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Kim Praitano

8 September 2019

Just spent two days with Coach Raul Diaz learning the Dynamite Kickboxing System, and it was awesome, easy to learn and practical! Hope he comes back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and I'll definitely reach out if I'm ever in Chicago. More...


Lana Albright

30 June 2019

I had zero experience with kickboxing when I signed up for the 6 month session at Dynamite. I mean zero. By the end of that 6 month session, my confidence had grown ten fold! Initially I was only in it for the work out, but there was so much more I discovered about this sport. It was such a great experience. Raul was seriously the BEST teacher ever. He was so kind and patient helping me learn, and all the other experienced people in the class were just as awesome. I would recommend it to anyone, beginner or pro. 10 out of 10, easily. More...


Siobhan Kierans

21 May 2019

Raul is the best! Great location & great gym. Wonderful opportunity to blow off some steam.


April Rose

25 April 2019

the people are great and the skills you learn are incomparable!


Natalie Younger

8 December 2018

Whether you have zero experience or fight competitively, you'll get something out of every single session. Raul is a passionate and precise coach who takes time with every member to make sure that they 'get it' and are doing it right. I walked away from a different boxing gym with an injury and I've had shoulder surgery, so the attention to form and technique at Dynamite is huge for me - nice to feel like you're always growing, and you and your partner are always safe. Raul strikes a perfect balance of patient, but still pushing you -- whether you're training to compete, for fun, or for exercise. Bonus: your first class is free! More...


Natalie Y.

29 November 2018

So glad I finally dove in and tried a class here. Not only are the classes great, but the people are all fantastic as well. Coach Raul teaches with the perfect balance of patience, passion and push. Whether you're a pro fighter or a complete novice, a fitness junkie or barely coordinated, you are guaranteed to get something (+ a good sweat) out of every class and training sesh here.Your first class is free and all it takes to get hooked. I've never been in a gym or fitness class with an instructor more focused on my technique, form and ensuring I'm not only pushing myself and growing, but doing so safely. Plus, like...everyone is super nice and helpful and wonderful...seriously. More...


G.i. Joe Haney

5 August 2018

Loved the people and Thay have a passion for seeing people grow


April A.

9 July 2018

This place is great! Raul is very knowledgeable in what he does and has created a program that'll help each individual achieve their needs that is sustainable in the long run. Each class is always different which keeps the body guessing, constantly needing to adapt, and not let it hit a plateau. I highly recommend!! More...


Billy Rose

6 July 2018

I’ve been here for a seminar and the owner, Raul, runs a clean and smooth operation!


Tito Melina

30 June 2018


Matt J.

16 May 2018

The short review:Dynamite Kickboxing is Raul. Raul is awesome. Therefore, Dynamite Kickboxing is awesome.The long review:I had never kickboxed before going to Dynamite Kickboxing. I was previously a member of a big-name gym chain to get some exercise, but I dreaded going because it was always insanely crowded and there were broken machines everywhere. I eventually stopped going and could tell I was getting out of shape. Enter Dynamite Kickboxing.I discovered Dynamite Kickboxing here on Yelp and I decided to check it out. I'm really glad I did because going to Dynamite Kickboxing has been a great experience (physically and mentally).After 6 months of going to classes at Dynamite, I'm now in better shape than I've been in many years. Raul is an extremely knowledgeable instructor. One of the great things Raul does is to make every class different. Each week is a different theme (e.g. Thai kickboxing, Dutch kickboxing, combinations with knees, kicking fundamentals, etc.), and each class is a variation on that theme. If you get easily bored on a cardio machine in gyms like I do, it's great to stimulate my brain while I'm working out and learning a new skill. Plus, after a stressful day of work, it's nice to throw some kicks and punches at some pads. Class sizes range from 2 to 10 people, so it never gets too crowded.If you are reading this, you must be at least somewhat interested in kickboxing. You might as well check out a class at Dynamite Kickboxing, because you might get addicted like I did. More...


Creighton D. Kinny

26 March 2018

Very welcoming environment for anyone. Top notch instruction as well. Five stars aren’t enough


Niclas R. Larsen

10 February 2018

Awesome gym with a very dedicated teacher @Raul you are one af a kind !!!


Jeremie Martinez

24 November 2017

I can honestly say I’m Extremely thankful that I’ve found this place! I found it in a stressful part of my life and this is one of the few places I could find peace! Everyone in here is extremely helpful and kind. Raul works with you as much as you need to and takes his time I Can’t recommend this place enough! More...


Jeremie Martinez

24 November 2017

I can honestly say I’m Extremely thankful that I’ve found this place! I found it in a stressful part of my life and this is one of the few places I could find peace! Everyone in here is extremely helpful and kind. Raul work with you as much as you need to and take his time I Can’t recommend this place enough! More...


Angelo Walsh Solis

4 October 2017

Clean facility. Awesome instructor. I frequent this place often! �


Amilcar Morales

30 September 2017

Love it. Everyone motivates each other. No one puts anyone down.


Reginald Ledford

30 September 2017

Great atmosphere and great quality training for beginner and advance.


