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Louise Snelling

20 January 2010

I saw results that were better than I expected. The programme was varied to keep my interest and motivation high. Ross is very organised in keeping your own tailored programme and confirming your achievements. Any requests for additional excercises for at home and when on holiday were met with enthusiasm and the close monitoring of your weekly targets makes sure you put as much effort into<span id="moreReview93153" class="hide"> your goals as Ross does.</span> More...



20 January 2010

I have attended some of the Dynamic weekend events. They are good fun, hard work sometimes, but very good value. Ross is a very supportive fitness coach.


T Ellis

20 January 2010

Good company that is customer focused - great to see these days.


Laura HughesHair

have great time at the weekly boxing class's. Great way to unwind, get fit and have a laugh.


Thomas Ellis

Awesome company that help you pump your fitness!!


Alistair Hair

What a great bunch of guys! Professional, helpful and so friendly.


Jane Blackwell

Three really committed guys dedicated to what they do. Give Dynamic a try, you'll never look back!


Carol Lendrum

2 and a half years ago I signed up for PT sessions with Ross, got fit and took up running and boxing and made lots of new friends at classes. I became ill and had to undertake debilitating treatment and was unable to exercise for a year, the support I got from all the trainers during this period was amazing and on my return the commitment from Ross to get me fit again has been second to none. Thanks for pushing me hard and making me feel human again. Try it out you have nothing to lose and like me lots to gain. More...


Emma Scott

Ross inspires and encourages you to help achieve things you never thought possible. Would highly recommend these guys if you need some expert help and advice to kickstart the process to get a new and improved you! Best thing I ever did, I dropped two dress sizes in just 6 weeks and rediscovered my self confidence! More...


Sara Burdett

Ross makes sessions fun, motivating and varied, and pushes me further than I think I can go week after week. Even if I arrive tired and flat within seconds of entering the gym I feel happy and buzzing, I leave on a high! Dynamic Fitness PT sessions and circuit classes are amazing. I've been addicted for 2 1/2 years now. More...


Jo Spencer

Fantastic team of trainers and classes who help get you to where you want to be. After having my second child I am now ready to get back to my exercise routine. Ross gave me the support and techniques to get fit and I'm looking forward to the classes when I go back to work in sept. More...


Katrina Speirs

I joined up a few years ago with no self confidence, very overweight & very unfit. With Ross & Steve's dedication & help I lost weight steadily, gained fitness, improved my self confidence & learnt a lot. I now run, cycle & have completed several charity events, one being a 100km cycle ride. Without dynamic fitness, Ross & Steve I wouldn't have achieved any of that. I've lost a lot (weight) & gained so much (fitness & friends) - great guys, great place! More...


Lisa Hallett Howard

I loved the Cardio Kombat class with Kyle - he explained every move, I had lots of fun and felt great afterwards. It's a compact gym with really friendly staff so not intimidating at all like some might be.


Suzanne Larke

I lost a stone & 2 dress sizes going to the classes at Dynamic Fitness, the classes are excellent, really targeted results from a short time commitment. I haven't had the chance to get back there since having my first baby, but I was back to pre-pregnancy weight & jeans within 9 months which is partly due to chasing a very active boy around but also I'm sure, due to the good shape I got into beforehand working out at Dynamic. The guys have a great approach, positive, inclusive & results orientated. They genuinely make it fun & not at all intimidating. Can't recommend enough to anyone who wants to get fitter More...


Vincent Maltby

Great classes, superb workouts, and ooodles of enthusiasm.
I have been going for over 3 years, and what a difference Dynamic makes to your life.
You will feel fitter, find friends, and have lots of fun doing it.
There really is no reason to not get dynamic!


Boulder Boulderson

I've been going to the circuits class for a while now. Not for nothing do they call it the hardest workout in Norwich! The guys do a great session for all abilities and they've built a friendly inclusive community with events several times a week. Highly recommended whether you're looking to shed a few pounds or tone up. More...


Alison Middleton

As well as having PT sessions with Martin, soon to be with Kyle, I also attend the circuits and kettlebell classes, can't recommend the team highly enough. They've always motivated me to do more, and the classes are fun and inclusive, whatever your level of fitness. Great facility Ross! More...


Lucie Florence

I have been going to the circuits class for over a year now and my body shape has changed and toned up. It is a fun class where you can forget about the days stresses and have a laugh with everyone whilst getting a great workout. I have grown in confidence since starting and met new friends. More...


Bobby Burrage

I can't recommend the Dynamic team highly enough – these guys genuinely care about what they do, go the extra mile to help their clients and, most importantly of all, they get results. For me, I love the fact everything is measurable and, in turn, I can track my progress week to week and month to month – meeting my goals at each mile stone. Thanks guys! Bobby More...


Ali Jayne Angel

I started in May doing Couch to 5K after years of inactivity. A couple of weeks in and I was getting a lot of knee pain and really struggling. After speaking to Ross I joined the Circuit Training classes on a Thursday, with Kyle, to improve my core strength and help increase my general fitness. This has been a great fun way in helping me in my fitness goals. Kyle makes every session challenging, interesting and varied gives individual encouragement and always checking that you are doing things right! The support from others taking part is great and we even get a few laughs in throughout the session! This gave me the confidence to join Dynamic Fitness October running group. On the 3rd week of this training I achieved something I never thought I would... I ran 5K in 41 minutes! Since then, I am now running 5K twice a week and knocking off the minutes, all whilst improving at Circuit Training! I cannot praise the whole team enough and would encourage anyone to come along and join in! More...


Harriet Posner

A huge thank you to Kyle, and to Ross – Their support and encouragement has had such a positive impact on my fitness and confidence.
I’ve gone from a slouch on the couch to someone who can actually run! I have lost 6 inches from my waist and a stone in weight.
The process has been fun and quite addictive, and there have been many laughs along the way.
The Dynamic Fitness gym is a great place to go if you want to see results – thanks guys.

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