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Houston, Harris County

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Dutart Solution LLC

Houston, Harris County



Hello Friends, let me introduce myself. My name is Artur and I'm CEO/Founder of Dutart Solution LLC. It's a full-service web design and mobile agency based in Houston, Texas. Our combined experience count more than 35 years on market. Our team is composed of UI/UX designers, creative developers, and brand strategists;


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23 July 2018

Very nice experience with those guys, nice to work

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It really depends on what the site needs to do, but generally...
- Clarity, ease of use and accessibility
- Great design and user-experience
- Engaging content: writing and photography/illustrations
- Optimization, quick load times and mobile responsiveness

- What do you do? What's different or unique about your business?
- What are you trying to accomplish?
- What are your challenges?
- How do you want to get there?
- When do you want to deliver?
- What is your budget?

There is definitely a method to the design process. For me this includes:
- Researching and understanding the problems/challenges
- Educating myself on the business and understand the world they live in
- Drafting sketches of possible solutions and discuss options
- Working with the client to choose a direction and revise
- Crafting a great finished product/service
- Deliver that great product/service in a timely manner
- Providing customer support & follow up

As stated above, it's very important to understand what a client is trying to accomplish, whether to solve a specific problem or to achieve a certain goal. They we can discuss the best way to go about delivering a solution for their needs.

I enjoy the creative process, I love helping my clients achieve success!

I love the freedom and autonomy that comes with running my own business. It's what I've always wanted to do, and now over the last few years I've been able to do it successfully. It's a great feeling!

I have an interest in the success of my clients, since that's how I know I'm doing my job well. I have a certain set of qualities that I take pride in, including:
- Experienced (35 year in design and marketing)
- Curious (I take an active interest in knowing my clients business by asking the right questions)
- Collaborative (I work with my clients to help ensure their success)
- Clear (Communication should always be open and honest)
- Flexible (Life happens and sometimes schedules need to change and adapt)
- Skilled (I have the talent and knowledge to help business leverage marketing and creative to fuel their success)



Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that. Let us help you to build a place where you will find your customers and accomplish your goals.

We are creating something more than just a design, we're creating recognizable brand around our client names . All what you need in one place : logos, business cards , brochures, animations, UI design and much much more...

If your business doesn't have a native mobile app in our days, you are not exist. Let us help you to show who you really are in your Market.

We help our customers get more traffic and long-term results with their customers using our Search Engine Optimization methodology and our experience .