Rachel Allar

9 August 2017

This is a phenomenal gym. Raul is an encouraging and supportive coach who genuinely wants nothing but the best for everyone here. As soon as you meet him and walk in the doors you know you're with family. More...


Duane Sharp

23 July 2017

Raul Diaz - Top Notch Instruction - a great teacher with an amazing connection to his students.


Alexis C.

12 July 2017

This is long overdue! Absolutely love Dynamite Kickboxing. I was gym hopping looking for a place that was welcoming yet would meet all my fitness needs/goals. After the first class at Dynamite, I stopped looking at other kickboxing gyms. Dynamite kickboxing truly is the place you want to be! Raul does a superb job at personalizing each class to meet the needs of all of his students. Raul's passion and expertise is represented in every class. Raul is the epitome of the following quote: "Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be"  Raul will motivate you and will coach you every step of the way! Whether you have years of experience in kickboxing or zero, Dynamite Kickboxing is for you! Give it a try! 7 weeks in and I'm pretty addicted to the workouts :) -Alex More...



31 May 2017

Dynamite kickboxing is goig to help me get the body ive always wanted while learning how to whoop some ass. Raul is a very good trainer and very patient with beginners like myself. Good spot to check out and good prices comparto other places. More...


Ramy Daoud

15 May 2017

Highly recommended! Raul is a passionate coach who puts his all into every session. Great gym, great people and incredible training. 5 stars!


Sahnya Thom

13 May 2017

The place to go for expert instruction, eclectic kickboxing style that works, conditioning, and fun drills for skill development. Raul cares about his students and challenges you to bash self-limiting beliefs. More...


Alexander Palma

11 May 2017

I enjoy talking over the martial ars with Dynamite Kickboxing


Tanya M.

24 April 2017

My 12 year old and 9 year old attend the children's kickboxing class.  They absolutely love their class!  When they miss a class they're disappointed.  I was not sure about enrolling them at first but they truly enjoy kickboxing.  Raul is patient and encouraging.  I would highly recommend this class to any parents who might be thinking of enrolling their children in a kickboxing class.  As an instructor, we lucked out because we definitely got the best.  All the kids in the class get along with each other which makes the learning environment more positive.  At the end of class, my daughter wants to stay and take another class!  I'm happy that my kids are taking their classes at Dynamite Kickboxing! More...


Karen G.

28 March 2017

We love this place! We started two weeks ago and I already feel the difference. My husband is here for his interest in Martial arts and I am doing it to get in shape and we are both really happy. Raul is a great teacher and he builts a family with everybody. I super recommend you to try the first class for free and I'm sure you would love it. More...


Gregg M.

24 March 2017

I have been training for about 10 weeks now. I look forward to every class with Raul. I appreciated his approach to improving my core strength from the very beginning. The improvement in all areas of fitness have made it worth it. The classes develop your ability on how to strike, defend and move. I really enjoy starting to put those all together. I have a long way to go but I can't recommend Raul enough. He is a friendly instructor who pushes you towards improvement. The rest of the people who attend classes are all pretty great and I've made a couple of friends as well. Highest recommendation. He also has cool seminars with people who actively train or fight. More...


Raya O.

7 March 2017

Raul is an AMAZING teacher, he's very patient & encouraging! I have learned soooo much from him, my boxing technique has improved a lot in just a few classes! He pushes you to your limit and it definitely pays off! I enjoy his classes a lot and will recommend everyone to take them! More...


Rick Sollo

27 February 2017

What a great seminar, very friendly people too. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I live far away but I wish i could train here.


Khong Lamvichit

6 February 2017

Raul Diaz is the best Muay Thai/Kickboxing coach in the Mayfair, Chicago, IL area. I've been training for years with him and my technique has really developed. He gets really nit picky with proper technique which allowed me to better my striking skills. I was able to really lean up my muscle tone and reduce my body fat. For average to elite level he's your guy. More...


Kati A.

27 January 2017

Had an absolute blast at my first class last night. Raul is an amazing trainer and coach who actually wants to see improvement in his students and takes the time to make sure the technique is correct. His positivity and good attitude are infectious. And I definitely broke a sweat (or two)! More...


Angel Gonzalez

8 January 2017

If you want to be a lean, mean, fighting machine you need Raul and Dynamite Kickboxing in your life. Raul will kick your butt inside the gym to make sure you dont get your butt kicked outside in the streets. Some gyms usually just do conditioning others just use you as a punching bag but at Dynamite theres a good balance of both. Well you wont feel like a punching bag but you'll learn how to beat one up pretty good. Definitely one of the best spots in the area. More...


Elliott Santiago

7 January 2017

The instructor is very hands on. also willing to work with you so you can go at your pace. small group's so everyone gets to learn together and grow together. which makes the hand on approach perfect. see you all at the 6pm or 7pm class. More...


Vadim Slabada

7 December 2016

Very good guy! Nice coaching techniques and great workout!


Khong Lamvichit

13 June 2015

The instructor is "Dy-No-Mite"! You see what I did there, reference from a "good time" 80s show

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