrusion into a building or area (unauthorized entry). There are two types of intruder alarms: a hard wired system and a wireless system. Clearly the wireless system appears attractive from an installation point of view, as there are no cables to run however the hard-wired system is preferable as it is more reliable.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We are Specializing in developing products, system integration and technical service for wireless microwave transmission equipment & multi-media communication area. oem or odm as requested . ”Keep moving with our wisdom for a glorious future” We take this as a guide to action in the past years and will keep it go on developing. Now There are three series products was developed : Coded Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (cofdm), analog wireless video transmission equipment, digital wireless video transmission equipment
Transmission distance from 5KM to 50KM widely. such as government, military. security system, oil field, construction corporation large diggings, factories, construction site. Can be applied to mountain ,forest, countryside, desert, rivers, islands, oil, electricity construction sites and other transmission environment. The transmitter and receiver with Anti-jamming, high quality image, long range transmission distance. Have a highly appraise in this area. “Based on the integrity and quality to get victory” That’s our mission. No matter what’s the products we invented and what’s the service we provided, we always subservient to the will of QSIC(Quality First Service Best Integrity Prime Client Focus). The professional teams will bring you to the different view angle. Company’s developing and long-term programming is the key way for leading us to be the leader at this area. We always believe we can do it.
We are a CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, NVR and DVR recorders Distributors with its own SMT Lines in London, United Kingdom. We have been producing CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, NVR and DVR recorders for over 5 years with customers from all over the world.
Thanks to our CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, Spy Cameras ,NVR and DVR customers and partners, we have achieved remarkable growths in surveillance industry since its commencement and now become one of the world’s most established and innovative manufacturers and distribution of a wide range of video surveillance equipments including:
1. CCTV analogue Cameras
2. IP Cameras, AHD Cameras
3. Network Video Recorders (NVR) and DVR
4. CCTV Accessories
All of our CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, NVR and DVR are CE, FCC, MA and Rohs approved and our manufacturing management has passed ISO2008:9001 standard.
Business Partners
We deliver wide range of CCTV surveillance equipments for our business partners from the whole world, with competitive prices and speedy services.
Our partners have been always satisfied with our prices and product performance.
Strong Position in CCTV equipments
Since day 1, E-TECHUARD has been focusing on CCTV equipment R & D, manufacturing, and distributing internationally. Customer expansions are now further securing our strong position.
Our Mission and Vision
E-TECHGUARD’ s Mission
E-TECHGUARD’s mission is to develop, produce and procure products and know-how for CCTV video surveillance. Our primary objectives are to focusing on offering the best products in the industry, and distribute equipments and services internationally via chosen business partners or local dealers.
Based on the growths and stable earnings – with committed employees – E-TECHGUARD will both globally and locally ensure that our customers are able to be delivered the best and most advanced CCTV video surveillance systems.
We are committed to adhere to this mission as well as fulfil this vision. And, we constantly take initiatives to secure steady improvements and healthy growths

Why should our clients choose you?

We are specialise and designer in Intelligent Tracking Security System.
The Situation
All developed and fast-developing countries are breeding clusters of transformative smart cities.
And China is no exception. Not too long ago, we had the pleasant opportunity to work with a regional Police Division in their prudent move toward securing 70 police stations with our Intelligent Tracking Systems.
They needed a system with an inter-level and intra-level coordination where security and analytics were the dominant imperative.
They needed all activities to be archived and retrieved and just as importantly a system that was durable and guaranteed for long-term seamless usage and system-wide upgrades.
E-techguard is their answer.
Case Study
In this case study, a Police Division in the western region of China used 70 sets of E-Techguard Intelligent Tracking System to secure the parameter of 70 police stations’ main entrance, courtyard and the surrounding vicinity.
As outdoor placement of X-ray equipment was not a viable solution, Etechguard’s Intelligent Tracking System equipment was strategically placed across the 70 premises, working to create division-wise inter-level and intra-level synergies.

Through numerous trial runs, it was demonstrated that before a threat or suspiciously behaving person walked into the main building of the venue, he was detected due to the system’s pre-emptive recognitive capability. The target, after being identified as a threat, began being tracked using complex algorithms with the scenario being recorded by the iNVR.
After the placement of Intelligent Tracking System equipment, with E-Techguard’s technical support, key anomalies were defined and programmed into the system which functioned in conjunction with the digitally defined parameters of all locations.
With E-Techguards Intelligent Tracking System, our commitment to R&D and long-term technical and warranty support this Police Division is one of the most safe and smart places within Taiwan and china.

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