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Alfred Ngubane

As a foreigner Tactix Gym has been a home away from home. It has a positive atmosphere that will bring out your best. Go beyond the superficial and change yourself at the molecular level! Let the journey begin at Tactix.


Julian Haig

Best cross fit gym and Olympic lifting gym in the world possibly. The vibes are just unreal. Unreal vibes.


Nicole Donovan

I'd heard about CrossFit after I began a more Paleo-ized lifestyle. I'd been going to a gym for about 2 years, 3-4 times a week for anywhere between 1-2hrs a session, but had plateaued with results and was just plain tired of my "routine".

I came to Tactix with a couple of friends for a 1-month trial and almost died after my first class (I know this doesn't sound appealing - but bear with me......). After the first class, I couldn't move properly for about 3 days - not because I had injured myself, but because I'd found a bunch of muscles that I didn't realize existed!! Because I'm such a stubborn person, I refused to let it get the better of me and I persevered.

Kepler Fontenele was the Instructor for most of my classes and is the reason I decided to become a member here. He was super helpful and supportive with me, whilst kicking my arse in the process.

Tactix also have a great Martial Arts program, so there's something for everyone.

I'm a big advocate for CrossFit because of this gym. I love the fact that I never have a clue what I'm going to come up against in a class (although you can find out that information on the website if you're into "spoiler alerts") and that classes are only 1 hour. No matter what sort of a day I have had, as soon as I walk through the Tactix entrance, I immediately forget everything and anything and have a smile on my face :)

The staff at Tactix are WONDERFUL and very knowledgeable. I met Zuzana Fajkusova (Fitness Extraordinaire) here, who is possibly my most favorite person in the world!! Aside from being one of the nicest, most grounded people I have ever met, she constantly kicks my arse and pushes me to heights I didn't know I could reach.

Since joining Tactix, I have not only grown stronger both physically and mentally, but have gained a whole "family" of like-minded people who push me to continue to grow.

If you are tired with your "rat-race everyday routine", I'd highly recommend popping down and seeing the lovely Emma (Ireland's most beloved export) about giving a class a go.....after all....."Sweat dries, blood clots, bones heal.....SUCK IT UP PRINCESS". You won't regret it :)


Andrew Konoff

Incredible coaching and an amazing community. I’d never done olympic lifting before going to Dynasty, and now I can’t picture going without it.


Danton Troyer

Wow! Thank you for letting me drop in this morning. Great coaches, very welcoming and equipment was all in good shape. Just wish they had some t-shirts in for my collection. �


Elizabeth van Drongelen

Had a great welcome this morning when I dropped in to do the cross fit workout! Very knowledgable, and inclusive, they worked around my disabilities to make the workout still as tough as it was for he rest of the class!!


Andrew Smyth

Amazing place to train fantastic Coaches, Great variety of Classes from Weightlifting, Crossfit , HIIT and Mobility. Cant recommend this place enough check it out for yourself!


Anne Marit Heiaas

Great place, people and coaches! Felt welcome the moment I walked in the door. Classes are challenging, and most importantly fun - probably due to the coaches who are very informative and motivating :)


Yuliya Andrea Shevchenko-Inopina

Very good location and facilities, thanks for the party invitation will have to try out some of the classes in the new 👋! Happy holidays season 🍹🌏


Cody Curley

Great programming, schedule, and people. The coaches are always available for help when needed. The dynamic of having both a solid Weightlifting and CrossFit program running in the same box is amazing. Everyone is there to get stronger and the community that creates is one of a kind. More...


Abraham Dyer

Thanks team for having me in the lunch time class with Andy. Was great to meet you all and enjoyed the WOD. Hopefully see you all before we head off.

Na mihi


Christina Adams

So clean and amazing coaches. My kids both love it there and it's great knowing they're learning how to lift properly with coaches that care and put their health and safety first.


Kayley Harding

Definitely the best gym I've ever been to. Super friendly community and really great, helpful coaches. I've learned so much! I'm going away for a while and I'm already having Dynasty withdrawals :) I don't think I could enjoy a regular gym again. Official convert. More...


Anthony James Marino

Awesome gym, super clean and awesome facilities. Really cool vibe and everyone down there are super welcoming. Coaches are all amazing coaches who really know what they're doing and help you smash all your fitness goals that you are looking to achieve.


Blake Ashley

I choose to drop in here every time I'm in Vancouver for work because they have a great staff, layout, facility, and friendly members... Not to mention excellent programming. I suggest you do yourself a favor and drop in here if traveling for work. If before work, not to worry there are great showers and a nice locker room. Thanks CFD!�� More...


Florence Reiher

Such a wonderful community of amazing people and coaches coming together to celebrate what our bodies can do and achieve new levels of health and fitness. Help and support is always available. If you want to challenge your mind and body, this is the place to do it. :) More...


Fred Beausoleil

Dropped in for a 6 am WOD while visiting from Montreal on business. Love the place, will be back. Haven’t found a more welcoming and professional staff yet as a drop in on three different continents.


Yousuf Al-Noamany

Their focus is on form and technique which is what I was looking for as a beginning/intermediate weightlifter. Coaches know their shit but more importantly (which is not very common) they are very hands on and not just posting a workout for you to follow. Patrick takes videos of athletes and shows them where their movement breaks form and what cues to think of to fix it. More...


Lihau Gonsales

This place has everything I’m looking for in a gym. Steel, chalk and all the equipment you need to reach your goals. The staff are amazing! Their coaching and programming are on point with knowledge, technicality and experience (they practice what they preach). You want to reach your fitness goals? This is the place. No gimmicks. Just results. More...


Camila Jara Cornejo

I tried a crossfit class today and I loved it.. I don't have too much experience in crossfit and the couch was really good and always willing to help me and correct my technique 👌💖 I definitely recommend his class 🙂

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